No One Will Rent To Me

I don’t understand why no one will rent to me. My husband and I have decent jobs.

I have no references because the landlord I had 3 years ago retired and moved away. And before that I lived with my parents. Right now I live in Sudbury Housing and I’m paying market rent. When I mention I’m in Sudbury Housing I never hear back from the landlord. WTH??? I just want to move me and my family out of this horrible area. I don’t want to live here anymore. I’ve talked to some friends and they said it took them forever to find a landlord willing to give them a chance at being tenants coming out of housing themselves. I’ve had a first and last months deposit for 4 months now. I either get a call saying they went with someone else or they tell me they will call me back for mkre information when I mention I’m in housing. I have a dog. But she’s such a good girl. She has never once messed in the house or tore anything apart.

Why are landlords so prejudice towards people in Housing who have bettered their lives and who just want to move along in life?

I just want a nice home that isn’t falling apart to raise my family. We don’t have a huge budget but we can afford $1200-$1300 a month plus Hydro. We are looking for New Sudbury, Garson, and would even consider the Valley. Also hoping for something for April or May.



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  1. Jeff g says:

    Hold on a second, let me get this straight. You are bitching about private owners of their own homes not giving you OK to live there for whatever reasons!! LOL!

  2. Just saying is your name connie and roger cause that would explain it

  3. all I can say is that Landlords have been getting bent over by the tribunals badly.. its to the point they cant and wont trust anyone anymore because they end up getting the shit end of the stick now.. doesn’t matter how well a landlord treats a tenant.. they still get shafted.. its really bad out there now

  4. Prob because landlords keep getting screwed over

  5. Shawna Leah Shawna Leah says:

    Do not mention housing. Mention ur jobs and explain u can prove income ( if they give a hard time). References are hard to get if u haven’t lived in many places before. If get someone to pretend so that u have that. As long as a reference says u paid on time and maintained the place well and did not cause damage. Ull get a llace

  6. Don’t mention that you’re in housing. Sadly people hear that and figure you pay a subsidized amount regardless of what you claim so they figure you wont be able to afford what they’re asking. Do not give any unnecessary info. Tell them you both work and make $____ monthly and can comfortably afford the payments. Offer character witnesses opposed to forwarding to housing for a reference. If required use anyone who has lived with you and can attest to you paying rent or worst case scenario you find a friend and give the landlord thier number instead.

    Not ideal by any means but discrimination is a real thing and you’re experiencing it…. so better to give less for them to discriminate against.

  7. Also, it is ILLEGAL for landlords to change the locks on you or shut off utilities before the court mandated eviction date. I just wanted to put this out there, because I have known people who were unaware of this while renting 🙂

  8. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    The system has made it hard to trust tenents Now expecially if you don’t pay or damage I’m talking about the good landlords who care about there tenants as much and they should

    • Delmo Gotti True. I really do feel bad for good landlords who get taken advantage of. That’s why it’s so important to document, so you have everything you need for court 🙁

    • Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

      Me to I had 50 units over a long period of time I always made arrangements to work with my tenents 4 times a month payments or 2 payments on pay days all I asked them was To respect me keep my units clean pay me when you can the first is when it’s due but I get it don’t wreck my apartments give me proper notice when or if you had to leave if you have to leave early you could get money back if I found someone to rent the apartment for the most part tenents were good But when someone is desperate and in hard times they still find a way to fuck me then they don’t leave don’t pay cause damage and I suffer because the tribunal sides with shit rats like that and this is the exact reason I have changed my tune oh and in the end I’m the ass slum lord abut if anyone knows me They would say different I have had tenents tell me So was the best landlord I ever had

  9. St-germain M Justin lol thats sudbury for you, doesnt matter what neighborhood youre in… theres going to be a bad seed and a opiate addict ready to steal from you

  10. When you move to a new place you should do the following:

    1. Do a walkthrough and inspect everything in the apartment before you put any money down

    2. Talk to the other tenants in the building and ask how they feel about the landlord and how quickly they respond for maintenance

    3. If you decide to take the place (and I cannot stress this enough!) take pictures of the apartment before you move in!!! The more pictures, the better imo. Make sure you also get pictures of the empty place after you move out before you hand over the keys

    4. Make sure any repairs that are needed for the apartment are taken care of before you move in. However, if you need to move in quickly, then make a list of the things that need to be repaired and have the landlord sign it before you move in. Make sure all paperwork is dated!!!

    5. Keep copies of any landlord/tenant documents you sign. This includes: rental agreements, maintenance notifications, monthly rental receipts, etc.

    I hope this helps some of ya’ll! Protect yourself as a renter or as a landlord and document everything!! ❤

  11. Penny spruce street. Its actually really quiet and peaceful. I mean someone stole my bbq in the summer. But yet again when I lived in new sudbury by Rudy’s, someone stole my car ramps… so I cant complain. Sherry I missed read.

  12. Maybe bring pictures of inside your current place. It’s unorthodox but it can show you take care of your possessions, which if you take care of your things, it’s likely they will see housing was a temporary stop.

  13. if she cant afford an appartment at market rent then maybe she should stay in housing where its nowhere near that price

    welcome to reality as poster above stated

  14. because they dont care if you bettered your life.. the fact that you come from a place where 90% of the people destroy their houses, have cockroaches, bedbugs, no respect, ETC…

    AND you have a dog… i dont know you.. you might be the nicest person on earth.. but if you told me you were in housing idd hang up too

    maybe dont mention that.. and dont mention the dog.. bet you can find a place faster now that someone has instilled COM-ON FUCKING SENSE INTO YOU (common keeps posting as commit?…)

    • If i was a landlord and someone told me they were in housing… my guard would go up right away.. my first thoughts would be

      i wonder if they will smoke in my house, i wonder if they will let their kids draw on the walls, i wonder if they will turn my house into a crack house, i wonder if they will set it on fire passed out on fentanyl, i wonder if they will OD in there, i wonder if they will even PAY me, i wonder if they will damage things, i bet they drag their feet and wear shoes inside fucking my floors, i bet they will stain the carpets

      THE LIST GOES ON… people in housing.. DESTROY THEIR HOUSES, they put holes in walls.. mold up the place.. water damage… destroy toilets… destroy appliances ETC

  15. Kyle Burke Kyle Burke says:

    No offense to you but a lot of times people that come from low income situations have no respect for the landlords home, and pay there rent on time for the first few months then the excuses start pooring in, and landlords really do have no rights, so by the time they decide to move out the house is destroyed and the landlord has to pay to get everything fixed and re do the house again, unfortunately its the bad tenants that ruin it for you, not saying your like this but a lot of times thats what ends up happening, so why take the risk. My parents just got rid of a tenant that said “she was ocd and always always pays rent on time” well they paid rent on time for the first few months then the excuses started coming in, and once they were finally out of the house it was absolutely trashed and disgusting, i dont know how people could live like that and her boyfriend was health and safety somewhere, yet there was mold everywhere and the place was just disgusting even the bath tub and fridge was caked with gunk and shit walls and windows stained with cigarette smoke, they even took all the light switch covers before leaving, doors were missing, the place was just totalled the whole house needs to be repainted and a whole bunch of things fixed and a major major cleaning, and this isn’t the first tenant they had like that, the one of them used the excuse that “she dropped her bank card in a deep fryer”… worse part is all these people live like pigs and they all have kids.., and then you have tenants that know every rule in the book and they use them to avoid paying rent and to stay there aslong as they can, it really isnt right, it really is hard to find good tenants so hate to say it but a lot of times low income tenants dont give a fuck about the landlords property and house, even tenants that arent low income are the same, so unfortunately the bad ones ruin it for the good ones.

    • Kyle Burke but this person is payong Market rent already. So I wouldn’t call that low income. The market rent in most housing places are $1200+. I don’t blame OP for wanting something nicer. My place is falling apart, cracks in the walls and ceilings. Serious mice problems. Faucets are constantly running despite numerous calls to them to come and fix them. When I moved in, they didn’t even bother to replace the tiles that were broken. I asked them to come and replace them, been 2 years ans the tiles are still broke. I call at least once a week with a work order to everything. The only time they came was when a pipe burst. They did a half ass job fixing the kitchen ceiling afterwards. They made a huge mess trying to fix the ceiling and left me to clean it up. I cam honestly say if and when I leave housing, I will never look back lol

  16. There are landlords here in Sudbury who have millions of dollars in the bank and their buildings are still full of roaches and bedbugs. I literally studied the landlord tenant act front to back just so I wouldnt get taken advantage by these types of landlords.

  17. Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

    That’s called reality

  18. Landlords and rental agents refuse Sudbury housing people because of bed bugs and roaches ,blame Sudbury housing as the pest issues been on going for nearly 10 years and because of it it has spread all over the city with people moving out of housing with contaminated furniture

  19. Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

    Another great post about how all these regulations have pushed many decent people out of being landlords, meaning there’s virtually no competition. Remember this next time you vote for the communists.

  20. St-germain M Justin wow wheres is that?

  21. St-germain M Justin the original poster said she couldnt afford to pay in that price range!

  22. I have an awesome 1200sqft appartment open like a studio, 1200 all included. Have my pets and my significant other took us 3 months to find a decent place

  23. Sherry Gallinger Hunt people can’t and Sudbury housing has 5 + waiting list

  24. Penny Stamour not worth my time. Lol

  25. St-germain M Justin thats crazy! even a 2 bedroom! Id report them! maybe not even legal!!!!

  26. I am more surprised that anyone can afford to pay that kind of rent!!

  27. Penny Stamour yup some wont let you live with your spouse I looked at a 2 bedroom and granted one of the bedrooms was more of a storage room. The landlord said it was to be occupied by a single person. No kids. No significant other.

  28. Sherry Gallinger Hunt 800$ for 1 bedrooms and get this!! Some say a 1 bedroom is for one person! plus hydro!!! electric heat and most basements that you can’t even crawl out of windows if wanted to!!!!

  29. There should be a place we can search for bad landlords to.there are also good ones and scum lords

  30. So as for the law this is now the only lease and form a landlord is supposed to be using as of last year…anything else is not a binding lease!$File/2229E(Static).pdf

  31. I didnt have pets but had a similar problem. I was a homeowner, but when I split with my ex he kept the house cause the kids live with him while I’m in Sudbury for school.
    I’m a great tennant, pay on time, very quiet… know what I had to resort to? I posted a kijiji ad with a plea, my current landlords responded. When I finally got replies about coming to view places I’d already been living in my house half a month.

  32. I am in housing and am just saving money for a down payment for a house because we also pay too much in housing, but rental prices are also outrageous and a mortgage is less expensive

  33. It is unfortunate that people have to lie to get a place to rent! and lie about having a dog! They cant say no pets! I know a lot of people who have to put up with no show/no fix/ no working fridge/ sewer plugged/ no heat……landlords, that only care about money and want none of the responsibility! So a lot of tenants have no rights!

  34. Don’t tell them !get a friend to pose as ur old landlord and bam!it’s that easy!!

  35. Buy a small house. If you have good jobs you’ll get approved for a loan.

  36. James Nash James Nash says:

    The issue is landlords want to jack you these days. Instead of paying market rent calculated by the interest, price of house divided by 30 years, Then divide that sum by 12 months a year plus property taxes…… Its around 700 to 1200 depending on house price. Here you get a shitty 800 sq ft 2 bedroom for fucking 1700 a month and the landlord. Lives downstairs…. Fucking creeps offering shared housing or even splitting ashitty house to be a multi income unit. Thaes people arefucked we have been looking for 2 years. Youll end up comming to the conclusion that you should just buy your own.

  37. Lise Beaulne Lise Beaulne says:

    Landlords have 0 rights , so after being burned once by loser tenants … the radars are on full tilt, it’s too bad that good people are over looked -I would be content keeping my place empty than take chances.

  38. Gail Decaire Gail Decaire says:

    Why does anyone need to say their fixed address when viewing an apartment?? For one your problem is you talk too much! Try not telling hem you live in a ghetto situation. Do you have pets? Well guess what, a lot of landlords do not like pets (dogs, dog shit, ruined floors) . You’re setting your self up. You should ONLY apply to apartments that state “pet friendly” otherwise , they won’t call u back. Even if you tell them how clean your dog is! I would pass also!

  39. Don’t listen to those telling you to lie and get false references. It will backfire in your face. Those are the reasons landlords have trepidation.

  40. Zulich rented to me right out of housing. They have 3 bedrooms in garson for like 1000 all in they are pet friendly as well. They ask alot of questions but dont discriminates. I was in housing paying almost market and I wanted out.

  41. Have you tried asking for a transfer with Sudbury housing?

  42. Ask a couple friends if they would be your “previous landlord” and use them as reference. Then don’t mention housing when you go looking

  43. Dominique Chrétien can you check with your parents to see if they have an apartment available? This is sad and I feel really bad for them

  44. John Brown John Brown says:

    Do you care why they are so biase. I wouldn’t rent to someone coming out of housing either. They own property,..looking to make money. Its a business. So hard to find good tenants. So,..your a easy red flag. Simple solution. Find someone willing to lie about the time you were in housing. Sometimes, got to do what you got to do. Such is life. Called making lemonade,..from lemons. Why,…who cares.

  45. Unfortunately for many it’s pets.. Far too many pet owners when they rent are NOT responsible, and cause lots of damages and noise complaints. Because of that, many will choose a different option to avoid the risk.
    It’s very unfortunate for those who are responsible, since others ruin it for you.
    Maureen Mo Larose, can you find out if Jack still has openings, I know you said he allows pets..

  46. Misty Smith Misty Smith says:

    You dont have to tell them about your dog either.

  47. If u come from an area with bed bugs that might be a concern. I doubt that u are from housing is he deal breaker

  48. Ginger Niemi Ginger Niemi says:

    You don’t need to divulge you’re currently renting from Sudbury Housing. Keep it out of the conversation. See what happens.

  49. Its also hard.not just cause your in housing.. but a lot of landlords do not want pets.

  50. April Thompson does Lalonde Property have anything?

  51. You can get rent receipts from housing, and also I’m sure you can use your case worker. To show you e paid rent on time.

    It will happen. Maybe just not now. But it will. Keep being eager and you’ll find the perfect home.

  52. Have u tried zulich? They have townhouses in garson and many apartments in new sudbury??

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