No one really owns a style

Even though it is irritating when someone steals your exact style whether it be hairstyles, makeup, tattoos, clothing styles, or personalities, or all of the above, just take it a compliment and move on.

The person is obviously inspired by your look and maybe a bit infatuated with it, and they are a less stylish version of you, or possibly a better version of you.

Don’t let it get to. Imitation is apparently the highest compliment you can pay someone, and no one really owns a style anyway. I know it may be your signature look, but pay your imposter no attention. They just like the way you look obviously and don’t maybe have a clue what to do with themselves or know how to put themselves together.

They see you getting loads of compliments and realize you are looking pretty good all the while, so they are trying their best to imitate what they see. Happens all the time if you have something worth copying.

Don’t let it get to you. That is just small potatoes.



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  1. Wow. I said creepy a lot.

  2. Yes, you can own a style. It’s called a Tradmark (TM)
    It’s distinguished marking or collection of objects that create a unique marking or style. For example, you cannot. Dress like Ron McDonald in clown makeup in public. You will be sued for infringement of trademark design and style of that clown. The colours makeup , size and clothes TOGTHER make a unique recipe that can be protected by a Trade Mark or Copyright.

    You must file your trademarks with an. Registry office and msintain fees to protect it nationally or internationally. Anyone using it or anything mocking it too close and resembles it can be sued
    For damages.

    Another example, The guitar player ‘Slash’ always wears his trademark Too Hat with no shirt and leather pants. It’s his look. Anyone else with that getup would look like Halloween or a joke. But he has it protected to prevent figurines and action figures and plush dolls from being made in his likeness without paying royalty fees.
    Another example is Don Cherry’s custom tailored Plaid suits. Even the fabric is unique and likely protected by trademark. It protects his identity and ensures no knock offs or look alikes will destroy or abuse his image or style.

    So yes, you can protest your style and image legally. yoy make tons of cash suing anyone who looks too close to your style and bankruptnthdm as an example to others to stay away. Infrigment is big business.

    Nothing says cool like a unique style that bends the rules and disregards society norms. Like the grunge Rick scene. Dirty red plaid jack shirts with ripped cargo shorts and old runners and unkept hair and hygene. The grunge style is to look homeless or feomnthe street. To purposely dress like a bum. Depressed , poor, angry, emotional and disturbed. A tight package.

  3. Jo Anne says:

    I’m me and me alone. I follow no ones trends, I do my own thing, anyone who knows me knows this. All my tattoos are unique, I don’t listen to radio pop shit music, I don’t watch tv, read tabloids, or any try other bullshit makeup trends. If someone choses to be like me, well so be it..

  4. JJ Brunette says:

    Sometime a style is as simple as a trademark like Princess Leah’s braided buns, or like I’m the only person in town with custom made green Dr Martins with black polish slathered all over messily. Green matching laces complete the look. Memorable and unique footwear..

    Not sure why but I’m eccentric and that makes my tastes and styles unique and open minded. David Bowie NIN and Iggy Poo are style influences of mine. Look far beyond beyond Duck Dynasty for ideas haha

    You can make any look your own with a just few mods or accessories. Create new looks with mismatching pieces.

    Tip: Use a colour wheel or colour chart to match up colours and patterns that go together complimentary or , harmony or clash colours.

    Looking modern and dynamic speaks volume about you and where you’re going.

  5. Women copy hollywood and tabloids . Real men wear normal guy clothes . Emasculated men get dressed up like hollywood and the tabloids. If Kim Kardashian wore a bucket on her head tomorrow 80% of women would follow suit. Thats a sad and a scary fucking reality.

  6. Dean Farinha says:

    This is Sudbury. That bleached out teased hair and leather jacket….It wasn’t stolen from you, it’s leftover 80’s.

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