new to longboarding

I just purchased a longboard and am currently in the process of learning how to be comfortable riding it.

I am waiting to get comfortable before I decide to change the baring as the ones on it are not the best but help me get use to pushing off. Is there a specific place that people like to longboard? I am still very self conscious and just looking for a place to ride and look at the scenery.

Hopefully a place with minimal hills… Thanks!



5 Responses

  1. I have spare bearings if one or two or eight are clogged or rusted..

  2. Prepare for impact but stay loose.. It’s gonna hurt but it doesn’t hurt as much as real skateboarding. Go anywhere and practice

  3. Doug Bies says:

    You shouldn’t be baring when longboarding. You’ll get road rash on your junk.

  4. JJ Brunette says:

    Sidewalk surfing is great exercise and healthy activity. Good choice. Most fat asses drive everywhere and would break a skateboard if they tried. So sad. So already dead ha

    Stay healthy love long and disease free staying active.

    Longboarding is the mature next step to regular skateboards. Longboards are stable and can carve wide
    Turns like a snowboard and easy to use.

    Loosen the trucks (axles) to make it turn sharper or easier or harder. Adjust as needed for your weight. Makes all the difference.

    Next, check bettongs. Most stock bearings are average to shitty. But choose Abec 1-3 bearings for much better speed and much smoother quieter ride. Be careful the numbers mean speed rating. The fast Abec bearings are insanely fast and dangerous downhills. You barely have to push to get going and won’t stop for a long while. You’ll use less energy and look classier too. Stealthy quiet too. But crazy downhills. Haha

    Pro bearings make the Board. The rest is just wood and axles or ‘trucks’ they’re called.

    Abe’s or name brand bearings are Often much more
    Expensive than the board itself. They are
    Everything in the world of skateboards and rollerblades. Good bearings divide the Men from boys. Amateurs from the pros.

    Go ride proud and don’t forget to run when cops try to harass you. Don’t worry, they won’t give chase or leave their cruiser. It’s a game we played for 20 years here in Sudbury skateboarding downtown. They hate skateboards and we hate haters. Fat asses. Sk8T or die. Ha