Oh Nooooo! Political Change! Halp!

Now that they’re raising the minimum wage to a level that is actually somewhat liveable, everyones going crazy about it.

Shows the pesimism in our town.



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  1. All of you super excited about this are stupid…don’t u realize that with the wage hike EVERYTHING is going to cost more? The cost of living is going to be raised too… think about that for a second are you really going to get ahead?? Oh and you will be paying more taxes as well….

  2. Gord Kol says:

    INCO CN police would hire people off the street and train them.What happened??Corporations >C.E.Os make more money then ever yet will not invest in training experience like they used to.WHAT happened????

  3. Ally Rebekah says:

    …Complain about taxes and hydro increases some more.

  4. I truly hope this changes the tax bracket structure as well as all benefits for low income earners.

  5. Only the government wins by raising minimum wage! I hope your happy you get to pay more income tax now plus inflation. Have fun with your lousy $15 dollars an hour.

  6. If you’re a business, you make a choice what you will pay your employees. We have minimum wage so that businesses can’t go below a certain point for the sake of being humane and ethical and having work standards. If all you can afford to pay your employees is minimum wage, you are supposed to be trying to fix that . If you are barely capable of paying your employees minimum wage, you need to reinforce your business plan to create more revenue. It may be harsh but its reality. That’s the market place. More than 50% of businesses fail in Canada within the first five years for that very reason. I have a lot of freinds who live in places with a much higher minimum wage and they pay quite similar prices for things as we do here. You can’t sit and bitch about things changing for the better if you aren’t going to offer other possible solutions and listen to the critiques from people actually involved in politics. Like it or not, we are stuck with the politicians that are voted in. Either we can fight everything they do, or get involved and try to figure out a way to make it work and understand the thoughts put into the decisions being made. Raising Minimum wage isn’t going to fix the whole economy people. That should be obvious it’s more complicated than that, but it IS going to provide lower end classes with a little bit more spending money for the time being hopefully without having to struggle as hard to get hours to support their family. If you can’t afford to pay minimum wage btw a business will not be able to replace workers with robots either because technological advancements in a small scale local business don’t happen that quickly. It’s hard to save enough to invest in top of the market technology and places like McDonald’s wouldn’t bother with that considering they have locations all over the globe. There are places with much higher min wage than 15$ people. Get out abit and see the world.

  7. JJ Brunette says:

    Hell, a few dimes extra each week would be better than none. I’ll take wooden nickels or hugs if the bank would accept those.

    Any more money is good money. Or at least gets people thinking that low wage workers are humans and are valuable like the wealthier.

    It’s a matter of respect. Paying someone the bare minimum the law will allow without criminal charges is fucking insulting and depressing not to mention hopeless and feeling like a worthless piece of shit that nobody appreciates or wants to spend a dime more to keep.

    Min wage says, ” Id pay you less if the cops wouldn’t arrest me. You are worth less than a pack of hotdogs to my business min wage slave.” Terrible.

    They will replace you when you ask or qualify for a raise or benefits. It’s abusive and slavery.

    Treat min wage workers with respect or else we will come out in the thousands and vote Wynne and make everyone pay so much more for their lack of respect and discouraging low wages.

    Depression and child poverty is everywhere. And it’s all your fault. Evil fuckers.

    Feel the wrath of the people (min wage workers ). Who will take this election by storm and Wynne by a landslide over far far wealthier folk who will never come out and vote.

    Not when there’s so much on tv and the cottage is so far from the voting booths. Besides there’s too many cars & boats in their driveway to be bothered to vote or support min wage workers. Have it your way. We will clean up the mess like we always do ha .

    Rich bastards.

    How’s the hydro bill now ? Who’s yur daddy ? Ha.

    • JJ Brunette says:

      Oh look!
      John got promoted to manager after his sister who works in HR agreed he is so important he also gets a huge raise for doing nothing extra at all.

      I wish I was John so I didn’t have to eat cat food for supper tonight.

      Min wage is so cool. But I’ll never see a pay raise as my boss will fire or lay me off if I even bring it up.

      Shit, Look at that new manager work!

  8. Kurk Walter says:

    Lmao ok there go back to bed child and when you start paying for groceries then come talk to me lmfao fucking idiot

  9. Bob Jones says:

    Libtards everywhere… Liberalism is a mental disorder

  10. Bob Jones says:

    Yup this is a clueless twat

  11. You can live off 11 an hour. You want more go get an education. Doesnt matter though. Youll all br taxed more. Half of you will be laid off and the other half will bitch they have to actuslly work. Price of inflation plus the new tax braket means youll bring home less money than you did before . If you supporters were actually smart and educated youd see whats going on here.

  12. Joe Wilson says:

    Wynne has made her purpose order and signed the cheque. My only hope is that she doesn’t buy too many votes with this lol

  13. This just goes to show that its every man/woman for themselves! The ones who want the increase dont see or understand how it will affect those of us who already make ( have EARNED) more than 15$ /hour… cost of living is going to go up along with this so called minimum wage increase and those of us who arent getting the increase will suffer for it. But the ones getting the increase sure as hell dont care about that! Raising minimum wage is only good for those who will get the increase… those of us who are already passed that are screwed. We should be fighting to bring down the cost of living/inflation so that we can all enjoy our hard earned money! Just my thoughts…

  14. It will just increase inflation . This means your cheque will have a bigger number but it will still go just as far . This was just a gesture to buy votes from the poor and uneducated.

    • Dylan Carew says:

      And… it seems to be working!

    • Yup.. and those living decent now will become those struggling later, as their wages won’t increase that much.. Just puts a higher percentage on the poverty line..

    • Shawna Larose that’s the liberal mindset . They want the public relying on government. They have even started in 3 test areas a living allowance of 1800 single or 2400 couple to just stay home and do nothing ..

  15. Sandy Paulin says:

    Min wage hike is a good thing.

    • Kurk Walter says:

      Why is it a good thing are you stupid the wage will go up but so will everything else there by eliminating the so called wage hike fuck your about as smart as a rock eh

    • Sandy Paulin says:

      Kurk Walter yeah u got any proof of this happening or are u just talking smack . What’s the matter u worried your shit pay just got closer to min wage or something? Idiot

    • Kurk Walter says:

      Lmao no not at all I can do simple economics which apparently is something you lack. But I won’t make fun of you because my parents always told me making fun of the mentally challenged was rude.

    • Sandy Paulin says:

      Ah right right, I get it. They had to teach you what most understand as common sense. Now I get…

    • Eric Spence says:

      Sorry, where was the basic macroeconomics you speak of? Going straight to insults on something you disagree with shows pure intelligence I tell yah….Mind strong with this one Sandy. Don’t even bother.

    • Your right $11 an hour isn’t enough to live on but $15 an hour isn’t enough either. Add inflation and making $15 an hour just got worse. The government gets to collect more money off your pay check at $15 an hour and everyone has to pay more to live.

    • Sandy Paulin says:

      I don’t disagree that $15 isn’t much either. But it’s more & a bit more is still going to help. The beauty of it all is the more you make , the more you’re taxed .making more money… paying More taxes… yeeee haaaa!!!

    • Josh Gervais says:

      more “air into the balloon” we’re all fucked

    • Kimmy Cor says:

      Kurk, it is rude, but your comment brings to light that many people do not have the option of being successful at the post secondary level. They have the ability and drive to work in order to be independent and pay their bills like anyone else. These are the hardworking employees I think of when giving a thumbs up to a 15$ minimum wage. Those who are actually able to pursue a trade/ post secondary education to better their employment prospects and choose not to, will unfortunately get the increase as well.

  16. !!GO CANUCK GO!!

  17. Tara Major says:

    Hilarious! This isn’t even a real raise! Shows the level of common sense all around lol! Your raise, that you are ever so excited about….is taken in tax!!!!!!! ALL OF IT! It is simply a stupid loop hole Wynne is trying to use to buy votes and decrease the deficit in order to help balance the books before the election. It’s actually kinda genius lol!

    • Nat LeBlanc says:

      Actually, That’s incorrect.
      If we assume someone is currently working 37.5 hours/week at minimum wage ($11.40), then their weekly gross is $427.50 – 23.44 fed. tax – 13.03 Prov. tax – 17.83 CPP – 6.97 EI resulting in a net weekly pay of $366.23.
      That same person, working the same hours at $14/hr would gross $525 – 37.11 fed. tax – 20.83 prov. tax – 22.66 CPP – 8.56 EI resulting in a net weekly pay of $435.84.

      $435.84-366.23 = an extra $69.61 in their pocket EVERY week.

      I agree that this is not a move that will help our economy, and that is is Premier Wynne’s attempt at buying votes, but if you’re gonna spew some reason why others shouldn’t be excited about it, at least make sure your know what YOU are talking about first!!

    • Tara Major says:

      Firstly, there are serious issues with your calculations as I haven’t seen or heard of weekly pay periods in an awful long time. The moment you are in the 2 week tax bracket, everything doubles. Honestly if you think someone making over 800.00 in 2 weeks is only taxed 47.00….I want your boss lol! I know I am right lmao! I went from minimum wage to 15.00 and after taxes I had an extra 15.00 every 2 weeks lol!

    • Lynn Kohls says:

      Nat LeBlanc don’t forget the changes that will follow the next tax year… less gst and child tax etc. The government will get the extra.

  18. Andie Cerson says:

    I can’t help but feel that the biggest defenders of the minimum wage hike are those who either too young to know better, or too unqualified to do better.
    Any wage hike won’t make a difference until any of the damage from current or previous inflation trends is brought under control – which means debt control ….. which means this won’t be a good thing.
    But of course, this is just another of many personal opinions.
    People wanna praise it, so be it. People wanna bitch, go for it.
    Time will tell ……

    • Jo Watson says:

      Seeing as 1000 Canadian dollars goes much farther here then other cities around the country, the way businesses raise their product/services rate is really not based on inflation itself.

      It is about the market in that area of what the people are willing to spend on a product.

      It was way more expensive to live in a small town on north Vancouver island then it is to live here. But the customers are willing to spend more on the same item…

      IF we the consumers had half a brain we would work together. Reducing all shopping if costs of products and goods go up. Only shopping at one chain so all others are forced to reduce rates to keep customers. When and only when a store reduces rates then as a collective we support that store and no other stores unless they too keep prices low.

      We the consumer have power as a collective but we are too foolish to work as a collective. Leading to our own increased costs as a consequence.

    • Steven Lahti says:

      You forgot too unqualified to know better. Not that you need to worry about that. You are an economist after all.

    • Jenn Leclair says:

      perfectly stated. Jo Watson

    • Steven Lahti says:

      Transportation may cost more to a small town north of Vancouver island. There are a lot of variables that go into pricing an item not just employee wage and not just what someone is willing to pay. What Jo is suggesting is that we purposely give certain businesses a monopoly, allow them to run their competition out of town, and then trust that when they’re our only choice they’ll keep their prices down our of the goodness of their hearts.

    • Andie Cerson says:

      Society is incapable of even boycotting a single gas station chain for one day within one city.
      I do not disagree with, nor challenge, the wonderfully stated fact that consumers have power – when working as a team!
      But as stated – getting society to come together to make that difference? Not happening!
      Why? Because people still think min wage increase is a solution.
      We neglect our ability to take action and recognize that there is no need to increase wage – this is, ultimately, my main point lol.

    • Steven Lahti says:

      You ought to understand that the whole idea behind competition is that if a supplier can lower their prices to gain a competitive advantage they will. That’s why prices are similar not because they have, illegally, fixed them that way. Not much competition in the cell phone market consumers used there power and now we pay some of the highest rates.

    • At the end of the day, it just means living cost will also go up again.. So those who make higher wages now, and do well, will become part of the struggling families too, making a higher percentage of people struggling to make ends meet…

    • Steven Lahti says:

      That picture is overly simplistic, literally gives you a way to keep prices the same in it, ignores all other ways costs might be cut, and is from the perspective of a struggling small business owner. Apparently struggling small businesses decide what our cost of living is?

    • Bob Jones says:

      Millennials are bitchy cunts. Never happy… here’s a thought, don’t like minimum wage? Learn a skill…

    • Steven Lahti says:

      But they do like minimum wage. Especially at 15 dollars an hour. Is it ironic if you bitch about people being bitchy even though you’re the only one complaining? If you don’t like the decisions of your government maybe you should take action or move ..

    • Jo Watson says:

      Steven Lahti It costs 3 times the price to register a kid for hockey in BC then it does here. It isn’t about just the cost to get items somewhere. I’ve lived many places in BC. Some on the water some not. Some in Big Cities some in small towns. It is way more then just transportation.

    • Jo Watson says:

      And no I didn’t say you run anyone out of town. Fact is before anyone ever packs up they naturally reduce costs as a way to gain customers. Have you ever run a business or managed one? I have… It is a numbers game of how to gain profit.

    • Jo Watson says:

      Shawna Larose I agree it is bad for small businesses. Personally if I was to create a system to help low income earners but not kill small businesses… It would be a low income monthly credit like child tax credits. It would be a tax on business to cover the surplus BUT it would be a tax on profit.

      Small businesses as long as registered corporate would have to pay the owner a wage before the profit margin is determined. So it wouldn’t hurt small businesses that are surviving but not well off. It would however reduce the profit margin of profitable businesses.

    • Steven Lahti says:

      No, you didn’t say run out of town but when an entire populace shops at 1 store that is the result. Prices can only get so low. I bet you managed the shit out of some store and lived many a place. But its apparent that you weren’t the one setting the prices or understand fully how those prices are determined. Consumers have power I don’t disagree but it’s not that simple. You’re off to a good start but a bit too extreme. For example, I see you care for small businesses. As others have pointed out they don’t have ad many resources or as much weigjt to throw around to negotiate prices on their materials. Not a single small business would survive your plot to only shop at the cheapest retailer. That is why people shop at Wal-Mart and why small business owners complain about Wal-Mart.

    • Steven Lahti says:

      Nothing wrong with that and it may even reduce costs. Meaning what you think about inflation is wrong bob. Way to disprove your own argument in one easy picture.

  19. Raising the minimum wage is a good thing but in this case I think it’s too fast. Wynne is desperate for votes.

  20. Take a fucking trade if you want to be paid what you’re worth. If entry level positions are all your qualified for, whose fault is that?

    • Steven Lahti says:

      Take a fucking white collar job if you want to make what you’re worth. If you’re not qualified for that whose fault is that? What a stupid argument.

    • I merely suggested trade school. Their perquisite is quite basic and affordable. But I know more university students not working in their field than college or trade school grads combined.

    • Steven Lahti says:

      No you condescendingly told people to take a trade if they want to make decent money. Probably because you’re in a trade, value yourself not for what you have but for what you have compared to others below You, and don’t understand that your wages will likely increase as a result in order to keep people interested in the trades. Otherwise many would likely prefer to chill behind a counter and sell movie tickets over the physical stress of a trade.

    • Yeah okay there buddy. I care about what I got or if it’s better than others. (Sarcasm). Really I don’t. It’s mine! Bought by my time away from my wife and kids.

      Oh no!! Not stress!! It’s a tough world not having your mommy and daddy to pay for everything. If you don’t have it but want it then don’t expect someone to give it too you. You want something, go get it.

    • Steven Lahti says:

      I said physical stress dumb ass. You know like doing trade work over sitting behind a counter… guess that white collar job isn’t for you.

    • I have a lot sense. I have enough cents too. Fucktard.

    • Steven Lahti says:

      I literally explained to you that you will get a raise because you’re job is harder than others and you some how took offense. I don’t think you have sense. And you won’t have much cents once that minimum wage kicks in according to yourself. So, ha I guess.

    • Bob Jones says:

      Steven Lahti … you’re an ignorant fucktard

    • Steven Lahti says:

      Good point bob. Such insight, I’m surprised nobody called you before making this decision.

    • I understand inflation. You’re bitching that every fucktard with no skills deserves a paycheque. That’s why I can’t wait for automation. Swipe my card and print my tickets, you’re no longer an asset but an expense. And the employed no longer has to interact with bitchy cashiers at the theatre. Good luck with that.

    • Steven Lahti says:

      Everyone deserves to be able to survive yes. You might know what inflation is but you certainly don’t understand the effect that raising the minimum wage will have on it. Automation will be fantastic. But let’s not forget that it will wipe out many trades as well cars can already be built almost entirely by machines. You’ll need a handful to repair them but not many. You also act like I work at a movie theatre but it was simply an example of a job that people may choose over paying to learn a trade if they both ultimately pay the same. I’ll forgive you for that though. I know you’re new to this whole reading and writing thing.

    • Survival of the fittest. The difference is you care if they don’t make a living wage. I think of it as population control.

    • Steven Lahti says:

      If that were how it worked you’d be fucked.

    • Survival of the fittest? I hardly think so, Barry. Hate to burst a bubble here, but automation is going to be extremely detrimental to all jobs. Including the trades. Especially the trades. Maybe rather than targeting each other with laser guided poop flinging like technologically advanced apes, how about we focus on what we’re going to do when 99.9% of people in the automated world are unemployed. Will it still be population control when you’re crying for your Universal Basic Income cheque to come in? Or do you really believe that whatever trade you are in will be miraculously immune to automation? You praise something that means the death of your career path as if you will be completely unaffected. Steven has some points…

    • No. I think you’d be the one fucked. Am I right?? I know I’m right.

    • By the time robots can do my job, my kids will be retired. Good luck with that.

    • Steven Lahti says:

      If they can build the entire car, or transport, and drive it, what makes you think they can’t fix it or slap some tires on it?

    • My career has nothing to do with changing tires. One of my other jobs did tho. Good try.

    • Steven Lahti says:

      It was worth a shot. Point being, of you think all machines can do is take your order or record your groceries you’ve gotta do some research. Anyway, it was a nice chat.

    • I bet we see more machines than fucktards making 15 bucks an hour doing it.

    • fuck boys getting a trade is the way to go now a days. he is right as well I know multiple graduates out of university and college who aren’t even in there respected fields nothing wrong with trades or schooling. All I know is that 3 dollar bag of fruit will now cost 5 and the bias pass that cost 70 will now be 85. just cause you make more won’t off set anything. unless you grandfathered in with your rent.