Part time friends

The only time a certain group of friends invite me is for a larger event. I’m never invited to hangouts and then am made to feel like the jerk if I don’t go to the larger event I am invited to as if to say, how dare I?

Either include me or don’t but don’t expect me to bend when you finally think I am worthy of consideration. Keep your part time friendships they are useless.



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  1. Fake friends who can’t stand being alone says:

    Lmao. Who cares most people who work don’t ever see friends maybe once or twice a year. Make a family. In joy life friends will come and go. A true friend probably sees each other less the fakes. The fakes will eventually give up if your not an asset. You will be left with a few. That’s all that counts. F_ck the rest lol.

  2. Anonymous says:

    you dont know jack shit about what “they” do to people so fuck right off

  3. Anonymous says:

    Some of us really got told to fuck off when they implemennted 5 person bubbles. People are stuck in that mentality. Ruin your friends and your social lives, ruin your sanity all in the name of SaFeTy herp derp safetyyyy. It’s to end the pandemic dont you get it. We needed to stop the virus that was here in november 2019 but the government said the pandemic started march 2020. How many flights a day out of china into north america, and we think it only got here in march.

  4. fuck boi 2016 says:

    fuicking clown town bud

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