Psychics in Sudbury

Hello, I am looking for recommendations and suggestions for psychics in Sudbury. Thank you.


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  1. Oh screw you and your censorship.

  2. Bob Daigle Bob Daigle says:

    If they are psychic, shouldn’t they be contacting you like five hours ago?

  3. Corey Walker Corey Walker says:

    A good one will contact you because they know you’re looking for them!

  4. Ouija Board
    Can purchase at Toys R Us

  5. a medium is someone who claims to communicate with the dead.

  6. I can play the part and have some free time, send me $$ and I will give you advice

  7. Don’t call them, they will call you obviously if they are worth their salt.

  8. Opinions are like Assholes..everyone’s got one. “Psychics” or clairvoyants are in tune with energy and intuition. Everyone has a form of intuition. Few of us grow as a being and work to trust and develop it. Most unfortunately don’t. I have a good friend of mine Olive and she is very very intune. Pm me for her #.

  9. I sense your going to waste money

  10. Ill gladly tell you what you want to hear for 50$

  11. I’m a psychic. Ask me anything…

  12. I predict you will lose money faster than the casinos.

  13. If we had real ones, they’d know you were looking for them and contact you

  14. Jeph Hall Jeph Hall says:

    I foresee a fool and his money shall soon part.

  15. why do you have to make an appointment to see a psychic……they should know you are coming to see them.

  16. John Brown John Brown says:

    They know, your looking for them. And will contact you shortly.

  17. I predict you are a moron. It’s, you’re not your.

  18. James Fine James Fine says:

    Shouldn’t they already know you’re looking for one of them and give you a call?

  19. Joe Wilson Joe Wilson says:

    Call around, if they arent expecting your call then they are no good.

  20. Don’t waste your money

  21. Look for the great G-rantini. He’s the best in town.

  22. Jonathan KC Jonathan KC says:

    Consult an astrologer

  23. NOT the one on the Kingsway

  24. Jane Gutman Jane Gutman says:

    Youre honestly better off taking the money youll spend and put it towards a charitable donation, youll feel better about yourself .
    This scam goes back to the days of vaudeville and their only power is being morally bankrupt enough to take advantage of people who are emotionally vulnerable.

    • Yesyes many are cold readers. Personally i like what that long island medium does for people. Whether shes amazing at cold reading or a certifiable psychic.
      Not sure about others, may be many frauds potentionally detrimental to the psyche.

      There are more senses though.
      Some people do tap into them.

      I dont think the sense should be written off as fraudulent simply because there are many proven fakes.

    • Jane Gutman Jane Gutman says:

      Cold readings are the only gift these people have, they use questions to get the answers they want to dazzle you, most fail. Warm or hot readings are more insidious, these people will book you usually a couple weeks to a month ahead of time in order to investigate you to obtain information to use in the reading, via, social media, ancestral web sites, ect.
      There are written reports of these so called mediums using outside allies to tap phone lines and break into homes to obtain photos of loved ones as well as other facts that are used to make the medium look authentic. It is all smoke and mirrors and nothing but sick entertainment preformed by skilled charlatans.

    • Jay Lane Medium.. I went and brought 4 other people she had NO names for, and she was able to tell them the most random things without any possible research. As random as asking about what the tomato plants were about.. and my friend laughed, she had taken a picture of some the day before, as she was taking care of her aunts place and plants, and asked her deceased mom to not let the tomatoe plants die in her care.. lol There was far more random things that were too unique to make up, and impossible to research.

    • I appreciate your opinion and respect your ability to articulate it.

    • John Brown John Brown says:

      Opinion,..the lowest form of knowledge. It requires no facts

    • John Brown unless the opinion is based on facts. Mine is based in facts of what I witnessed and experienced myself. Overall, do I believe most who claim to be, no… Many fakes, and exactly what’s been said.. researched.. but facts innmy experience could not have been researched, or guessed. Too detailed, and random things you wouldn’t even think of.

    • John Brown John Brown says:

      All heresay. Not fact. Nice try.

    • John Brown John Brown says:

      And you obviously have no clue what opinion means,…cause its not based on fact. Ignorance and arrogance doesnt make you smart or right.

    • Mr. Brown, may I ask who your first comment is directed towards?

      Ps. I would tag you but its not working.

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