Press release/statement

The strike affects more than those of us in the 6500, it affects the community as a whole. To those of use who’s business rely on the mining sector in town know that we feel for you as well. For those of you who’s bosses are making them cross the picket line under threat if loss of job; know that we understand and don’t hold it against you at all.
You’re just like us. A person trying to feed there family and give them the best standard of living you can.

To the company. Your lies and manipulation aren’t helping you. We can see past it. People are waking up to the way big business has been walking all over them.

Retiree benefits were around in the 50s. I can’t for the life of me comprehend how we’re regressing in the year 2021 and it isn’t seen as deplorable

I’ve heard people say that “hydro and other companies have removed retiree benefits, why shouldn’t vale?”

My question to you is why should Vale and other companies get away with it? Hydro rates keep increasing, Large business (including vale) rake in profits and when they decide they want even more it’s the people that do the work that bear the cost?

To the nurses, teachers, police officers and anyone who spends long hours away from their family to make a living. We stand with you.
We the people are the majority and we the people have the power.
It’s time that the 1% and the government start to realize that.



4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nurses yes….As for the teachers and cops…underworked/overpaid

  2. Anonymous says:

    Both comments are from the morons

  3. Anonymous says:

    union trash shut up everyone is hurting right now

  4. Anonymous says:

    lol you guys are th 1% you know that right?