Nothing without their trucks

The most pathetic thing about the band of crotch-scratchers in Ottawa is how little they have to say. It’s quite telling that this “protest” has featured a total of ZERO speeches or other forms of discourse that are usually meant to help spread and explain your cause. Instead we’ve got 1000 creeps (no doubt each one with an ex-wife back home that can attest what a piece of shit husband and father they were) staring at a barrel fire all day and pressing the horn. It’s almost as if these guys had no plan beyond just driving there and acting like assholes 🤦‍♂️

They have weaponized these massive trucks to cause grid lock but beyond that they have done nothing, and they remain nothing.
Without their trucks these guys would have been laughed out of Ottawa in a day.

A big thanks 🙏to all the REAL TRUCKERS and companies, the ones that are successful and that employ real people, keeping the goods moving and not joining the extremists. You guys are the real heroes not those clowns with obviously no employees to support or contracts to fulfil.

This gang of Trumpers probably think this is the greatest moment of their lives. Sad and disgusting display from guys who I’m sure do very little to make their communities a better place, which is the true measure of a patriot.

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    There is NO EVIDENCE child suicide has increased. If you find any please post. At least the lockdowns and mandates served a purpose in protecting ALL people, while this insurrection only functions to please the organizers whims

  3. Anonymous says:

    You’re talking about the veterinarian who spoke on stage, and the fish epidemiologist! Hahaha ha. That’s right, the one guy was a SALMON VIROLOGIST or some such thing. Oh yeah, and the guy who even Trumph got rid of because of his radical opinions! Lolololollo

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    Look at the branch Covidians in here

  5. Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of lies. There are plenty of speeches from all different people including doctors and virologist. What I find funny is all these hateful liberals crying that they are hurting the economy. What do you think the government has done these last 2 years with lockdowns and mandates. The government has killed businesses and made children suicidal. If Trudeau wants mandates so bad he should sign up for grinder and leave the rest of us alone…

  6. pmlaberge says:

    Some very good points! Thank you!

  7. Anonymous says:

    This trucker convoy would never admit their freedom was paid for by far better men. They are attacking not only the Canadian economy but democracy as well. There is not a lot of original thought & they tend to pick up what they hear from an opposing perspective & spin it to suit their need. They claim the left or center are communist but in reality the alt right is a communist group with totalitarian objectives & a criminal element. They claim they want freedom yet they are attacking our freedom. These guys are brainwashed & don’t offer much in regards to intellectual conversations. They like to point fingers but I don’t see any offers of solution. They seem to be stuck in party mode than offer much serious thought on the matter never mind any offers of solution. They don’t understand they are being used for an opposing agenda. This will change their life as they know it.

  8. WHAT says:

    So…my guess is you didn’t vote.Now you want to force change through mob rule.That would make you a fascist. Congrats?

  9. Anonymous says:

    All of your garbage comments indicative of leftist morons…..the real NAZIS…..When the revolution comes we will crush you

  10. democracy rules says:

    The sad part is….how many of these “freedom” fighters even took the time to vote? Six months later they’re demanding the government do what they want. Perhaps they missed social studies class when it covered democracy? smh

  11. pmlaberge says:

    Sadly, you have a good point, here.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Those convoy people are forcing us towards civil war, not freedoms

  13. pmlaberge says:

    And I agree. This truck thing has achieved NOTHING, but disrupting life for ordinary citizens.

    (Needless Pollution, streets disrupted, engine ahd horn noises, pointless parades, harming peace and quiet enjoyment of homes and apartments, and disrupting businesses.)

    Their actions border on treason, but they DO fit into the definitions of sedition, and civil disobedience, as well as disrupting the peace. And no ordinary people could get away with this nonsense.

    They are are “fighting for freedom”? BS.

    Rights is one word. The partner is the word RESPONSIBILITIES.

    Freedom is one word. The partner is the word DUTIES.

    I see none of that.

    They walk around with Axis and Canadian flags. This disgraces BOTH flags. And I doubt these people know much about ANY history. (Much less the gamut of the WWII era.)

    Sad what ignorance and fear will do.
    NO, I do not like JT any more than anyone, but most of this is beyond his abilities.

    Like Pfizer says: “Science will win.”

    Please children, go home and let the life of the nation go n.

    A ton of people had to get vaccinated to carry on their lives, and jobs, and take care of their families.

    Thank you for letting me say my 2 cents.

    Take care and follow the words of King George: “Keep Calm and Carry on”.

    And LLAP.