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went to the Library yesterday to get a cat Licence for 2019, the cost for this licence $26.00 for one year. i am going to be a Senior in June, so i will pay $21.00 the following year. my rant is, if a cat stays in your home/apt the cat should not have to have a licence. or is it the law. what do you say?



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  1. Jonathan KC Jonathan KC says:

    Fuck them!! Cash grab!!

  2. Cats don’.t need a licence.

  3. I agree with a license for a dog. Mine tries to escape when she gets the chance.
    For a cat that stays indoors I don’t see the point.

  4. Darryl Mckee Darryl Mckee says:

    screw pet licence lol no thanks

  5. Leslie Chow Leslie Chow says:

    Pets don’t drive. Why do they need a licence?

  6. I have 2 dogs and won’t pay for their license….my dogs my prerogative! And they can issue me all the fines they choose….

  7. Or tell them it died Kim lol

  8. Tags for cats are pointless since few cats will even wear a collar and if they do it ends up falling off,huge cash grab a chip is a better investment

  9. Money grab; though if your cat is picked up they will force you to buy a licence.

  10. Lisa Dunbar Lisa Dunbar says:

    I only got my cat a tag to get a coupon for neutering. Don’t bother

  11. I don’t get one either , my cat has zero interest in the outside world

  12. John Brown John Brown says:

    What they dont know,…wont hurt them

  13. Sue Lampinen Sue Lampinen says:

    Buying the license now helps to support the new city run shelter…they do a great job of looking out for our lost and abandoned furry friends so it is good to support them!

  14. I wouldn’t pay for a tag but would get the cat micro chipped just in case he ever did get out. At least a vet could ID him and get him back to you.

  15. D.j. Dean D.j. Dean says:

    Dont pay, yours is a indoor cat, so need for it. It’s exactly that, a cash grab.

  16. If you have an animal that roams and someone decides to report you, animal control will call and see if you have a license. If you don’t, they give you a certain amount of time to get one. If you still don’t have one by the end of the time they give you, I believ they fine you

  17. Goldfish license went up $0.32 cents to $0.85 per Goldfish in 2018. Bullsh$t

  18. If you’ve never gotten a tag the city will be none the wiser however if you have and try to go without getting one or forget to get one, animal control will call your house. I know cause it happened to me last year. They give you so much time to go get one or they will come to your house.

  19. Adam Gareau Adam Gareau says:

    Anyone else smelling some manure?

  20. Tyler Pilon Tyler Pilon says:

    They should have there needles same as dogs… But a licence that’s just stupid

  21. Tina Fay Tina Fay says:

    I’ve had both cats for 10 years and never gotten a license. However, my dog is a different story, she’s outside and the chances of her running away are higher so she’s tagged and licensed.

  22. Mars Ulrich Mars Ulrich says:

    Victimless crime. Kinda like insurance fraud. Save your money.

  23. Ivan Leo Ivan Leo says:

    It’d a bylaw and encase your animal gets out there is a record for animal control so you can be contacted. Also it is a method to help control the pets per residence ratio.

  24. I feel like it’s more of a monitoring tactic where they get to keep track of how many animals live per household

  25. Elizabeth says:

    My cats are indoor cats and they have a microchip in case they get out. I have never gotten my cats a license. The only people I know who do are people who let they’re cats outside and don’t have them microchipped Most people only get them if they’re pets don’t stay indoors

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