only in sudbury

saw this on a walk home lol i guss when u got to pee u got to pee



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  1. What of he has a medical issue? Most place want you to buy something to use washrooms….. if I was that desperate I would piss lol

  2. I woulda started running…. at you with my cock out in my hand so I could piss on you… get a life lmao

  3. Gotta clear the sidewalks SOMEhow. City isn’t doing it.

  4. Matt Major says:

    Thank you so much for posting that!

  5. Oh how I wish I could do that

  6. I doubt anyone who could hold it would pee on the side of what looks like lassalle blv at traffic hour. I feel bad for this guy and the op is a jerk.

  7. Sandra Anne says:

    Can’t be in Sudbury.. we have no sidewalks right now thanks to the City lol

    • Noella Danielle says:

      sidewalks are being plowed because i was surprised that the one on my street was done and it took over a week for it to be done

  8. Adam Gareau says:

    Wow, people are some kind of fucked up. But this poor dude who couldn’t hold it any longer is the creep. Someone seriously needs to go to the OPs house, and snap a shot of her/him/it taking a dump and post it with a similar heading. Lol, ” Only in sudbury, do I find a woman shitting on the toilet in her own house while I was omw home”.

  9. Rylan Stolar says:

    Good thing the snow banks are high

  10. Allen Lawson says:

    Did you send this to Sudbury. Com to its super news worthy.

  11. Matthew Shaw says:

    Everybody pee’s, let the man pee in peace.

  12. Dave says:

    Looks like my Uncle Rick.

  13. Kimm Kruk says:

    You must not get out of Sudbury much.

  14. Ya weirdo video in someone pee have to get help for this issue u suffer from lol creepy guy real creepy .and shame on you for trying to shame pic this guy .maby he has medical issues and had to go right then or piss his pants huh! ? Think before you judge chum ! It may be you on video sometime being shamed !

  15. So…he is peeing… but you are taking pictures of it…
    Who’s the Real creep?