Paying it foward

A few years ago, my husband and I decided to buy a couch set off of a gentleman in hanmer who was selling a couch set for his sister. We talked for a bit and out of the blue he just gave us this beautiful couch set for free. Out of the goodness in his heart, he gave his sister the money she was asking for. We had the money but he refused to allow us to give him the money!

We were so grateful no person has ever ever done anything so nice for us. He helped us out in a time of need so we would like to do the same. Ive managed to save up and buy a new couch!

I would like to make this a fun thing for people… and thought shoutout would be the perfect place to do something like this! So lets get started!

1. If you or someone you know is in need of furniture set, tag them in the post.

2. Take a picture of your current couch and post it.( ugliest couch, or worn out) wins!

3. The most likes per picture and the reasons why you would be in need of this will get the couch set.

4. Unfortunately i dont have a vehicle to deliver so pick up is a must!

5. I do have 2 cats,but also from a smoke free home. Also has a tiny hole on the back of the couch.

6. This will end, tomorrow at 3 p.m to give everyone a fair chance to be apart of the fun. ( or whenever the post gets posted….lol)

Hopefully this works out, just thought it would be a fun thing for the community seeing as there is a lot of people like us who need help every now and then!

Also the furniture is pretty big so hopefully if fits in your living room….. thank you 🙂