Poor service and work

Kal Tire off lorne. Waited 2 weeks to get tires studed. Not a big deal, i understand tire shops are busy this time of year.

The poor workmanship on the other hand has no excuse.

Paid 140 dollars to get this done and most studs are gonna fly out. Never going back id recommend the same.



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  1. I just bought new tires and Rims from Canadian tire. Bought them with 30x Canadian tire money, got over $300. Plus the tires were 25% off and so were the rims. Why would anyone go anywhere else?

  2. Moe Sarazin Moe Sarazin says:

    Only deal with kal on Falconbridge… the best by far great staff

  3. My studs are fine i never had a problem with them

  4. We also just had issues with this location last week. Said they couldn’t find us in the system yet my husband put the order and they took the full amount off our visa not just a deposit. After, 2 weeks of no call to say tires were in, I called. Same issue as my husband had, couldn’t find us in system. After 15 mins on the phone they found us. Book apt for 130. Husband shows up to have tires installed, they say we don’t have an apt. After arguing a few minutes they said oh, you were to be here for 1030. Never got done that day. Went back next day to have done. Ordered studded tires, didn’t end up with studded tires. The y told my husband that is not what he ordered. Once job complete. They wanted him to pay again yet he already paid. Won’t go there again and definitely not recommending.

  5. Also would never go back, got an alignment done and a few days later had a wobble in the front end. Checked and was able to loosen the lugs with my fingers.

  6. Carol Laalo Carol Laalo says:

    Just go back to Kal Tire. Social media isn’t going to fix it!

  7. Dawn Culgin Dawn Culgin says:

    Sad to hear. We have had only good experiences with them.

  8. I won’t be going back there… I’ve had issues with their installations and they have made decisions without asking that cost me money I didn’t to spend.

  9. That looks like when my dad use to spin his tires all the time after getting studs maybe not have such a hevy foot

  10. Jason Gagnon Jason Gagnon says:

    I got a bad set of tires and instead of running a warranty claim which cost them nothing they came back with a $4000 front end work to my truck.

    Went to another tire shop and got 99% back on the bad tires and good ones installed for free.

    That place is ripping people off and just doing poor work.

  11. I recommend fountain tire there awesome did awesome work would go back again thanks Darrell

  12. Ron Levesque Ron Levesque says:

    So easy to point the finger but KAL tire does not even stud the tires in their shop

  13. DUBB SHWEEZY says:


  14. Morgan Evans Morgan Evans says:

    Studded tires aren’t good for Sudbury… scientifically proven studded tires only give extra traction if you’re driving on pack ice, try this experiment at home, run your hand across a smooth surface, the grip of your hand makes sliding it difficult, now do it with your finger tips, super easy, this is the same effect studded tires gives on black ice.

    • mike mike says:

      that is so not true, we just got new studded tires for our new vehicle and the difference compared to Michelin X Ice on another car we have is night and day. I drove it during the snowstorm we had last Friday and was very impressed how much better car is sticking to the road.
      The technology over the years has really improved studded tires, the only issue here – don’t do it yourself like OP and get them from the manufacturer.

  15. We’ve used KAL TIRE for years!! Never a problem
    Highly recommended!

  16. Trilly Muir Trilly Muir says:

    My bmw rims got destroyed at Kal tire both locations.

  17. Nick Clark Nick Clark says:

    Why do you sudtards feel the need to stud your tires

  18. Bonnie WM Bonnie WM says:

    Did you speak to them and did they offer to rectify the situation? Honestly they have a lot of young ppl working there and looking at our times it’s hard to get a Tim’s coffee order right. I had nothing but decent service from them including my late mom who they often fixed her tire for free as they knew she was a widow with young kids.

  19. I’m assuming they let someone with less three months experience stud them trust me I should know..

  20. Wrong length of studs used on that tire.

  21. Jeremy Watts Jeremy Watts says:

    Nicolas DiGiacinto, Cameron Laface, Cody Leonard

  22. Trust Fountain Tire!We’re on this road together.

  23. Not sure what the cost difference is but why would you pay 140 for studding when you can get them pre studded from factory way better quality

  24. I never had a problem with kal on Lorne

  25. I worked there several years ago . Was lead mechanical tech .

    It’s the young generation that doesn’t care . Most seasonal tire people are new hires and at times don’t get proper training. And most of the time there is no passion . It’s just a job so their parents don’t bitch .

    This is becoming the norm . Blame yourselves as parents for raising useless little shits !!!

  26. Left my winter tires there last yr, they lost them, but came good on them, even put winter rims on them, awesome crew at Kal tire…waiting next week for other winters w studs ….excellent service

  27. Same with my bf hee went to go get his alignment fixed and thay tried to reschedule him as her shows up and then get his car back with scratches on his windshield

  28. Amanda Laura Amanda Laura says:

    Alder Automotive is great for all tire needs including studding

  29. They fucked my boyfriends low profile rims too. Same location.

  30. Ok Tire in the south end are fantastic. I highly recommend them!

  31. Bill Taylor Bill Taylor says:

    Did you go back to get it done right I’m Shure they won’t have any problems if one of my guys did it I correct ASAP

  32. Don Macinnis Don Macinnis says:

    I had them install new tires on my rims and they mushroomed the rims … I had to find the problem and it took me three months to resolve the problem….
    nothing good to say about them 🙁

  33. The Warman Store in Winnipeg lost my tires in May- I left in shock- they still haven’t done a bloody thing for me

  34. Yea you probably had someone who was being trained do them and put them on just go back and stop being dramatic.

  35. I had the same issue with the other location I brought them back and thyy fixed them.

  36. Zach Dupuis Zach Dupuis says:

    Buy tires with studs already in them

  37. Kal Tire is our only service shop for our tires. They have been fantastic with us for years.

  38. I had the worst experience at the same one about 5 years ago. I’ll make a long story short. I ordered winter tires with studs and brand new rims and needless to say I had to go back 3 times They gave me a free oil change and I didn’t redeem it I didn’t even trust them to change my oil.

  39. Paula Rennie Paula Rennie says:

    I love Kal Tire, and no I don’t work there, I love their service!

  40. Mike Reid Mike Reid says:

    Winter tires and studs are waste of money. All you need it all seasons and learn to drive to road conditions… stop wasting your money winter tires.

  41. Mick Devitto Mick Devitto says:

    Go visit Fountain tire in the valley !

  42. Mike Stevens Mike Stevens says:

    Instead of complaining over social media why don’t you bring in back to kal tire and show them maybe they can see if the problem can be rectified?

  43. jeff g says:

    Why would you do that in the first place? Its not even recommended anywhere to stud tires yourself, the outcome greatly depends on the tire and compounds it is made from. If you want studded tires you should get them from manufacturer

  44. Sadly we had this issue with Kal tire as well. Same store. Bought winters from them, made an installation appointment. They didn’t do it. Made another appointment , they still didn’t do it. Made our third appointment, with the promise of free studs.. looked sloppy. This was over 5yrs ago.

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