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If people are fine and everything isn’t completely fucked into oblivion, why does the government have to pay parents so that their children don’t starve or go without clothes or school supplies or go without extra curricular activities when they could just raise wages to ensure everyone is making enough to at the very least, feed and cloth their children, if you want nice things, you’d better live like you’re a poor person, so if I act and live like a poor person and we get to have fun zero times a month, or even if it was one time a month, as an evolutionary species I find that grotesque, we have enough cars, houses and food for everyone, how much food are you going to watch go rotten on the shelf while people are starving on the streets before you shut the fuck up, how many people are you going to watch literally freeze to death while there are empty apartments and houses that could save their life before you shut the fuck up.

You have a car for literally every person on the planet yet complain nobody wants to work, well when you gotta bike ride 3 hours to work, work a 12 hour shift then bike 3 hours back home while there are lots of empty cars everywhere, what’s the point, we overwork ourselves then we’re told we aren’t working hard enough, some of us work till we drop dead, guess it wasn’t hard enough, plus while you’re working you’ll never make enough money to own a car or a house or get out the garbage ass situation the government created, so what’s the fucking point of struggling when you could just die and be out of pain, why struggle so my tax dollars can go to a government who gives little to no fucks about us or our struggles. Imagine being one of the people who didn’t illegally collect cerb only to find out that you don’t get rewarded for your good behaviour, instead you get punished by paying higher taxes because of assholes who illegally obtained the money, many of whom won’t have to pay it back as the wording was supposedly hard to read for these supposedly smart Canadians, aka good people get nothing while criminals once again get away with free money, free drugs, free booze, free rent, free presents and whatever else they spent the money on.

Once again good people get punished for doing the right thing, it seems to be quite the trend not just in this pathetic city but also the entire country, we live in a backwards world where more than 50% of our population is clearly special needs without the proper care or diagnosis they desperately need, open the mental hospitals back up, we have a lot of work to do, from governments to churches, to cops and judges and just about everyone in between, if we can’t trust our government to clean shit up for us, we will have to take matters into our own hands and that time should have come long ago.

The government is quite good at crushing opposition through several means, but the easiest methods came when they were granted the access to record all of your phone calls and messages without permission while simultaneously making it illegal for you to do the same, now they have cameras on every corner, a bug in every TV and cellphone, all of your internet history and more through your Meta data including an army of sissy snitch bitches who will rat you out over any little thing but when the government robs you of your liberties, morals and monies, they never have nothing to say, all this obtained without ever having to go through a legal process to obtain a warrant, and it’s all legal now.

They’re setting up Utopia’s across the world for themselves where they’ll never have to fear being attacked again so they can enslave whoever is left as they will have no means to fight back, no weapons, no tanks, no planes, no nukes, no surprise attacks, nothing, I truly admire the Vietnamese, they had minimal supplies and ass fucked a government superpower known as America out of their country, if the viets can do it, we can too, and realize this, they will nuke you if it comes down to it, they already live in gated communities, they’re laying down the infrastructure to once again enslave a small portion of humanity, the ones who are left after they wipe out half the population, if they’ve already killed millions, do you think they wouldn’t do it to you, what makes you so special, they don’t need armies anymore, they have nukes and drones and they’re gladly and openly making robots they say will replace you, sounds like fun!

Think of how easy it would be, launch a nuke from a sub creating an earthquake or volcanic eruption, sends a tsunami to land creating unforeseen weather conditions like we’ve never seen before killing millions and even billions if done correctly, labeled as a natural disaster, how would you know otherwise, they wouldn’t even have to go that far, they could just go hide in their underground bunkers and nuke the surface then repopulate underground for the next 200 years and rewrite history as they saw fit, they could do that right now, who’s going to stop them? The last three generations completely fucked us by being complacent in the face of tyranny, now we can’t even fight back, we gotta be complacent slaves, hell we get labeled as nazi’s for using our fundamental right to protest and half of the every day citizens are censorship nazi’s for the government and they aren’t even being paid, this is how Nazism started all those years ago, so when opposition takes power and targets you in a much more extreme manner, they’ll take more then just your speech, just remember, good people don’t stand by in the presence of murderers, rapists or pedophiles, good people do something about it, so when your government does nothing about it, and you do nothing about it, you both just let it happen, you’re just as responsible for watching it happen before your very eyes, you’re both guilty.

You all hated Hitler for gassing people, but if he came back now and promised to gas all the government officials, all the murderers the rapists and pedos, well then he wouldn’t seem all that bad would he, and I’m willing to bet he’d have half the country standing behind him and yeah, I bet that makes you sick to your stomach cause he would gas their kids too, so tell me then, what is the moral difference between gassing kids, beheading kids, or bombing millions of kids and entire family bloodlines out of existence in one sitting, the first one is Hitler, the second is third world countries such as Saudi Arabia, and the last one is the USA/Israel, between Hiroshima, Iraq and Palestine they’ve killed millions and wiped out entire bloodlines not including the other 30+ murderous wars they’ve launched, three of them are friends, The Saudis, the Israelis and the USA, Canadians are allies to the USA, all of that has happened and the only ones to ever step up to try and stop it was Old America fighting Hitler, don’t pretend to be innocent when you know what goes on but keep your head down and your mouth shut, if I killed anyone you loved in front of a cop and the cop just got in his car looked at you and shrugged his shoulders before driving away without making an arrest, you would be disgusted, and you’d pose the question what can we do, now that you’ve given your guns away, absolutely nothing, now you’re just going to be good complacent little slaves because how else are you going to fight back?

We stand by as they murder and rape everything, not just people and animals but land as well, we abduct people on America’s behalf, our idiot Prime Minister is taking orders from a demented Joe Biden and if we try to stop any of the shit they do, they threaten to kill us or jail us even if we are peaceful, if we ask questions, they threaten to kill or jail us, they got everybody too scared to step out of line, it’s time to wake up my little slaves, it won’t get better till you do, and even then, at this point, even if we fight back, how are we going to beat nukes, and before that, they could bomb every main point of infrastructure we own and send us into the dark ages, how do we beat that, and before that, their guns alone could wipe a good portion of humanity out, one gun could take 30-60 men/women if used correctly, no wonder so many people just commit suicide, I know deep down those people want real change but they, like me, know it’ll never happen in a corrupted society, when you look at the reality of what this world is, many people find more comfort in death than life itself, if that’s what your system breeds, and it is, then your claims that this is the best system ever created, they are false, you can’t be committing murder and driving people to suicide while starving and raping everything in sight while simultaneously claiming your system is the best ever created, you sound like a complete fucking moron.



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  1. Couldn’t say it better. I wish the blind will wake up. says:

    Love the truth. When will the people stand up to the tyrants. Well at least the disarming of Canadians didn’t work. Everyone be sitting on their collection to hunt lol . Theirs probably illegal weapons on the street more then ever lol.

  2. Scum says:

    In your mind
    Nothing but fear
    You can’t face life
    Or believe death’s near

    A vision of life
    On television screens
    An existence created
    From empty dreams

    Hide behind T.V
    Hide behind life
    You should be living
    But you only survive
    Life holds nothing
    But pain and death
    Don’t look for love
    There is none left

  3. Anonymous says:

    good read

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