We have a problem with mice in our building, superintendent gives us traps to put in kitchen, and where ever needed, it is a closed in trap which has a cube like substance inside (poison) the mice slowly die. eventually rot. what if my cat encounters a mouse after having this poison, i have concerns about this situation. will my cat die or will he just get sick. either way, it is a concern.



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  1. Paul Butt Paul Butt says:

    Or just go get a new cat cause yours clearly ain’t doing its job

  2. Peanut butter on your privates ftw!

  3. Traps won’t alleviate the problem. Get more cats lol.

  4. Landlord put those traps in my place once my cat ate a mouse and died horrible.i refuse traps now.if u have cats get rid of those traps.put the other ones in you put cheese in and snaps on mouse

  5. Al Manion Al Manion says:

    Why aren’t the animal rights people sticking up for the mice? Is there no mouse rescue? :'( Won’t someone think of the mice? What would Cinderella have done without the mice? And what about Disney’s Rescuers? Oh, and Mickey and Minnie? #mouselivesmatter #whataboutthemice

  6. Mice can’t clot their blood. That ” poison” causes internal hemorrhaging. It’s okay around other animals.

  7. Your cat would probably pass away if he ate a mouse that ingested the poison. Use a snap trap with some peanut butter instead.

  8. Bob Daigle Bob Daigle says:

    Get the good old wooden traps (from Home Hardware) and put peanut butter packed into the little toothy part BUT put a little butter on the end of the trap latch. The little cut it fits into can be rough and this will make the trap more sensitive. Be careful when you place it! If you have pets, put them behind a board to avoid… Wash them with hot water after BUT, if there is blood, throw it away. It will never catch another mouse. They have to be coming in somewhere and that’s where you put em.

  9. Nancy Hache Nancy Hache says:

    OMG yes your cat will die , if he catches a mouse that has eaten some of that poison , it will in turn poison your cat !!!! id be freaking out !

  10. What apartment building?

  11. Jamie Landry Jamie Landry says:

    Snap traps and peanut butter for sure. When I bought my house in July a bout a week later I noticed mice. Figured out how they were getting in and out of the house. Closed that off and whatever was left in the house met the traps. Also have bait stations too but wasn’t waiting around . Snap traps with peanut butter and done!. Haven’t seen anything since July

  12. Your cat probably wouldn’t touch it, they are smarter than we think and their noses tell them it’s bad.

  13. Lynn Roy Lynn Roy says:

    Get some of these. Keep plugged in all around house. Works great! Haven’t seen a mouse since I got them and no poison or rotting mice. Walmart has them but amazon much cheaper.

  14. Go and buy some traps instead of whining.

  15. Glue traps. Behind the stove and fridge. Places the cat cant get to

  16. Cut onions and put them around where the mice are works great. And no your house does not smell like onions

  17. Andie Cerson Andie Cerson says:

    Yes it can affect dogs and cats.
    My concern is that if you’re in a building, the mice encountering the poison, if not contained to the trap, are spreading throughout the building …. they dont just select one apartment and stay there because they travel through the structure internally. So if neighbors are using these same traps provided to the tenants, than the pets can still access the drowsed mice that have already ingested the substance.
    Might wanna bring that up to the landlord.

  18. Neil Daggett Neil Daggett says:

    If it’s a problem, you need an exterminator. Tell the cheap bastard to pony up or stop paying rent and get it done yourself. No one has to live among vermin. As a property owner and landlord, it’s in their best interest anyways. WTF is wrong with people? This is day one stuff.

  19. Maggie Bite Maggie Bite says:

    Really your place use something safe for kids and pets

  20. Yes Very bad for your pets

  21. Jonathan KC Jonathan KC says:

    If it’s in closed they can’t escape

  22. Snap traps and peanut butter.

  23. Fire your cat he’s failing you

  24. Put a snap trap with peanut butter in a spot ur cat cant get too.

  25. Dennis Lopez Dennis Lopez says:

    Snap traps ftw. Fire your cat!

  26. Lise Martin Lise Martin says:

    Yes it can make your cats sick!! I agree with Mikey and snap trap them!!

  27. Mikey Jameus Mikey Jameus says:

    Go buy the snap traps.. put pb on it… fuck the cheese… happy hunting.

  28. Eat the poison, problem solved

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