Property management beware

Renters beware!

We know a family who rented a property from greater Sudbury property management. Better known as GSPM. Their rental amount was 2350.00 plus utilities. This for was a four bedroom. They thought this was an alright deal provided location and having a detached rental property.

The company posted the AD for the property including deep freeze, and a gas fireplace for use. They posted beautiful pictures of the backyard and property only to find out it was anything but. Upon a brief walk through during a showing, pictures posted of the home indoors the house needed a ton of work with promises things would get done prior to move in. The backyard was not accessible due to garbage and heaps amount of snow. Once the snow had melted the tenants noticed zero grass and the front needed great repair.

Pictures that were posted in the AD didn’t represent what was actual. Repairs weren’t done in a timely fashion. The renters decided to take it upon themselves to seed a s til their backyard and plant plants to make the house look like the pictures. Time and money went into their rental. Their tub in which they bath their children was peeling and the chimney was falling bricks. Some was actually hitting their vehicles. Insurance companies refused to assist them as it was negligence from home repairs. They mentioned repairs about their chimney and the bathtub on several occasions with only responses that the owners would take a look at in the spring to they are waiting on quotes. It’s truly disgusting when they contacted the GSPM to advise they will need to end their tenancy due to neglect. Over 28,000 a year plus utilities goes into their pockets and the response they received from the owner was he had crazy expenses to cover in that household.

Good tenants with good jobs and good work ethic can’t keep up or save with the cost of living. No thank you was provided from the landlord or GSPM. When you have superb renters why lose them over financial greed?



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  1. grumpy says:

    Being a landlord isn’t a real job.