Raising daughters. Be a real parent.

Dude we live in a world where some middle aged moms are letting their 15 year old daughters move out becasue she prefers to move in gross middle aged addicts with bad tempers. Some Moms don’t coach and want to supprt their kids to attend university or college to find a job with a livable wage anymore. They want to push them out as fast as possible so they can continue to live their lives pre motherhood.

So they just move in middle aged man after middle aged man with addiction and abusive tendencies under the guise of mental health issues and “he just knows how to have a good time” in order to help speed up the process of the kids having to mature faster than the other teens so they run out. seek welfare and a minimum wage back breaking job for the rest of their life because they were never taught basic life skills and who’s mental health is severely suffering as well from years of pounding abuse from strange men moving in taking over and encroaching on the only space they were once able to call semi safe. They end up living a copy cat life of what they think is important and emulate having money and nice stuff cuz they think that’s what u want to see. Material things become their biggest hustle and they’ll hustle their ass off to get it even without a good education. They just become like savages to get what they want. Only to find out later it was all for nothing and meant nothing.

So please, to the mother’s of compromised daughters out there, never ever put strange men over your own kids. You’re ruining an otherwise amazing smart group of people who can have a happy fair easier life if you’d only see what youre doing to them is beyond incomprehensible. It’s unforgivable.



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