Petsave wtf

I keep seeing things about Pet Save stealing animals, wtf, how are they allowed to continue?



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  1. Stolen from idiot owners maybe.. But most likely she takes in all the mistakes and poor choices or others, dedicates her entire life to it, says No to idiots wanting a husky in a studio apartment, or NO to someone who complaints when a cat is $275 (cause if you can’t afford the 275 you can afford a pet) and people don’t like it. Well boohoo

  2. My mom wanted to get a cat and got denied and she is a psw

  3. Adam Hopkins Adam Hopkins says:

    Pet save is the biggest joke around! My wife and I were refused to adopt a puppy because we have full time jobs so we got our puppy on Kijiji and adopted our 2nd puppy from Society for Animals in Distress in Elliot Lake! And this was 7 years ago and we still have our two puppies with full time jobs! Imagine that people have dogs with full time jobs!!! Please stay away from Pet Save and adopt your pet from another organization like the SPCA

  4. False news/info obviously. Jill does lots to assist and support animals. I’m glad she is their voice, and protector. Keep up the good work Jill Pessot we appreciate all that you do for our furbabies.

  5. Nicole LeBel Nicole LeBel says:

    Because it’s lies, you think they would actually still be open if all these rumours were true???? Ppl have a hate for certain rescues, organizations and businesses. There is always 2 sides to a store and then the truth, so most of the time the things u hear are not true ..

  6. IMO…nothing to do with one or the other pet rescue registered or not…big bucks made by people with hoarding issues…many of these animals are not adopted out….many are very sick and live in pain because vets make a fortune keeping them alive and rescue services make money on donations..including real estate vehicles and cash that may or may not be accounted for..they use caring people to foster and volunteer without knowing the many sponsors who pay out thousands a year to help unwanted pets…they export and import rescue animals because there is money involved…from transport services to food suppliers…if you want to improve the standards of unwanted animals use your governed SPCA…yes there is a kill policy.. but if more people supported them…they would have the funds to hold shelter while waiting for homes…also many rescue services purchase dogs from shelters to start rescue services….now with on line media many of them are not much different than puppy mills..adopting can range from 150 to thousands….it is a lucrative living

  7. so how does jill say she can treat an aninal with one dose for fleas and within 12 hours they are flea free she said a
    she spoke to the makers of the product and the vets are all bullshittin selling us stuff that takes 3 to 6 months to kill fleas …we all know thats garbage one treatment does not kill fleas period ive spoke to 4 or five different vets and she lies ……just goes to show

  8. Bleu Fisher Bleu Fisher says:

    Gotta love these PUNK ASS HOLES who hide there name LOSER !!!

  9. Ppppffffffffssssssstttttttttt

  10. Posted with permission from the girl who went to see if it was her dog… THIS is fact.. not all the hate many assume or fuel…

  11. Tom Bos Tom Bos says:

    Somebody get a hold of Liam Nilson

  12. Matt Frawley Matt Frawley says:

    They are running a pet trafficking ring.

  13. Learn the facts before posting. I’ve spoken directly to the woman who went to see if it was her dog, and I can say she is a pet save supporter, despite the situation that happened. She was emotional, granted, they are protective, granted. REMEMBER THE MICKEY situation.. They have had issues that make them overly cautious, and of course animal lovers who think even MAYBE it might be theirs, will get emotional too.
    People need to STOP STIRRING THE POT, and adding fuel to the fire. The young woman in question removed her post on her own, because despite being upset, she did NOT want it to affect pet save. She still respects what they do.. So seriously, stop judging without actually knowledge of the entire situation. Hearsay on Facebook does not make you aware of it all…

  14. oh sure……… like they have nothing better to do /

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