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Since we’re on the topic of protests and convoys… who remembers all the Natives standing on Elm Street for Clean Drinking Water?

Anyone remember comments made on various FB pages, concerning that certain drone company, and how he wanted to RUN US OVER, with his vehicle, and turn around and DO IT AGAIN??

Anyone remember the name of that company? I do.. leave the name in the comments section if you DO remember this.. It wasn’t that long ago….



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  1. Anonymous says:

    How many millions of dollars were given to the natives to get clean drinking water but it was mostly sucked up by crooked leaders? Many canadians living off reserve do not have clean water either unless they dish out some hard earned money to have some delivered or wells drilled and pumps and filters installed. Just go and look at some houses outside the city to see what people have to deal with themselves.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to know what group beheaded the church statues and vandalized graveyards in sudbury around the time of those protests. Can’t forget the churches and town that were burnt to a crisp more recently out west too. I’m no fan of nazi and confederate flag wavers but after the first few days those guys were shut down from what I saw on the live streams. Once the truckers were gone and the blockade cleared, people should have been allowed to continue protesting on the lawn of parliament.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yep these Hicks that support the convoys are nothing but Nazi White supremacists like I’m all for peaceful protest but like the moment they start flying the swastika and Confederate flags is the moment you stopped being peaceful and the natives cause is actually a just one it’s actually something to protest no having clean drinking water and the attempted genocide it’s something that must be brought forward these so-called truckers say they’re for freedoms but in reality they are just selfish and only care about themselves