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So there is this guy I have been hanging out with and we both are seeing people. However when we first initially met each other we both weren’t seeing anyone from what we both told each other. We talked a lot through text messaging. Are talking to each other started getting more intense and we officially met up. The first time nothing happened we just hang out, got to know each other a bit that’s when either of us didn’t know we were both seeing people and both in relationship for a long time.

So it was the next time we got together that we had sex we both knew about our spouses at this time but for some reason we were both just looking to have sex . Which turned into more sex off and on. This happened in July maybe August and we have been sleeping together since. Just recently he just ghosted me. I have no reason why because the last time we spoke he was letting me know what was going on, keeping me updated, to then completely not hearing from him again. I tried reaching him social media but he then blocked me so I’m just confused why are guys so cut off and can’t be straight up and just end things.

Now I’m just sitting here unsure of why because we did enjoy each other’s time. I know it was wrong and I should be happy it over anyway but I did like him. I guess.



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  1. you know who says:

    hey l. e. get back to me sometime … i mailed you back several times but my mail keeps being returned … i answered you … and should’ve tried here instead of waiting to finally get a response the other day … all you said was Hmmmmm … you’re a funny girl , know that … but seriously , reach out n get back to me cuz i’m real … tty asap , j

  2. Ray of Sunshine says:

    hey , how are you doing now … are things better or still silent ? I am very curious to meet you if you are not too shy and need someone who is middle-aged sane and male . I am a person who respects a relationship and would not ever leave you hanging or abandon you but would rather appreciate you for who you are … i will not judge you my dear . i am presently middle aged , handsome , single and i do understand your situation well . if ever you want to talk and want to meet and go for a beverage … then mail me ms ray of sunshine . i applaud you for your shout out ! my mail is just_me _123abc at yahoo dot com . respect

    • Ray Of Sunshine says:

      sorry , mail is : just_me_abc123 … looking forward to a great conversation if you want to talk sometime .

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