Petsave stealing cats!

Months ago a friend of mine went through a breakup of which his ex stole his cats and police said they could not do anything. Months later petsave sudbury posted these cats 200$ for both, she had put the cats in the shelter.

My friend came to be aware of this and contacted the shelter with his adoption papers and photos of the cats trying to get them back. Jill from petsave for days promised to get in touch with him now has blocked him from facebook and posted the cats to kijii.

Trying to sell the cats that were already spayed/neutered with shots instead of giving them back to the original owner they were stolen from.

We tried to deal with this quietly but now that it is obvious she has no intent to give these cats back we want to attract attention to this matter. Photo attatched of the cats and ad.



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  1. I truly believe that these types of decisions should be made by more than one person at Pet Save. Why can’t they have a committee that gets together and votes on these things. It seems way too arbitrary to have one person make the final decision. No company is run this way!! And then maybe less “wrong decisions” would be made.

  2. Marie Aldred says:

    Give Robin his cats back

  3. Julia Middaugh lol didn’t pet save/Jill not get. back to you about spaying your kitten you adopted so you had to do it yourself??

  4. Life to short for this crap give the cats back he really cares for them and willing to pay again for them and go through all this crap. I see tons of cats running around no homes need to be adopted or taken in give him his cats all be done.

  5. ya and thus guy and his friends wich this post by the OP proves is that thwy are spreading lies and slander about petsave and the volenteers that make this rescue great people need too stop the bashing and use the energy too help the animals….SMH

  6. Jamie Holmes says:

    sorry but if i have a break up my pets come with me not my ex

  7. Shylo Parent says:

    Heard horror stories about pet save. Will never deal with them

  8. Take a look at their reviews on FB. Seems like they act unprofessional often.

  9. Marc Verdon says:

    The chick at pet save is a real cunt!! I’m not surprised she would do this.

  10. Matt Frawley says:

    All these pet places r a scam to.make money and support there wages. It’s all in the end. If they truly cared they wouldn’t charge you so.much to get your animals back, in the end it’s another industry. Just like so called charities.

    • Actually you’re wrong. Pet Save is a not for profit organization, registered and audited by the government. Books are open. We are an open organization run by volunteers and donations. There aren’t any salaried employees. It’s easy to criticize, but takes alot if guts and compassion a rescue

    • Matt Frawley says:

      I’m sure its hard work. However charities are open book as well. Check what c.e.o’s of charities make. Also you can see what percentage goes to actual charitable work and cost of running. Also I’ve dealt with Edmonton human society, there more.offices then dog kennels. Makes u wonder why u have more.offices thr kennels. In the end it’s all the same

    • Matt Frawley says:

      Also.if ur helping animals. When u find them.look on the collar and return not hold animals ransom for cash….

    • Matt Frawley says:

      Also non profit doesn’t mean no profit, someone’s making a wage. You need x amount of pay salaries , a real pet save would pick up animals and return them for a donation to the cause.

    • If you’re so smart, why don’t you start a rescue. Always easier being an arm chair critic

    • Petsave feeds and shelters the animals for months sometimes, that’s why they charge money! They have to pay for their bills!

  11. His ex stole the cats not pet save… they have been caring and paying for shelter, vet care and food etc. for months now… His ex signed over the cats to Jill… Now they are her responsibility to find the right home for them. Tje police didnt get involved for a good reason…

  12. AC Elo says:

    I have the first story I seen of this I will share them all. Animals are children who can not speak for themselves, he has the papers to prove they ate his babies and they should be returned to their loving father!!!!

  13. Kayla Guse says:

    People. ENOUGH!!!!!


    All I see is a bunch of nasty women making up scenarios in their heads about how he “abandoned his cats with his ex”
    “Power tripping man blames ex girlfriend”

    And more useless name calling.

    Sounds to me like this ex was the crazy one. We all live in sudbury, this happened in Toronto. Now you all think you know everything because of what? What Jill said? What some fosters are saying based on their personal emotional (power tripping) feelings?

    The pet agencies he adopted them from HAVE LEGAL BINDING CONTRACTS in which they are to rehome the animals on the event he needs to surrender them.

    They are able to pursue legal action over this.

    I am so disgusted by your behavior ladies. Grow up.

  14. I Hate petsave

    Il never deal with these people again. After dropping my young pup off for her spay they lost my dog!! It took them over an hour to locate her and I was even told she had been picked up by someone else!
    When I finally picked her up She came home shaking like a leaf and scared of EVERYTHING for dayS.
    These people are rude and unprofessional.

  15. Robin Robert says:

    For all the speculations and accusations being made towards me, I would like to see proof. I have not said anything bad about the organization, just the way things are being run with this current situation. I didn’t make a single claim that I couldn’t back up with proof. If I don’t have proof backing any statement, I won’t type it.

  16. Laura Lunn says:

    Yes my son had his stolen too Skittles then adopted out and name changed

  17. Have you got them back since?

  18. Take a look at the reviews on their FB page and you’ll see this isn’t the first time pet save has acted unprofessionally

  19. This should not be argued online

  20. Scott Healy says:

    Just pay the 200$ you’ll get your cats back

  21. Ed Lajambe says:

    The majority of these rescue people are batshit crazy. Follow this crap for a while as an outsider looking at the back and forth conversation between them and the people they hold hostage not only in this post but others and you’ll soon see. They seem to think they are the busiest people in the world and nobody else has things to do. Stop substituting animals for real companionship and you might see that’s there a whole new world out there to explore. That may sound harsh but a great number of people need to hear it. So what if the owner is couch surfing for a while, everybody falls on tough times sometimes, that doesn’t automatically mean that you are any better suited to care for the animal than they are. That’s not to say there aren’t bad pet owners out there but these are pets, NOT people! Then everybody wonders why dogs from these places are problem animals, it has nothing to do with the fact that they are rescues and everything to do with instinct and dominance….you’re not help, you’re creating a whole bunch of problem cases! The whole damn topic irritate the hell out a me!

  22. To all those talking negative about Jill, here’s some facts..
    She has saved MANY animals.
    She has seen far more worse things done to animals than most of us could ever even imagine.
    She does cleaning to earn money that all goes towards these animals.
    She dedicates her time for these animals that most say they would love to help, but don’t have time.
    Is she flawed? Yes.. She’s HUMAN… BUT, here’s the thing.. Take her out of the mix, HOW MANY ANIMALS would still be in HORRIBLE situations? How many would be DEAD? How many would have lost a second chance? Maybe it’s time to overlook some of her flaws, and focus on the GOOD she does do on a daily basis..
    Is she picky? Is she too cautious at times? Again, YES.. But why?? Because as already stated, she’s seen and witnessed what cruelty HUMANS can cause. So she questions more, she investigates more, and at times she probably makes the wrong call, but all her final choices are made in GOOD intentions, are made for was she truly believes is BEST FOR THE ANIMALS. She puts animals before the people, and honestly, we NEED PEOPLE LIKE THAT..
    No one is perfect, and if you think you can do a better job, please do, there are plenty of animals who need these kind of humans who look out for them. And even if we have some “perfect” person doing it, it wouldn’t be enough. The more rescues we have, the better.. Maybe the lesson here should be learning to get along, learning to work TOGETHER, and not bashing ANY rescue. Because in the end, it’s about THE ANIMALS, and bashing any rescue only ends up hurting them animals…
    Shame on you haters…

    • If a shelter is t run properly, it will for sure be under fire, if it doesn’t want to be under fire then they should ALWAY act as professionally as possible, which they didn’t.

    • Judy Watling says:

      Shawna- shame on you! All the good that Jill has done, does NOT give her the right to treat people the way she does. It does NOT give her the right to break laws if she chooses. It does NOT give her the right to judge how people take of their animals when she doesn’t know the facts. It does NOT give her the right to discriminate against people because of the colour of their skin, their social standing, or anything else!

    • Judy Watling, never said it did, but having everyone jumping in on this definitely does NOT help the situation, it made it worse, and caused all this drama. Now tell me, how many animals from Pet save are going to lose a chance on a home due to the negative comments surrounding them? I agree he should get his cats back, but I also understand she’s busy, and yes, did take more time than she should have, but now it’s worse than what it was.. causing even more issues than what it started with.

    • Judy Watling says:

      Shawna Larose I simply disagree.

    • Rose Burke says:

      then jill should adopt them all cause she is the idiot who created this mess to begin with and its not the negative comments that are preventing these animlas from being adopted its her screening and her personal judgement which is not fair to anyone or the animals…she has obviously pissed off alot of people from what this thread is saying so maybe it doesnt matter what good she has done cause the bad far out weighs it…just sayin 🙂

  23. Or when your relationship ends…..

  24. THIS IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM… Others getting in the middle of it, and CREATING MORE DRAMA… Seriously…. Had you all just stayed the hell out of it, allowed Jill and Robin to talk between themselves, it may have already been resolved. But having his supporters pushing, him getting emotional over it, Jill being far more busy than any of us can understand, it made him over react, and come across ignorant (to which he did admit and apologize for) , Jill feeling attacked, and simply not wanting any part of the drama, and therfor no good coming from ANY OF IT..
    You realize by posting here, you are not only causing more drama, but are only making Jill less likely to ever want to even give a second chance to talk to the guy, as well as making others either talk shit of the guy for not coming around for 5 months (and never getting to know his side of the story) or, judging Pet Save, and talking shit of them, causing nothing but INNOCENT PETS to have less options for adoption.
    Bunch of drama creating assholes.. that’s all this is, and all it will accomplish!

    • Who gives a fuck how Jill feels? Fuck Jill. She should give his fucking cats back.

      Jill should honestly burst into a cancer fire.

    • You missed the entire point..

    • Chris Wilson says:

      How would you react if you were put in EXACT same predicament?? I treat and love my fur baby as family, he’s taking the RIGHT steps to get his babies back. He is allowed his emotions good or bad…it just proves to me more he LOVES those cats!! PERIOD! !

    • She was rude with him from the get go. She couldn’t take 10 minutes to chat and set up a day+time to discuss it?
      He wouldn’t have gotten upset if he had been treated with decency, she is the professional and I would hope in that field she would be more compassionate and understanding of how you would feel if it were your babies.

    • I’m not arguing the fact that he loves his cats, or that this has been the wrong call, I’m saying that others getting involved has made it worse. My mom deals with her on a regular basis, and has a shit ton of stuff to donate.. Guess what, it’s still in her basement, because Jill hasn’t had time to get back to her or pick up, why?? Because she IS BUSY. None of us can fully understand how many msgs in one day she gets. ONCE I was involved in helping to rescue 2 horses, well holly shit, my phone was blowing up, and I couldn’t keep up… That alone gave me a tiny little idea of what Jill’s phone must be like, having far more than 2 animals to deal with.
      I hope he gets his cats back, I really due.. But all this hate won’t make it easier.

    • You’re welcome. I’m all for the animals, and what’s best for them.
      Just hate when this drama starts, and it causes further issues of people no longer wanting to deal pet save, making the animals suffer. Personally, in a perfect world, animals wouldn’t need saving from cruel owners, or all pet groups would join as one and share the responsibilities, making it less flawed, less overwhelming, and more productive. But they seem to always be just as busy hating eachother.. 🙁

    • Chris Wilson says:

      Unfortunately you won’t be able to rectify anything here…but I do understand your advocacy for these animals…looks good on you!

    • Matt Scala says:

      The point is she wouldnt even listen to him. She told him she would get back to him the next day… Which turned into the next, then the next, then the next and wouldnt even give him the time of day.

    • I feel like when he was there to pick up the animals, in front of Jill, and offered to pay, she should have given the animals then. If she didn’t want this to blow up like it has, then she should have done what she could when she had the chance, but she didn’t.

      For every action, there is a reaction. A negative action brings on negative reactions. As a grown woman, she should have known better.

    • Judy Watling says:

      Shawna Larose the only reason this all happened is because Jill is not willing to resolve it. It’s his only avenue to getting his cats back!

    • Now yes.. but to start, I believe maybe too many people got involved too soon.. :/

    • Ed Lajambe says:

      And there in lies the problem, Jill seems to think her time is more valuable than anybody else’s. If you has too much on her plate then you need to learn delegation. I don’t know the people involved in this situation but that’s always the excuse in every situation and exactly that an excuse Which brings us back to power and control and batshit crazy

  25. The police have to help you I went through a similar thing with a friend of mine. I found this statement online

    File a police report with your local police department or sheriff’s office immediately. A police report will be useful for identification purposes If the authorities are hesitant to prepare the report, remind them that pets by law are valuable “property” and their theft is either a felony or misdemeanor under all state laws. By law, the police must take action on your complaint.

  26. She’s still running that? She was horrible years ago when I fostered a dog.

    • Paul Butt says:

      Fuck I’d walking into pets mart boot that cat door the fuck open and walk out with my cats but 1. Buddy’s a bitch he let a bitch steal his cats 2. He’s to pussy to post it himself sounds like he new gf did. 3. He needs to man the fuck up bet you he has a man bun lmfao

  27. Rose Burke says:

    I wouldn’t give jill my worst enemies animal dealt with her once never again.. ..same with the city run shelter they are all money grab selfish rude humans…especially this jill at petsave….

  28. Lynn Kohls says:

    What is with our various Sudbury “pet rescue” organizations? Isn’t the goal to either reunite pets with their owners or find them good homes? I hope you get your cats back. You have gone through so much in this process that it proves right there what a great pet daddy you are. I have lost confidence in our local pet rescue groups.

  29. April Jean says:

    I hope you get your babies back! What Jill is doing isn’t right. Don’t give up on your babies!! I’m sure they miss you just as much as you miss them!

  30. How about you donate them to a local Chinese food place

  31. This is awful! But doesn’t surprise me. I hope you get your babies back soon!

  32. Love anonymous posts.

    Are you sure you HAVE all sides of the story????

  33. Jill is one of the people that give pet save a bad name.

  34. Also it was told that HE took one of the cats by the neck over a balcony….. how odd is it that he claims this same cat needs anxiety meds but she is only scared of him…. saw it myself! She was petrified the day after she saw him. Totally different cat in foster…. so happy and relaxed without him

    • So if I told you what you’re doing is wrong, you’d believe me?

    • Harley Bouchard-Jordan I’m not doing anything actually so watch you project anything on

    • But you believe everything you’re told?

    • Adele Gomirato I’m not projecting anything, other than apparently you take people’s word without any kind of proof or evidence

    • don’t not treat me like I have my hands in this. I am a volunteer and always will be for a few rescues not just one….. because that’s the kinda person I AM. So to be bullied by this guy and his lil goonies is quite upsetting and of course I’m going after him.

    • That has nothing to do with what I just said, can you read?

    • Feeding into gossip is unprofessional. The ex is obviously going to say whatever she can so he doesn’t get his cats back, that part is obvious. Witholding animals from their rightful owner because of GOSSIP is really shitty

    • Adele Gomirato don’t even reply… anything someone says buster it go

    • You should be charged with breach of confidentiality Adele! Your “I’m not doing anything actually so watch you project anything on”
      comment above is laughable. You are doing something! You are openly sharing confidential info. on a PUBLIC forum!!

    • Renee Di says:

      Confidentiality agreements are to be respected. I hope you get sued.

    • I guess hearsay doesn’t mean anything to You? If I believed every ex’s story I wouldn’t have any friends. And bitches can be bitches and will tell you anything, but you ppl are the idiots who believe it, and now you’re trying to defend it.
      I have a bridge to sell You, do you believe me?
      Just face the fact, youre taking the ex at her word, why can’t you take him at his? All round no matter how many times you try to defend Pet Save’s actions, youuuu are in the wrong, that’s it….so best quit before your hole gets any deeper Adele Gomirato

    • Oh come on Adele Gomirato… Seriously… “you heard”… Until you have facts, SHUT UP… You’re only making shit worse for everyone.. Tool

    • Shes degenerate scum, dont worry about her.
      karma does neat things to scumbags.

    • You cannot properly run a rescue without helping the people …. I never learned that while with PS….I only learned that when I started expanded to working with rescues cross Canada.

    • I don’t see any confidential info posted, so I guess Adele Gomirato thought better of it and deleted her comment. Which is what Jill did with her post on the Pet Save group after so many of her followers urged her to give the guy his cats!

  35. Mercedes Ivy Lynne Miller

  36. Benni Norris says:

    If the animals were stolen, and you have proof that they belong to you, go to the police you fucking twit. Until you do that don’t expect them back.

  37. Jill is a joke . she should t be in charge of any animals life . shes extremely unprofessional and always hard to work. Everyone i know who has dealt with her, along with myself has had nothing but negative expirience with her .

  38. Sam MD Tyson says:

    I’ve heard a few stories about her. Hmm makes ya wonder.

  39. Logan May says:

    to those who are giving the op crap about leaving his cats like property you may want to consider that jill is selling them like property. if these were humans they would be returned

    • What??? Selling them. You obviously don’t realize what costs go into rescue. There isn’t any money. There are bills. Lots of them and very very deep pockets. All of the arm chair critics should open up your own rescues. No, didn’t think you’d want to

  40. Jill Pessot you want to add your side??

  41. Buy your cats back. Then go to arbitration through the proper channels.

  42. Logan May says:

    am I the only one thinking about being a catburglar?

  43. poor cops… they must be tired of this (not this situation, but… you know what I mean)

  44. Erica Young says:

    Jill has done a lot of good but if a person has proof of ownership than the furbabies must be given back even if it is just a picture. Another rescue just went through this not so long ago at least this guy has papers and what not. Jill please give him back his babies. You obviously can tell he cares and loves them dearly. He even travelled from TO to get his babies back

  45. Petsave is a great organization. You shouldn’t have ever left your pets with your ex to take care of them…. if you loved them as much as you claim to then they should’ve moved out of the house the first day you left.. .. like f### would I leave my animals behind and then expect to retrieve them 5 months later…. you want them back guess you’re going to adopt them if you have a stable home front now….. next time treat your pets like your property and take them with you when you leave. Lesson learnt for yourself in life.

    • His girlfriend took the cats from him. He didn’t have much of a choice

    • I read the original where he left the cats behind

    • 1) the ex wouldn’t let him have the cats and
      2) they offered to pay the 200$ adoption fee and was still told no.

      It’s important to get all info before making an assumption Lena

    • Erica Young says:

      In a relationship if she took them and wouldn’t give them back and to be even more vindictive she surrendered them in another city. As to make sure he would never see his loved ones again. Just by mere chance one of his friends found them and then he came down you can’t tell me he didn’t love them. How would you feel if your foot was in his shoe….i know I’d be absolutely heartbroken

    • I’ve read the original too and he states the same

    • The story doesn’t make sense…. ok so you’re saying she left…. took the cats…. now 5 months later he has pics and adoption papers etc….. if that were the case 5 months ago the police would’ve been contacted for stolen property and a civil law suit started….. not today making all this white noise now that the cats are in at petsave….. again I repeat lesson learnt…. you want them back now after all this time you plea your case to petsave and hope you are able to adopt them again but don’t expect it because after all this time you’re no longer the owner

    • If you read up on it thoroughly, you’ll understand better. His ex was keeping them from him, and tried to rehome them under his nose, he lives in a different city, so fixing this fiasco is difficult due to travel and such.

      The world isn’t black and white .

    • She took them assuring him she’d take care of them until he was all moved into his own apartment. When he questioned her about the cats she deleted and blocked him from contacting her; she THEN SURRENDERED THEM TO PETSAVE. Seriously people, it’s not always the guy whose the prick and at fault.

    • He also has proof of asking his ex for his cats and her saying no. So it’s not like he didn’t try

    • Petsave is far from a great organization. They were crying the blues about needing to find a home for a dog and some puppies that they seen on a Kijiji add and stated they had no available foster home. My mother drove to the island and adopted the dog, while she was there she learned that petsave was harassing these owners to give up their only their puppies. They then harassed my mother, wanting to know where she lived so they could approve her home for the dog she had picked up when they finally realized my mother was not bending to them they tried to get her to go out and get the puppies for them so they could “adopt” them out to better homes as they were being “neglected”. Petsave NEVER drove out to see the dog and puppies, they only saw the add and harassed these people via email. My mother met them, the dog was an older sibling to the puppies and the dogs belonged to a man that had just passed and his family was trying to regime them as they were not in a position to care for them permanently. There was NO neglect just an organization wanting to make money off of puppies.
      3 yrs later, Chloe is quite happy with mother and enjoys her summers at camp!!! So I repeat – Petsave is NOT a great organization!!

    • Rose Burke says:

      Lena u don’t seem to bright…actually u sound delusional…lmfao…jill is a thief wether h choose to believe it or not…someone should do a check on her personally cause i wouldn’t trust her….not after knowing what I know and especially not after what I’m reading here just solidifies what I already knew about her and this petsave….i think all animals deserve love and attention but not at the hands of this organization…y opinion not that if matters….have a nice day 🙂

    • Do you have any reading comprehension, try reading it a few times.

    • Adam McGlade says:

      Did you fully read the post?

    • Judy Watling says:

      That is none of your business and none of us should making that judgement. You don’t know the situation and you don’t know the hard choices that had to be made!


    The story including screen shots proving that jills version is in fact not the truth

  47. Pet save stealing pets all over they have volunteer sitting in pets for sale groups and give away they grab theses pets then sell them off they need to be stoped

  48. This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest

  49. Try to deal with it quietly? Now that his cats are in a shelter, and he has legal documents proving these felines are his, why not call the police and have the cats returned through proper channels?

  50. Nicole LeBel says:

    There’s always 2 sides to the story and the truth.
    Jill told u to call her and a certain time. Instead u got people to come up and harass her, she was busy with emergencies and told you to call and you 2 could speak.
    What u forgot to mention is its been over 5 months and u had no care for the cats, 5 months the cats were with someone else, u forgot to mention you don’t have a home and told Jill u were couch surfing..
    People need to stop making stories up, call Jill and settle this stop with the poor me and lies..

    Rebecca Collin Adele Gomirato Jill Pessot

  51. Should have at least the option too pay a holding fee or w.e and get them back

  52. Ask around. No one has anything positive to say about the people that run Petsave, especially Jill. Clearly trying to make money as opposed to doing the right thing .

  53. Petsave is a joke i hope you get your cats back i would go to the police with all the evidence youve gathered or the spca may be able to help point you in the direction to reconnect with the animals and i would also call petsaves head office cause jill does these things all the time

  54. Carole Godin says:

    She’s a nasty piece of work!!

  55. pet save is a joke my daughter is fostering a cat for them she asked for it to be picked up and that was about a week ago

    • Tell her to message Jill giving a deadline by which the cat must be picked up (allow a few days) and say “if you do not retrieve my Pet Save foster cat by ….. then I will consider it to be my own and do with it as I wish”. She sent someone to pick up my fosters after that …

  56. Why does this not suprise me!?

  57. Ryan Clement says:

    Contact PetSave directly. They are an organization. The volunteers in Sudbury arent actually “PetSave”…maybe the actual org will do something

  58. Jill from PetSave is joke.

    • So all the animals that she HAS SAVED… All the animals that would still be tied to a tree, wounded by bullets, beaten, starved, yet she took in, got vet care, healthy, and homes… that makes her a joke?
      Here’s the thing.. No one is perfect, but even with her flaws, she’s helped to save more than many “perfect” person.. So as far as I’m concerned, she can have her flaws for as long as she has good intentions, and helps animals that everyone else has forgotten about.

    • This is not just a flaw, this is completely unprofessional. It doesn’t matter if she has saved animals before, she needs to act properly in EVERY matter that comes to her business, that’s what running a business is about. This isn’t the first time people have had issues, and it probably won’t be the last, unless she closes up shop.

    • Actually, it is the mandate of the SPCA to prosecute those that abuse animals. By “rescuing” them before they can get into a state of “distress” Jill has effectively stymied a number of SPCA investigations …

    • She doesn’t like a law? She just bypasses it … or tries to.

  59. Brent Harvey says:

    This is sick…hope you get your fur babies back

  60. So she is in possession of stolen property, and try it to obtain money through stolen property. Sounds like a crime to me.

  61. Renee Di says:

    And screen shots don’t lie. She’s trying to make herself look good but…..