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Hi all,

I’m about to start a 2-month contract at the Sudbury Tax Centre, and due to its lack of available parking I’m wondering if anyone nearby has or knows of a parking spot that I can rent M-F from 6:30/7ish a.m. to 3/3:30ish p.m.

Before it’s suggested, the bus isn’t an option, since I start at 7am and the earliest the bus would get me from home to the tax office is 7:30.

If you’ve got (or know of) a spot at a home or business around the Lasalle/Notre Dame intersection, please let me know. I really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance for any assistance.



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  1. I am sure any other time of the year other than tax time the lots wouldn’t be full.

  2. Just pay for the parking at CRA, you’re not going to find a cheaper place to park. There is an entire parking lot at CRA so suck it up and pay the fee.

  3. Get a real job you bureaucratic bum!

  4. Park at pioneer manor i see a lot of losers parking there

  5. Kim Westlake Kim Westlake says:

    Levbre electronic store across the street rents out spots. I parked there for a year.

  6. There is a bus that gets there at 7am.

    • Which is not really enough time if you start at 7

    • It’s fine. Team leaders understand it’s the bus routes. Im sure they appreciate employees being at their desk at 7:05am rather than 7:30am or a bit later. Half of the building is always late anyways. At least this would be because of the bus. They’d know the employee is making an effort getting there for 7am.

    • Sue Haddow Sue Haddow says:

      Josée Legault wrong so wrong. Employees expect you to be at work on time. It is not their problem that the bus schedule does not work for every schedule. And employer provided and employee with a job and in turn expects you to be there at times they have scheduled you. Additionally the OP has already stated the bus does not arrive till 7:30 for him/her. Clearly they have already looked at that option.

    • Everyone has their own opinions.
      There are people who have arranged schedules. Some work 8-4 instead 7-3. It is not impossible.

    • That is not acceptable for the taxpayer.

  7. i have see quite a few park over at mcDonalds or the bingo hall and walk over

  8. Jason Bailey Jason Bailey says:

    I can rent you a spot

  9. Pam Rose Pam Rose says:

    Go inside to the board that’s for car pooling sign up!

  10. Dylan Lamb Dylan Lamb says:

    Just park on one of the backstreets off LaSalle. It’s free, and with your work hours you wont be breaking any parking bylaws with regards to plows

    • Dylan Lamb they still give tickets to cars who are parked on the side of the roads…

    • Dylan Lamb Dylan Lamb says:

      I haven’t got one. There’s no law against parking on the side of the road during the day, its perfectly legal. You cant park between the hours of 12AM and 7:00AM. You park there at 6:50 in the morning, I guarantee you’re not getting a ticket within that 10 minute time span.

    • Dylan Lamb unfortunately the city bylaw does say 2hrs max on the street.
      They only seem to enforce when they get complaints though. If too many people start parking there all day the complaints may happen

    • Don’t park on those streets. Residents get nasty if they see the same vehicle day after day …

    • Dylan 3 hour rule. I had to call because people used to block my driveway like park directly in front of where you drive in and out. There is a bylaw vehicle that drives around in the summer at times. Lots of old folk live in that area

    • Its actually 4 hours by law for parking on side of road.. and also cannot park within 3 meters of a driveway. Lol.. voth easily breakable for an 8 hour shift and he fact houses are so close together lol

    • Dylan Lamb Dylan Lamb says:

      Can somebody link a source that shows this by-law regarding the 4 hour parking limit? I’ve searched and found nothing.

    • This drives me insane.. please do not park on all the residential streets 2 minutes away from CRA. We live off Notre Dame and half the time we cannot get through our street. At times, people have basically blocked us in our driveway. My husband has a plow on his truck and can never get out. Our bi-law officer told us that there is a couple hour maximum for parking on the streets. This has forced our neighbours and us to go through the process of getting no parking signs up and we never wanted that. The small business beside us has been affected, their delivery trucks cannot get through because everyone from CRA is all over the street on both sides. It becomes a safety concern, if my husband cannot get through all the cars parked, how can a fire truck if need be? I understand it sucks but pay for parking or figure something else out. Everyone that works at the government buildings downtown also have no parking.

    • We have cars parked in front of the fire hydrants, blocking in our driveways, there have been so many cars parked on both sides it becomes a one way.. it has been a nightmare for all my neighbors and I.

    • Mary Smith Mary Smith says:

      Dylan Lamb you might want to brush up on your bylaw information because you can’t park all day.
      I have called bylaw and will continue to do so.
      In the summer it’s not so bad, but in the winter especially this one because of the snow.
      Count yourself lucky that you haven’t received a ticket yet.

    • Dylan Lamb Dylan Lamb says:

      Mary Smith
      I’ll be calling to check on Monday, but I find it highly unlikely that there is a 4 hour limit. All the by-laws are posted online on the greater sudbury website, and I see nothing about a 4 hour limit. In fact, the website confirms that overnight parking on the street is allowed on certain holidays during snowy seasons, and permitted all through the summer. You’re telling me that you can’t park on the street during the day, but you can, in fact, park on the street all night according to the information on our city’s website? That makes little sense. The street in front of your house or anyone else’s is not your property, it’s the property of the city, and people are well within their rights to park there assuming they aren’t blocking your driveway.

    • Mary Smith Mary Smith says:

      Dylan Lamb I also believe it’s 4hrs the last time I called to report someone that’s what I was told.
      People are blocking access to driveways and to the road in general not to mention obstructing view of traffic on busy streets is not your or anyone else’s right.

    • Mary Smith Mary Smith says:

      Dylan Lamb so did you call bylaw yesterday and find out how long you are able to park?

    • Dylan Lamb Dylan Lamb says:

      Mary Smith I did, and you’re absolutely right. 4 hour limit. They did confirm, however, that it’s perfectly legal for me to move my vehicle to another location, even on the same street, and park for another 4 hours.

    • Samantha Jo Samantha Jo says:

      Dylan Lamb absolutely not! I got ticketed last year for being parked for more than 4 hrs.

  11. It’s absolutely rediculous that bus times are still not adjusted to accommodate most of the working population. Every bus route should be up and out before six. You should be able to be at work by 6:30. This is why people from large cities would never consider moving here.

  12. 5 minute walk, park in the front of the lot at McDonalds.

    I work there and we have quite a few people who work at the CRA doing it, just make sure to grab a coffee once in a while and we really don’t care 🙂

  13. Ask the gas station or timmies across the road. Worst case scenario…they say no

  14. There’s a daily pay lot in the back $4/day. But you have to get there at 6am!

  15. Joey Telfer Joey Telfer says:

    Go park by the bingo

  16. Contact the city. Pretty sure we got an email saying the bus time was changing to have a 7am drop off.

  17. PM me. I live near by.

  18. Konner Brown Konner Brown says:

    My mom used to rent a spot from la cuisine across the street. Give them a call

  19. Subway offers parking spots, as well as the funeral home and dentist offices I believe on LaSalle across from CRA

  20. I suggest you look to carpool too.

  21. park on Maily drive extenion were the contractors park ,carry a clip board then just say your going to Timmy,s at the esso and just go to work at CRA

  22. Amy Dee Amy Dee says:

    A lot of the businesses around the CRA building have waiting lists… There is a lot at the back of the CRA property that is $4.00 a day… But get there early because it fills up. There’s also a lot at the front of the building that’s $8.00 a day, but again, get there early. There’s also a car pool board on the 2nd floor. Good luck.

  23. I’m near the mctv station

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