Rags to riches to homelessness

I made the mistake of accepting a job in a Kitchener newspaper for a job at West Side Village in Copper Cliff, ON as a Residential Building Manager. The letter of hire stated I would be situated in a large apartment on the 2nd floor as part of my job. I was to become a Residential Building Manager effective Jan 7, 2019. I was ti move into on or before Jan 7, 2019 was never completed/renovated completely as promised. I complained and I got fired without cause. Williams and McDaniel Property Management took over the Village in Jan 2018. They had me move my furniture into s residents apartment they had recently evicted and I had to work off-site with a 24-hour phone and go to all urgent calls whatever the time of day or night.



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  1. We have lived in the town houses for quite a few years, and I must say that they ( West Side Village) have done a lot more than Rick did while he was here. Dow Drive has been repaved, they replaced all the trees, they cut the grass. Anytime we had anything that went wrong, we have always been taken care of.

  2. Shylo Parent Shylo Parent says:

    Go to labor board with letter of employment, to see if anything can be done

  3. Liam Robins Liam Robins says:

    Haha nope. I’d much rather have Peggy, you were useless. Glad to have you gone.

    • Liam Robins I think all of us would much rather have peggy she is wonderful and about the only person in this place with a head on her shoulders and any kind of respect but the point is this place go through more staff than most jobs and the second they dont get what they want from there employees they can them . Look they did it to peggy once got rid of her on a total blind side. The people that own this and the maintenance people are useless and do not no how to do there job

    • Im just glad Peggy is back. I heard nasty things about the one that was fired and her so called boyfriend or husband or whatever he was that was even more useless so be-gone lady.. be gone.

  4. Well u r not anonymous any more dumbass .they know who they fired lmao .

  5. How do you figure the rest of us living here feel???

  6. That really sucks that you moved your life here. Obviously this wasn’t the job for you. Keep your eyes and ears open. Hopefully something better comes along. Best of luck!

  7. Does anyone really expect this place to ever change?

  8. Andre Roy Andre Roy says:

    Are you sure you worked for a news paper? If so, was it a newspaper for the dyslexic. Your spelling is atrocious….

  9. In the future it would be wise to be informed of contract law. This could have been avoidable or at the very least, worthy of fighting, if you had secured a witnessed and signed contract. Anything less than a peice of paper or recorded verbal contract is basically garbage. It is EXTREMELY hard to prove an implied contract, especially in a case such as this.

    Unfortunately this does nothing to help you now, but definitely worth educating yourself on in the future and NEVER assume someone will follow through without a paper contract.

  10. Westside Village Community

  11. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    Hmmm.. now let’s see… you voided the contract first by not finishing the renovations, then I guess they tried making you a team player but you decided to complain.. I would of fired you too. Your old boss is on all grounds to fire you.if your smart and broke, ow will always set you up, if your that down and out, go spend a few nights at the salvation army and they will automatically put you on emergency housing, or emergency room rentals… it’s not hard.. I’ve done it before!

    • … he wasn’t supposed to renovate it, it was supposed to be done before he moved in.. thus why he complained.

    • Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

      Alexandra Catt-Irwin… Under ESA you can be fired at ANYTIME… No union then you’re SOL.

    • Bob Jones, untrue. I’ve worked both union and non union jobs.
      If there was a probation period yes, which he likely was. But that’s not even the discussion at hand. You said HE voided the contract by not finishing renovations but it was they who didn’t finish them..

    • Holly Smith Holly Smith says:

      Alexandra Catt-Irwin reading comprehension is not Bob’s strong suit.

    • Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

      I have a company morons! I can fire you at ANYTIME without cause and just pay for years of severance! That is a FACT under the ESA in Ontario. How do I know? I’ve fired more than Jobs you have worked

    • Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

      Would you like me to quote the ESA in which you question? Stupid and ignorant

    • Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

      Alexandra Catt-Irwin can you read?

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Alexandra Catt-Irwin as a employee he should of renovated the apartment himself as a thank you for giving me a place. A bit of respect can go a long way

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Holly Smith I think Bob Jones is right on this one

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      On my spare time cause maintenance on a running building isnt a hard days work! Unless the building is a screw up and your constantly fighting with problems. Now that building should be pretty cruisy work.. I would renovate the crap out of that apt and bill my boss for everything I put into it and keep my job.

    • This whole place is falling apart it is a lot of work they honestly probably did not have even spare time to change a light bulb let alone complete renovations

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Brittnee Basso .. I mean, this guy doesn’t have an hourly schedule… i and one other guy and ya a little family help, renovated the park hotel all the inside while people living there, while attending to their needs. All in a month.. prior to this this I was security and hotel maintenance there all by my self for years.. this guy is isnt the hard worker they were looking for 🙁 that place was a 24 hr job.. on call no matter what.

    • Let me tell you not one person that works here is a hard worker because nothing gets fixed in a timely matter or it takes over 2 weeks to fix a ceiling I am not saying they are perfect at all they where not here long enough to know if they where any good but no one here is a hard worker so I dont think it had anything at all to do with them not being the hard worker they where looking for lol because if that was the case then everyone that works at this place should be fired lol to me it’s more like they wanted to make sure stuff was fixed by appropriate timing and that is not how things are done around here I waited 7 months to have the mold removed from my ceiling due to leaking pipes. might I add and it was not completed tell I whet to landlord Tennant board.and guess what that same spot that was so called fixed has now leaked again. when it happened this time these people that wrote this post where in charge they had castle in my house to fix the pipe the same day my pipe was fixed they where let go I will attach a picture of what they call a fixed ceiling that as you can se still has water damage and should be removed it has been over 2 weeks

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Timothy Usitalo with all the respect in the world… it’s not your landlord’s fault.. it’s the person in charge of the place.. your landlord owns the place and put a roof over your head.. it’s the maintenance crew.. maintenance are getting paid for doing nothing? Sounds sorta wierd.

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Brittnee Basso wow that’s crazy… instead of making complaints to the board, how about tenants start complaining to maintenance management.. a person should be there at all times and available

    • Cecilio West they cant even keep the same maintenance people for over a month so if u complaine to them within a month they have new ppl so just not wasting my time n going to the head person clearly this company who owns the village is not a good company

    • They change staff more then most people change there underwear in all honesty lol you have one guy show up one day then the next day it someone different telling u the last one got let go then it changes again it’s a never ending circle of bullshit lol. In other words its time to start saving for a down payment on a house because it the only way I will get my sanity back lol

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Brittnee Basso dam that sucks.. sorry to here that..

    • Cecilio West I have a question for you since you are someone that works in this or has worked in this type of work I told west side village that they where not coming back into my unit intell the work was done properly today the so he calls himself professional dry Wall and mud guy said that it’s just stains there no damage underneath to the dry wall done by the draino and water and that it can be left like that there is no need to repair this just wondering is that at all possible for the water and draino to have just left stains and not have actully damaged the drywall that is sagging in about a 8 by 4 section ?? I hope this makes since lol I am not no expert on these types of things

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Brittnee Basso it makes sence… yes water and draino will leave stains if there was a leak in your pipes… it’s a health hazard if left to long.. I could turn into mold after a bit.. that should be fixed, you guys pay your money and it should get fixed.. as like now

  12. ….is there more to the story?
    What happened after?
    This is written in past tense. So, you’re homeless? but still work off site?

    • There was a moving truck there last week moving them out.

    • Oh I misread. Missed the part where he got fired…..

    • Honestly live in westside village trust me everyone gets dicked around nothing gets fixed when its said it will no suprise that there stuff wasnt fixed or set up like they where told it would be and they complained and sure enough got the boot because when you complain they dont like it very much sadly they showed they where not people that push people work orders aside and that it probably the reason they no longer work here

    • and was a she that got fired

    • Joanne Ouellet it was a he and a she it was a husband and wife they hired lol
      I am so happy to se peggy back but it’s not going to fix all the stupid maintenance people from still not doing there jobs right

    • everything I needed fixed got fixed, minus the window problem, but that will be taken care of in the spring… maybe they don’t like that I went to school to be a paralegal and know more about the landlord tenant act then they do, but when I ask for something to get done, it does. I understand the frustration with everything else though. I’ve been here for 3 years and it was worse before with the previous owners.

  13. Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

    Oh the joy of not getting an education…

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