Price of milk

I think one of the first and most important questions that should be asked to politcal candidates is what is the price of bread and milk.

If they dont know then they clearly dont understand the everyday lives and interests of the people.

Something to keep in mind.



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  1. Bonnie WM Bonnie WM says:

    Milk is not needed for any healthy diet. I know we were all convinced it was back in the day due to advertising and lobbyists. It’s also come off the food guide as a category this year. Bread can be found fairly cheap if you follow the specials. Ideally bread should be whole grain if anything as it has a lower glycemic index and doesn’t raise blood sugars as high as refined breads. Not sure this knowledge is needed for politicians to demonstrate and understanding everyday life but I do hope they know what healthy foods are and consider affordability and quality for ppl who are food insecure.

  2. Bread was my go if I have 2 slices a week thats it. I use 1/2 milk and almond milk because I looove milk and flavour of almond makes me gag..this way it kind of makes it taste better and a little healthier..:)

  3. Bob Daigle Bob Daigle says:

    A liter of milk is more expensive than a liter gas. Instead of “Black Friday” where you can gets deals on “stuff”, why not Green Friday where veggies are half price or White Wednesday where dairy products are half price!

  4. Depends….
    Do u need 1% 2% Homogenized or skim
    Almond , organic , coconut or Powdered….

  5. Milk and eggs have strict price controls. They cost the average Canadian $400/year. Bernier was an advocate to remove them.

  6. I bet you are all happy tho min wage went up also right? When min wage went up everything will go up. Companys have to charge more to even out the cost of everything.

  7. milk is subsidized to keep the same price it has had for at least 10 years now. bread well… that’s just loblaws being evil af

  8. Havent bought milk in years. So bad for you….12g of sugar in one cup!!! I bought bread for the first time in months last week lol dont consume much bread either. Best to consume sprouted bread but almost everything out there is unsprouted!

  9. Tyler Pilon Tyler Pilon says:

    First intelligent thing on this page .. bravo …you shouldn’t have remained anonymous so we know who’s actually smart in this city lol

  10. Rob Dobson Rob Dobson says:

    I think rent cost is far more important than bread or milk

  11. ask about beer and cigarettes

  12. Kyle Jones lmao the MOST important issue in this country

  13. Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

    Milks gross . Also the leading cause of osteoporosis.

  14. Amber Forest Amber Forest says:

    Try being lactose intolerant. Costs me 8.97 at Walmart for 3 bags of milk, 12$ at regular grocery stores. 5.47 for a 2L carton. It’s fucking rediculous. & Well, my bread, I only buy it from Costco, at least it’s 5.49 for 3 loafs

  15. Marty Trudel Marty Trudel says:

    Rather, they should have to spend a month with the resources of someone on social assistance. That would make them understand, perhaps.

  16. Gabby Davis Gabby Davis says:

    Milk is 6.49 in nb and bread is 2.49

  17. Allen Lawson Allen Lawson says:

    Do guys look at prices when buying stuff ……

  18. People don’t need to drink milk !

  19. Good thing my husband isn’t a politician as he would have no clue what the price of Milk or a loaf of bread is lol

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