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Can anyone recommend a good body wash for toddlers and a night time diaper recommendation for a three year old pls? Best brands, best size, etc. Mind you im sure the sizing goes by toddlers weight so that’ll be fine. Just need opinions on what brands worked best for nighttime protection. And the body wash eith the least skin irritants. Thank u much people. 😚



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  1. Kayla Mussar Kayla Mussar says:

    Honestly, I’d get a Norwex body cloth or the sponge and use that with just water instead of body wash. My boys are 4 and for 3 years they haven’t needed any sort of body wash to get clean. The cloths are super gentle but also clean their skin using only water.
    I found the Huggies brand of pull ups the best for overnight and preventing leaks/accidents.

  2. Jo Zee Jo Zee says:

    This is the best imo. Love this soap & body lotion. Use it for my grandbaby.

  3. Could always do cloth night time diapers. They are more comfy and reusable:) super easy to maintain for just pee, too.

  4. Personal opinion Hughies is better for bigger babies and Pampers is better for thin babies.

  5. Live Clean kids or Live Clean baby. ( You get more for less in the baby bottle ) i use both on my kids.
    Pull ups we used both huggies and pampers. I liked the pampers more but huggies are cheap at costco.
    If your kid has sensitive skin also check your laundry detergents.
    My first was potty trained at 3. My second was potty trained at 3.5. And it literally happened over night. We started trying as soon as he could walk, then i had another baby, plus he had surgery…bunch of setbacks. Dont let anyone make you feel guilty if your kid isn’t potty trained early. Doesn’t matter what you do, if your kid isn’t ready it wont happen.

  6. Jusst Carrie Jusst Carrie says:

    I use the nighttime diapers from the super store for my kiddo.

  7. Angie Luoma Angie Luoma says:

    Live Clean baby is an amazing line. So is the Arbonne baby line. Those would be the only two I’d trust on my baby

  8. Jessa Lynn Jessa Lynn says:

    live clean body wash is what i used. my daughter use to suffer with eczema and has an allergy to cocoamidropyl betaine. so I use the live clean BABY wash. As for diapers huggies but if you are looking for pull ups I recommend easy ups which is pampers, much softer and fit more like underwear.

  9. Tina Britt Tina Britt says:

    Pears. All natural glycerine soap. Super cheap at Wal-Mart.
    Zero added scents. Zero added ingredients.
    Just a natural clean.
    Also, sensitive skin is irritated by laundry soaps and fabric sofeners.
    Find the mildest unscented one you can.

  10. We use Live Clean Baby or a plain old bar of Pears soap on our 3 year old. She is also currently being trained but night time is still touch and go. We use Pampers Easy Ups at night.

  11. Nicky D Nicky D says:

    Cetaphil is what I use

  12. I used Wal-Mart pull ups and diapers. Because they were cheap. By age 3 they were in undies. I’d pick up the puppy pads from the dollar store and place them on the kids beds while they were potty training. Certainly made cleanup easier. As for body wash. I’m all about Johnson and Johnson… the menthol stuff in winter is a must have although that’s bubbles not wash… and I use it even for myself.

  13. Go with a natural indie shop that makes natural and super fun products. Here’s one. My daughter has super sensitive skin & she can only use natural handmade products.

  14. Ally Rebekah Ally Rebekah says:

    I use cetaphil and pampers overnights.
    My daughter pees the bed every night without overnight diapers.

  15. Katie James Katie James says:

    Baby aveeno or chediphil Costco huggies and walmart brand have all been good to. Me. For absorbancy

  16. Kris Parnell Kris Parnell says:

    We use Trubaby eczema from Jump the Baby store for both my sons. They have extremely sensitive skin and we had a hell of a time finding something that works

  17. Francine B Francine B says:

    My three yr old will be 4 in may and finally is almost potty trained I had her in pull ups, if she got irritated I used a cornstarch baby powder. We use baby aveeno and it helps keep the skin hydrated.

  18. Arbonne has an amazing baby skincare line. Pure, safe and beneficial! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I am an independent consultant with Arbonne.

  19. My son has eczema and I use Cetaphil body wash and lotion

  20. You haven’t mention whether the child is delayed but assuming its an average scenario, I agree it’s definitely pull-ups and potty training time. Aveeno has ok products, cetephil and cerave products are dermatologist recommended products due to simple non-irritant ingredients that are budget friendly. If it’s some really out there irritation it might be in everyone’s best interest to refer to a doctor.

  21. It’s easy to say that a child should be potty trained at 3, but we don’t know her child. The child could have a developmental disorder such as Autism, or be going through some medical issues that make it harder for them to potty train. She asked for help with diapers, she didn’t ask if she should be potty training her 3 year old.

    • Joey Telfer Joey Telfer says:

      I was only saying if your not putting pull ups on in the day dont do it at night eighter . Just sending mix messages to the child. Take the time get up every 2 hours for a little bit teach them to use potty at night instead of peeing in bed.

    • Joey Telfer your advice was fine lol I am more so meaning those who just flat out said the child should be potty trained. Yours was more “if” then do this…. not as presumptive.

    • I am definitely not the one who posted this, but I wanted to thank you for saying this. As a mother of a child with Global Developmental Delay and Autism, I constantly get judged. Its not a visible disability, you would never know just looking at my son. He is 5, looks 7, but mentally is 2.5. Its tough getting constantly being judged as a bad parent because he is not potty trained yet, or is having a huge meltdown in public. I wish more people understood these disabilities, or just minded their own business.

  22. The pediatrician told me to use aveeno eczema lotion and body wash.

  23. I am in a few mom groups on Facebook, and people are absolutely raving about those new Rascals and Friends diapers. Apparently they are completely free of anything that could cause irritation, and fit a bit big, but for people that had issues in the past with bad diaper rash and diapers overfilling at night , they absolutely raved about these ones. They’re at Walmart

  24. I think 3 is time to potty train as for soap I use aveno for my son’s hair and live clean body wash he also likes bar soap goats milk

  25. Joey Telfer Joey Telfer says:

    If dosnt wear pull ups in days then it’s time to night train wake up lots for cuple days get on the tolite

  26. Skinfix ,cleared up my daughter’s eczema

  27. I’ve always used baby aveeno body wash for my kiddo , or live clean . For pull ups or diaper for bed time I’ve always like huggies I didnt find they leaked if changed before bedtime and not much to drink through the night

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