Only in sudbury

Food basic on Notre dame oct 30 morning.

The truck driver was in the intersection without his 4ways on.

Looks like everyone was ok.



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  1. Sorry to say the truck wasnt moving the lady in the sedan is in the wrong

  2. Line Dupuis Line Dupuis says:

    Why didn’t the driver of the car back up? Not too bright, I’d say.

  3. Tareck Azzeh Tareck Azzeh says:

    That dock there is in such a bad spot they have to put it in other area with no cars everywhere

  4. Hi aunty pierrette love the red coat xoxox

  5. Neil Talbot Neil Talbot says:

    only in the flour mill lol

  6. The truck driver didn’t need to put it’s 4 ways on. The driver of the 4 wheeler drove into the truck. Were you texting instead of paying attention??

  7. Seb St-Aubin Seb St-Aubin says:

    Most definitely the sedans fault I’ve seen some brutal accidents and close calls a lot of Sudbury drivers got their license out of a cereal box not saying all of Sudbury but I good part lol

  8. Sorry, I think I missed something. What’s the story??? There’s was only 2 sentences in this report.

  9. The problem is that the truck is too SMALL and couldn’t be seen

  10. Kayla says:

    How do you drive Into something that is 3 times your size and white. It might has well have had neon lights. Simply a case of not paying attention. Idiots.

  11. Morgan Evans Morgan Evans says:

    “The truck driver was in the intersection without his 4ways on” …. in that statement all I hear is the stationary truck got hit by a dumbass….

  12. Who cares !! Only the people involved should care ..

  13. I saw a accident happen there a month ago.someone came from Kathleen crossed Notre dame into food basics and made a left turn to go to pharmacy while customer leaving basics rushed for green light.cop said driver who came from Kathleen was at fault cause she cut thru parking lot instead of turning left on Notre dame and then right on bond .

  14. Stan Specht Stan Specht says:

    If the truck was in the intershion first he has control of it

  15. PSA:

    Unless you’re referring to a big ass nickel, saying “Only in Sudbury” just makes it sound like you haven’t been anywhere, and it’s kinda embarrassing.

    – Warmest Regards

  16. Why wasn’t the car driver paying attention to the truck ???

  17. Shes calling the manager lol

  18. Travis Moxam Travis Moxam says:

    Wow. This is the stuff people talk about?.

  19. Roger Blake Roger Blake says:

    Can’t decide which is the worse wreck. The car or that black and white outfit Barney is wearing

  20. I can guarantee you it is not only in Sudbury, i hear these stories on a daily basis at work you would be surprise how often it happens actually

  21. Was probably on their phone.

  22. Transport wasn’t fully in the intersection. It was still in the parking lot.

  23. Tyler Pilon Tyler Pilon says:

    How do you hit something that’s not moving especially when it’s when it’s not just the size of a truck but is a truck sounds more like get off your phone to me lol

  24. Julie Hood Julie Hood says:

    Even with the 4 way flashers sudbury drivers don’t know what they mean… driver was probably trying to get to the loading bay, that place is interesting to get in with a car let alone a transport. Car obviously not seeing a 74′ foot to the largest piece of machine creeping towards them must be a distracted driver, cars don’t only have drive it also has a r for reverse and a beautiful thing called a horn…… always blame the damn truck drivers….

  25. People need to pay attention as if you did not see that big truck stop there

  26. Whomever sent you this to post needs to add more content.

  27. so the air bag tester was unable to tell that the truck was not moving. Its a truck they get bigger the closer you get

  28. This is so confusing…. was the truck turning?? Need more info

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