Re the post from the fake lovey dovey hypocrite

Regarding the post about about all “love and light and fuzzy wuzzy” junk, but then OP drops the nasty “death to queers” bomb. …

Don’t worry about that guy/gal, folks, they’re just losers who hopped on that lame Dave Chappelle expressively loud homophobe trend becasue they lack their own identity, charisma and life skills.

It’ll be over in about a year. These morons tend to fizzle out or were never really anyone of substance to begin with.

I love you queers and think you’re all swell 😋 <3

(Admin’s Addition: And I want to sincerely apologize for letting that post get through. I am often very busy, and trust me, I trash a LOT of posts on a weekly basis on Shoutout Sudbury that you all don’t get to see. It’s disgusting some of the stuff I read. I truly did think that was a lovely post, but I didn’t read every point that was in the list, and I regret that I didn’t. I often read through the posts very quickly before approving them. I will be more careful going forward. To our readers, to our post submitters, please, can you just be more respectful as a whole? It’s such a damn shame… And yes, the post was deleted the moment I was notified that one of the points in the list was totally unacceptable.)



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Almost half my posts I ever sent in got sensored. Like posts pointing out that being anti china is not racist to asian people.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fuck you and your cencorship Shoutout Sudbury!

    Queers are the worst of the worst people on earth. You give them and inch and they want a mile! Fuck off faggot and go suck another cock on your own time and keep us out of it. Gender dysphoria is a very bad mental illness! Get fucken help you flaming losers! No one cares about you!

    • Anonymous says:

      Awwww sounds like you never got to be the lil spoon sad.

      • Anonymous says:

        Whats sad is you think that is something appealing and you don’t realize that being a bathroom confused part of the alphabet is actually a serious mental disorder with no science behind the logic which conveniently all vote left and liberalism is also a serious mental disorder that has a hard time with facts, science and logic unless it comes from liberal bought and paid for media. I have nothing against the confused just like I have nothing against jahovas or muslims but quit trying to convert everyone and quit expecting everyone is on board or cares to hear about it. The OP in this one is right that it will fizzle out in time, just not what they think will fizzle.

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