Real Estate Lawyer in Sudbury

I am requesting recommendations for a good Sudbury real estate lawyer, and typical price one should pay to take care of the legals.

I will be the buyer of a small local residence. It is not being sold through a Realtor (it is For Sale by Owner). Thank you!


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69 Responses

  1. Amanda Berloni is amazing helped us through a difficult purchase. I could not be happier with the service a d help she provided

  2. Nicole Doyon Nicole Doyon says:


  3. Robert Leblanc, we have used him multiple times and have always had a great experience

  4. MacMillan Claude N R !!

  5. Amanda Berloni. Had no issues and she was the cheapest. Cost us about $1700 taxes in, including title insurance.

  6. Josee Brunet-McFadden, great lawyer.

  7. Shawn Sauvé Shawn Sauvé says:

    Fred Fortier or Amanda Berloni s office

  8. Zab Kulmala Zab Kulmala says:

    All lawyers know their stuff….just pick one who specializes in REAL ESTATE on their ad in yellow pages.

  9. Jason Levac Jason Levac says:

    Dean Lapierre , he’s been a top real estate agent for royal lepage, He’s been around for a while no only does he selling me a ride to him so he’s got thoughts on both sides great guy

  10. Brunet Law took care of everything. It made buying my first home really simple

  11. Poulson Law. Either Barry Poulson or Alesia Sostarich.

  12. Amanda Berloni. Used her multiple times. No issues.

  13. Lynn Roy Lynn Roy says:

    Craig ticollo did our private sales a few times! Awesome and reasonable prices. Hes off kelly lake road.

  14. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    Carter Fortier I bought 9 buildings nothing without a hitch he is the best

  15. Carter Fortier hands down (also a really nice person!)

  16. We used Amanda Berloni and she was excellent! Very knowledgeable and explained everything in terms we understood.

  17. Jusst Carrie Jusst Carrie says:

    We used Carter Fortier twice. And he was really great. Very friendly.

  18. Ann Kraut Ann Kraut says:

    We just recently dealt with Amanda Berloni and they were fabulous! I would highly recommend them!

  19. Connor Green Connor Green says:

    Amanda Berloni office and I have used them several times. Nothing but the best.

  20. Lacroix lawyers – Claude Lacroix!

  21. Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

    Amanda Berloni, I’ve used her services multiple times now, very satisfied.

  22. Sophie Mageau at Desmarais Keenan. Excellent choice here.

  23. Robert brunet on Notre dame. Just used him excellent everything went smoothly.

  24. Venturi the answer is always venturi

  25. Amanda berloni was great everytime I used her for real estate

  26. Amanda Berloni…..or
    Gerry Guimond

  27. We used Paquette ,they did all the legal stuff/transfers everything for $1200, after calling around they were the cheapest

  28. Meghan Boisvert at Miller maki

  29. Fortier law firm was great for me Paid $1700 with the title insurance im pretty sure.

  30. Justin Pitre Justin Pitre says:

    Jacob Gauthier – Real Estate Lawyer

  31. I used Mcmillian who’s on elm back in 2010. Everything went smoothly.

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