Phone Found on the Kathleen Bus

I lost a phone on the Kathleen (014) Bus that goes through the Donovan and to College Boreal. To whoever found it and turned it in, thank you so much. I wouldn’t have be able to afford another one for a while and it’s all I have to contact my family. I’m not a very religious person but I prayed someone would have the heart to return it and you did. Not everyone that lives in the Donovan are bad people. It gets a Bad Rep yes and its true that it isn’t the best area of our city but I enjoy knowing that there are good people out there.



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  1. Jody Prato Jody Prato says:

    That’s great….and I’m glad that not everyone in the Donovan is bad….lol

  2. If anyone will return it would be someone from the donovan …many of us know that things are hard to come by ..happy 4 u

  3. People that live in the Donovan are poor , poor does not equal bad. Many people with addictions are poor so they move there too. They are not bad but desperate, they do stupid things. Drug dealers ARE bad but you can find them in any neighborhood, some drive porches. Most people in the Donovan, Flour Mill etc..may be poor but they are honest hard working people that know how expensive a phone is. Glad you got it back but not surprised.

  4. Glad you got your phone back …Note: the Donovan is a great place to live. Work, live, raised kids and now grandkids in the centre of Donovan (Jean/Donovan/Kathleen st area) my entire life and have never had an issue/problem. Every neighbourhood has it’s down side/dark side. Don’t knock until you have lived it. Their are great people/business in this community that work together, are proud and strong members of a great neighbourhood.

  5. That’s awesome glad you got your phone back everytime I loose a phone I never see it again

  6. Love stories like this!!! Kudos to the honest person… Losing a phone is not just a phone anymore.. It has so much information, pictures, and videos that can’t be replaced. Happy someone turned it in.
    For all with a lock screen, be sure to set some numbers under emergency contacts that can be accessed when in lock mode. This will help honest people contact someone to let them know where the phone is, so you can eventually get the msg from them.. 😉

  7. Dave says:

    Can you not email your family?

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