Patient Confidentiality!

So I know this person who has gotten fired for breaking the
Medical confidentiality. This person is not a doctor but was working at a place with the same rules.
This person broke the rules and a good paying job was lost.

This person works for a animal doctor where I bring my pets and I am worried this person is going to break the patient confidentiality again.

What if I don’t want this person talking about my animals to others and sharing stories on Facebook?
I do not want this person to lose another job but I am concerned for my kitty cats and my own personal information being leaked. I am unable to go to a different place as I do not have a vehicle.

What should I do? I am also aware this person has a new relationship every couple months and is telling the others everything.
I need advice please help.



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  1. Heres what you do 101: Get a fucking life/Dont worry about you’re dogs snipped nut sack being talked about around the block.

  2. Allie Kat Allie Kat says:

    Dear baby jesus, you need to find a dang hobby. You invade this person privacy, spread rumors and general garage about them BUT complain about yours?!?! Which hasn’t been violated at all.You are some kind of special stupid. Seriously GET A LIFE, please leave this poor person alone.

  3. Mind your business. Has this person talked ill about you, your pets or had breached your personal information in some way? No..? Right.

  4. I went to a clinic 2 years ago and found out I was pregnant. the girl working the desk and I had mutual friends. I had found out when I told a friend of mine my news that he had known for a while as she had told him. I was so upset. those ppl should not have jobs in an industry that’s all about privacy and personal details.

  5. Mind your own business and life!

  6. Well if this is s serious post then it must be something serious you’re worried about.. r u giving your cat drugs? Someone having sex with your cat? Now these are things Someone wouldn’t want others to know… make another post and tell us.

  7. Breaking confidentiality can range anywhere from mentioning a clients name in front of someone other than your coworkers to sharing client files first hand. Just because she broke it once doesn’t mean it’ll happen again, and doesn’t mean it was always at the extreme. I wouldn’t worry, plus it’s not like you’re talking about children or at risk clients, you’re talking about pets

  8. Amy Welch Amy Welch says:

    you could ask for them not to have the person have access to any of your information….

  9. Ashley Marsolais yea he licks the butter at night and when no one is around lmfao

  10. Mind your business! Lol

  11. Oksana Holly Oksana Holly says:

    Funniest responses I’ve seen to a post on here in a long time. Lmao

  12. Her cat is out all hours of the night tomorrow cating around

  13. Micheal Newman or that my dogs a whore thats has sex with every dog he sees. Lol

  14. What in the hell is she going to tell other people that your cat came in for a check up lol come on now your being a little paranoid are we not
    And I think she learned her lesson at least I hope

  15. Umm ya leave them alone stalker

  16. Dave Lacasse Dave Lacasse says:

    Can You come up with a better troll post??????

  17. What can they possibly say about your cat that would be confidential? That they had a hair ball?

  18. please remove this post….nobody is that stupid…has to be fake

  19. What kind of secrets are your pets keeping that you don’t want leaked out lol

  20. John Pilon John Pilon says:

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  21. Amy Arbour Danielle Madden lol read the comments lol

  22. perhaps losing a well paying job for breach of confidentiality maybe they learned their lesson.

  23. Tanya Werden Tanya Werden says:

    Is this a serious post?

  24. Someone forgot to take their meds this morning.

  25. Ashley Marsolais. I dont want people knowing my dog got a sex change. Would you? Lol :p

  26. It’s an animal your a fuckin spinner

  27. Susan Boese Susan Boese says:

    Seems like they’re the ones that need their privacy respected, seeing as you know so much about their relationships and personal life !

  28. Susan Boese Susan Boese says:

    I wouldn’t trust them, I’d change your cats SIN # ASAP!

  29. Anne Bruneau Anne Bruneau says:

    Quick someone from C.A.S. hire her lol

  30. Ellie Goulet Ellie Goulet says:

    Savanna Flynn LMFAO READ THIS

  31. Angie Ransom throw a friend under the bus by giving their address instead…… sound like the kind of “friend” I personally avoid like the plague.

  32. Mikey Jameus Mikey Jameus says:

    So and so has a dog now eh… right…. guess what.. it has 4 legs and a fucken tail…. can you believe it?? Holy moly fuckeroni.. im calling the sudbury star

  33. Roger Blake Roger Blake says:

    Sounds like this person now working at an animal hospital needs a muzzle

  34. Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

    Unless you’re a bad pet owner…people are not going to care if you brought your cat in for its needles…

    Now if this person starts telling you things like other’s addresses or phone numbers…then that’s a bit different…

  35. Jason McLean Jason McLean says:

    Lol you’re worried about your cats medical records being leaked?

  36. they are bound by the laws of confidentiality. Sucks, I know because my dog was spayed yesterday and because she was still in custody of the rescue group, the vet’s office could not tell me how she was doing. I respect that.

  37. Nick Kennedy Nick Kennedy says:

    Get a life man. Seriously

  38. Ray Byers Ray Byers says:

    “ what should you do ?” You should get a life

  39. Sounds like you are just trying to start bs. How about growing up and getting a life

  40. Call Ace Ventura Pet Detective for all of your pet concerns

  41. Its a fucking vet LOL. Fuck off

  42. Doctor patient confidentiality is one thing.. that’s a serious issue.. but vet office… what are u afraid she will tell people about your cat lol

  43. What does that have to do with the price of rice in China?

  44. No one cares about your pets or you.

  45. Krista Breen Krista Breen says:

    Why don’t you just mind your business !!!

  46. Tina Marie Tina Marie says:

    “Omg didn’t you know Janet’s dog got their balls snipped.”

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