No such thing as the middle class

I saw some posts by crybabies lately about how the middle class can’t pay their bills and the middle class is under attack.

Look friend, there is no middle class.
All there is, is your family against the world. And I say FAMILY because that is who has by far the biggest role in determining your future success. So many people want to blame the government as if it’s to them to fix your life. How about blame your parents for not being more successful in life so they could help you out the way so many other parents do? Why is it unfair that my parents did well and yours didn’t? If you like a huge welfare state then go check out Sweden, but I’ll bet you won’t like the 100% tax added on to buying a car lol.

The middle class existed from the 1950’s-1990’s back when a huge number of people were doing essentially the same work for the same pay, that being manufacturing. Back then a senior manager might earn 2-3x average wage and the CEO maybe 10x. Those jobs and their limited room for advancement no longer exist but today we have more opportunities than ever.
There are more high paying jobs and careers than ever before. There are more wealthy Canadians than ever before. You can no longer thrive by just showing up and having a pulse, you need actual skills nowadays.

So if you’re falling behind in life, it’s not the country’s fault. It’s yours, and your parents’. You’re falling behind the pace in the race of life. So get moving faster or accept your place in life bud.

If you want to talk class this is how it actually works out:
1-people who work or are owners/investors and are increasing their net worth
2-people who work but are not increasing net worth
3-people who don’t work but are self-reliant (employment pension or rental income )
4-people who don’t work and rely on social assistance to survive.

So many people want a handout without even lifting a finger to turn their lives around. I’ll tell you this, when I’m retired and it’s time to share my millions I’ll be leaving it to my kids for them to have a nice life rather than giving it to charity.



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  1. Lmao says:

    Wow what an entitled piece of shit.. keep your millions karen,

  2. Anonymous says:

    These tow the line fruitcakes should be hung.
    If there is no middle class as you suggest, then there is no freedom either.
    The whole bases of your argument is the government owes you nothing (despite the fact you pay for everything including their salaries) if there is not any accountability for politicians and parents are to blame for you not being able to get ahead, then you have a caste system.

    Back when they coined the term “freedom” they gave people land for free and there was a homesteader class. Of which was responsible for setting up the land prior to the development. We see today.

    Without homesteaders this country would largely be what you see when you travel west from sudbury or north….vacant empty expanses of nothing but a tangle of trees.

    So now that we’ve determined there is no freedom and no chance to get ahead for the average citizen, fortify your castle with armourments because the peasants are restless.

    And you and your kind are headed for the gallows.

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