PTSD Therapist

Hi. I’m look for a Trauma based PTSD:
Psychologist; or Therapist.
Any Recommendations?



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  1. Magic mushrooms or mdma

  2. Linda says:

    Cilvy Dupras. You can look her up online for more info.

  3. Dont give up – the reward is lifelong❤️

  4. I go threw the cheppell group also for trauma based PTSD, and it is great. Its offered threw the EAP work program and it was free for me. One thing I can recommend is to not settle with a therapist. It has to work between you for progress to be made

  5. Dr. Albert Gouge…or Bonnie deMeulles …

  6. Headway Clinic. They have a Facebook page.

  7. Call 211 or go to the website 211 ontario and get a referral.

  8. Get a referral to the MAP program on Cedar st. It’s free and they have one on one intensive PTSD therapy.

  9. Dr Klassen .he helped me great Dr…I’ll always suffer from ptsd but now I can control the symptoms. .and deal with the anxioty. .he is very understanding and has great programs to help you .good luck stay strong

  10. Shawn Gascon Shawn Gascon says:

    If I were you I’d look somewhere else… I have a friend who has PTSD and he had to leave and get real help. He had to go to Calgary to find the proper help. I know PTSD can be torture for you and your family, I really hope you find the help you are looking for.

  11. Kim Parker Kim Parker says:

    Best I’ve seen yet is Shoutout Sudbury, everyone can help you in all areas, best part, it’s free like everyone is always looking for

    • Linda says:

      Maybe you could just stop reading in, eh hun? And let someone who`s looking for help, find it. Yes. My advice is free. Hope it`s what YOU were looking for.

  12. Bassis and Carter 705-673-4475

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