Please Shoutout, I’m Asking You Nicely

Hey everyone, Jody (Shoutout Owner) here… I hope December has started off well for you all! Alright, so I’ve been going through the Shoutout submissions, and I’ve been noticing particularily these past few weeks that a lot of bullshit submissions have been coming in; putting other people’s names in the post, calling them out for something or someone they’ve wronged. Or even trying to sneak through by putting a first name with only a last name initial.

Can we stop being so negative and outlandish, and start being a little more positive here on Shoutout… Please? This community wasn’t built for you to call people out on their wrong-doings. It was built to bring out the positivity in this world. Let’s be honest, we can all use a little more.

Oh, real quick, I just want to let you all know that all Facebook & Twitter comments are now auto-posting to our website once again. This feature was not functional since mid-April of this year, but is now working once again. For those unaware, your posts actually DO get outsider comments on the website as well. Shoutout is NOT only a Facebook community.

Ask questions; the community’s 29,000+ Fb, Twitter & Website followers will answer! Give someone a truly deserved shoutout; maybe someone that came to your rescue in years past, that although you don’t know who it was, still think it’s worth sharing your story with us to put a smile on our faces; some shoutouts in month’s passed have received THOUSANDS of shares, reactions & comments. This community can be amazing when it wants to be. Please stop ripping other people apart, and let’s start being more of a community that we can ALL be proud of. That’s honestly all I’m asking. Happy upcoming holidays to each and every one of you, and thank you to those who use this platform for the better. – Jody Mitoma



15 Responses

  1. But this place is just the best for that first morning outburst laugh

  2. How much to buy advertising in this page? Sponsored ad? We got green stuff oh ya money too. let us know when you are ready to talk about promotions.

  3. Facebook is trash. Literary stupidity. All people can say and post is other people memes. its pathetic the intelligence it takes to scroll a timeline. monkeys can do it.

    Get outside, find a hobby, a new skill, roll a joint, save someone, kill something, start a cult, terrorize your already dead goldfish, do
    S O M E T H I N G. you are rotting away sitting there . . .

  4. Who is this and what have you done with jody?

  5. You have total Control your Site so it’s up to you to do whatever you can to cut the Crap

  6. Shaun Beare says:

    How about banning all those posts of people asking for money

  7. You’re fucking kidding, right Jody? Shoutout Sudbury is a cesspool of self entitled, negative and hateful people.
    From time to time there are decent people posting but, that has to be like 5% of the time at best.
    Most times I have no idea why I even read the posts.

  8. Ivan Leo says:

    I feel your asking a lot from Sudbury lol