Old lingerie with new spouse?

Ok so I have a whole drawer full of old lingerie

I wore some nights with my ex-husband, would it be a big deal to wear a piece of this clothing with my new bf?



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  1. Brenda Lynn says:

    Only if the ex bought it..keep the rest.
    But it obviously plays on your conscience, so follow your gut.

  2. Mike Charron I see your point but does that mean we also can’t wear a dress that we wore in a previous relationship, and you can’t wear a dress shirt or boxers that you wore in a previous relationship. Just curious.

  3. Mike Charron says:

    We can agree to disagree

  4. It’s the same thing as boxers for men and underwear for women, or any clothes for that matter.

  5. Ben Stronge says:

    Bob Léger so true

  6. Ben Stronge says:

    I personally don’t care but I guess some people do. Clothes are clothes honestly

  7. I wore the same panties for 8 months. Does it really matter

  8. Do men even really care what you are wearing. The goal usually is to take it all off

  9. Angie Breton says:

    I wear it for me not him so enjoy your sexiness

  10. You didn’t do the tradional…burn all clothes that you wore when you were with your ex. You never got that memo?

  11. I dont get it. Its underwear. Wear em till they fall apart

  12. Dean Farinha says:

    Sounds weird to me.

  13. Mike Charron or send them all to your ex with a note attached saying “me and my new man skip this step” lol

  14. Mike Gratton says:

    As long as he didnt wear it too. . .

  15. Ewwww toss that shit.. Haha

  16. REALLY! he has the same boxers, jeans, t-shirts that he wore with his ex whatever. Why is this any different. If he wants new stuff he can take you shopping

  17. Mike Charron really, relationships don’t last because she’s has an expensive outfit, that she would like to wear again? No wonder you’re single.

  18. Mike Charron omg Lol

  19. Thanks ladies! Only a very insecure/jealous man would care if you had worn a piece of lingerie for someone in the past. The majority of men are just happy you’re confident enough to show off your bod!

  20. I wear my lingerie from days gone by daily

  21. Tina Fay says:

    Why would it be a big deal? clothes are clothes. I don’t get rid of clothes when I get rid of a man, just the man. the clothes didn’t do anything wrong LOL

  22. Wesley Beers says:

    I dont see a problem with it

  23. Lisa Hill says:

    It’s your clothing. Your ex didn’t wear it. I don’t see the issue. Besides… BF is with you for you… not your underwear.

  24. Get a life such a stupid question

  25. Jeff Pigeon says:

    If he is mature he won’t mind or even care, if he asks about its history then that is a red flag. I speak from experience, glad I grew up.

  26. Only if you moaned your exes name

  27. Gabby Davis says:

    Lingerie is expensive, why throw money away

  28. Ange Carole says:

    I spent thousands on Victoria Secret. It would be a cold day in hell if I needed to replace all that. Don’t sweat it. It’s just clothing. Besides, I love to wear it for myself anyways.

  29. Anthony Ertl says:

    Who cares, they dont stay on long enough anyways, guy probably wont even remember you wore them

  30. Your not using his old anal bead set, your good.

  31. Honestly say ware it its expensive and I buy it more for myself then a partner makes me feel good about myself looking good .

  32. Naw go for it !!!

  33. Did you have sex with your ex in your bed? If so, did you get a new bed? All new bras and panties?

  34. Meh…he’ll never know unless you tell him. Lingerie is expensive lol

  35. I dont see why not

  36. Tommy White says:

    I say If he likes it and it turns him on, go for it.

  37. There’s something just wrong about it….

  38. Starr Larson says:

    I never did… Always replaced….

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