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Just wondering who in Sudbury is hiring? I’m fairly young & my education unfortunately ends at my high school diploma, but I’m looking for something that pays well enough to support myself and my child. TIA!


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  1. Northern911 starting wage 17$ per hour…just need to know typing…tons of jobs on

  2. Dustin Rivet Dustin Rivet says:

    The CRA if you have your grade 12.

  3. Northern911 is hiring. Very interesting job as well!

  4. John Brown John Brown says:

    With a kid,…may have to take two or three jobs,….cover all expenses. Or,…..

  5. Samantha Jo Samantha Jo says:

    Message me, I know a place that is hiring. Full benefits, yearly promotions, and great team to work with. All you need is your high school

  6. All Bright Cleaning Services is HIRING! Full time positions available immediately. Will train. Must have driving license.
    Email resume to Email ONLY please.

  7. All Bright Cleaning has 2 full time positions available. Will train

  8. Joe Lauzon Joe Lauzon says:

    Milman is hiring. Take a drive through Walden industrial park. Seems like every second shop has an add out front looking for resumes. Canada post too.

  9. Millennium 1 solutions is always hiring! You start at 15 an hour and can make up to 17 if bilingual and if you give up you can make 16.50 like me or 18.50 if you’re bilingual and or work 3-11,11-7. Benefits, vacation, all that fun stuff. Great job, great environment. If you apply say I sent ya! Or if you want more info message me 🙂

  10. Northern 911 is hiring!

  11. Kevin Pascoe Kevin Pascoe says:

    Apply for custodial staff at the school board. Could make over 20$ an hour + pension & benifits once you make permanent

  12. Amy Dee Amy Dee says:

    Apply at CRA… Pretty sure even the lowest paying job starts around $21 an hour and you just need your high school. 🙂

  13. Apply at the data centre

  14. If you’re in shape the city is hiring full time firefighters, only high school diploma required

    • Chantelle Sauve that’s volunteer firefighter. You need your college diploma to be a firefighter

    • It’s not for a voluntary firefighter. Go to the City’s website. They are hiring a probationary fire fighter, says high school only

    • It says on their website that you need a college diploma to be hired as a firefighter. I was going to apply for my husband but he doesn’t have the college diploma. I just read the article that posted

    • “Successful completion of Secondary School Education is required. Pre-employment Fire Service training from a Community College or a recognized training academy and/or National Fire Protection Association Firefighter I, and Firefighter II is considered an asset. “

      Keyword is “Asset”

  15. Going back to school would be a good start ! Lots of options for single moms.
    I’m a single mom of two and go to university. It’s doable.

  16. Neas Angele Neas Angele says:

    Travelway Inn is hiring.

  17. Jobbank. Indeed, monster, wofkopolis, google.

  18. Jody Schut Jody Schut says:

    McDonald’s and Walmart are always hiring

  19. CRA is hiring and all you need is a high school dipoma

  20. Karen Shiels Karen Shiels says:

    Chartwell’s at the taxation centre is looking for cashier and a coffee person, and a evening shift dishwasher person. Mon to Fri, late shift is 2 – 9:15 9:30 ish

  21. Sue Topps Sue Topps says:

    Banks only need grade 12

  22. Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

    I’ve yet to hear any of the temp staffing outfits not looking for labourers.

  23. On Lasalle between Quiznos and red lobster there is a free employment centre that will help you write a resume if needed. They have all the latest job postings on the walls, and computers to send them out. All free

  24. Dawn Kippax Dawn Kippax says:

    Karen Shiels might see some ideas for Scott

  25. Doug Bruce Doug Bruce says:

    Try CRA…tax season is coming up. I believe Stats Canada in Sturgeon is hiring. Good wages and a high school dip will get you in.

  26. Jesska Julia Jesska Julia says:

    Finlandia – housekeeping

  27. Lisa Dunbar Lisa Dunbar says:

    Not sure if you’re interested but they are providing FREE PSW courses now. It’s only 8 months.

  28. Go back to school. Only option!

    • Hardly the only option.

    • Morgan.. I only have a high school diploma and make more than some of my friends who went to school and are in their career paths.
      Yes it’s easier, but some places do hire, and give opportunities for real growth and independence. I bought my house, with rental income at 25yrs old, and with that now added to my work income, have many things that most single ladies would not.. So no, NOT the only option..

    • I went to school for 2 different programs and now im working in a completely different path lol its not the only option

  29. Rick says:

    Dr. Clean is hiring

  30. Try claim secure or tsys

  31. Elizabeth says:

    If you can handle it northern 911 is hiring. They start at almost 18/hr plus benefits. You’ll be at almost 20$ at the end of your first year.

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