No Agitator Washing Machine

In need of a new washing machine – Looking for recommendations on No Agitator Washing Machine I looked up reviews on them not really helpful so I thought I would ask on this site, should you have or had one are they worth the purchase or not. Thank you



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  1. Jef G says:

    Have been using top loader LG for over 5 years and very happy with it overall. There was only 1 maintenance call so far and it was covered by warranty.

  2. I love my GE set. We just purchased it on boxing day and it does everything we need.

  3. Missy McNeil Missy McNeil says:

    I have a Samsung one. It is amazing I love it. Alot more room for clothes than in an agitator, and it self levels. It wasn’t horribly expensive either

  4. My mom got one n hated it, returned after two weeks n got a front loader,she really likes it

  5. I don’t like mine. The clothes don’t get as clean as you would expect . I would not buy another.

  6. Lisa Dunbar Lisa Dunbar says:

    We had one…it really really twists and stretches the clothes!
    It’s VERY big….and I’m only 5’4 so needed a step ladder to get to the bottom!
    Other than that it was great!

  7. Andrea Cram Andrea Cram says:

    Mine is either a ge or a lg cant remember as it’s in storage. It’s a top loader w am agitator and I could not ask for a better washing machine. It takes huge loads like my queen comforter. I paid 1500 for washer and dryer. The electric panel did go in it but they paid an electrician to fix it. No issues

  8. Gail Decaire Gail Decaire says:

    I also have a LG top loader and love it. They are energy efficient, so it uses less water ..It almost doesn’t cover the load in water. (Option to add more water at the beginning of cycle) love mine and it’s huge.

  9. Amanda Kay Amanda Kay says:

    I have had a whirlpool top loader no agitator and it was a piece of shit. Hated that thing. Got a kenmore and love it. The drum is massive which is great for a big family.

    Nothing beats an agitator though. They clean the best. I believe Maytag May be the only one who still makes them, but they have the best warranty

  10. Starr Larson Starr Larson says:

    My Samsungs are over 10 years and both are still going strong, just like new

  11. Paula Hagan Paula Hagan says:

    I didn’t like mine at all! Had to place the clothes around the tub a certain way….couldn’t just throw them in.. for it to clean the clothes properly. Ended up selling it and buying a plain one with agitator.

  12. Why’d you would you ever want one of them their junk you need a top loader agitator

  13. I have a Maytag upright no agitator …had it for over a year …love it

  14. I have a LG top load one. I love it so much… before that I had an lg front load one and didnt like it as much. Also when I was working as a psw all they had at work was front loads and they always broke and leaked, they were horrible. I love my top load one.

  15. I had a whirlpool one. It only lasted 3 years, barely cleaned my clothes.. 100% would not recommend

  16. Motor Boat Motor Boat says:

    My washing machine is really agitating.

  17. I have one. its great. You have to understand that it uses a lot less water than you’re used too. First time I used it, I thought that’s it? where’s the water. I let it do it’s thing and watched how it moved the clothes around. It was neat to see. It got everything fully wet and clean. We have a 4 person family with a baby and it has taken everything we’ve thrown at it. I have an LG model.

  18. Maggie Bite Maggie Bite says:

    They say LG snd Samsun are the worst to buy They break down

  19. Carrie Fox Carrie Fox says:

    I have an LG top loader and it works fantastic

  20. They don’t get enough water in them to remove dirt! Very disappointed with my newer top loader. Suggest you buy a front loader. Mine quit and my husband refused to buy another. That one time, I listened to him, and won’t next time!

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