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Watch out for School Buses

School is back in session which means school buses are out and about morning and afternoon. I know everyone hasn’t...


Missing you

Really sucks missing someone. Especially after letting them play you out. Hard hanging out with you and our friends circle....


Quit complaining

Quit complaining about you’re minor problems. Your life is not over or ruined because you couldn’t get your mom or...


Crafters of Sudbury

There are lot of crafters in Sudbury that are now trying to sell their items on Facebook. Please stop using...


Bring your garbage home.

Thumbs up for Timmies and Wendy’s they still have garbage cans around their business….. Thumbs down to Mcdnalds and Wallmart….one...


You Did This

Youre scum. You did this. You played a huge part in this. You came in here, offering her “show her...


Gross ex bf

So I had my current ex boyfriend let someone know that he has his son he watches a website called...


What crap

McDonald have stopped putting garbage cans outside …. Bring your garbage home.. What’s next..


Work Place Drama

So apparently my work place is Monitoring all “the families” facebook accounts. Any group my wife, kids, or myself join,...