New hobbies

Im looking for a hobby. I find myself bored quite a bit and I’m wondering, what do other adults do with their free down time?


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  1. Dani Chev Dani Chev says:

    It’s forsale. A hobby to take up explore else where and it’s pretty quick 100mph

  2. I like untangling old jewelry

  3. Aron Dro Aron Dro says:

    Besides all the stupid comments sudbury area has some unreal hiking trails. If you enjoy the outdoors your in the right place

  4. Isadora Sky Isadora Sky says:

    i wish i had downtime …. I love hiking on my days off

  5. Nicole Muzar Nicole Muzar says:

    You can join Dustin Crispin and I in a small fight club we formed

  6. I dislike when I hear someone is bored…come on…so much to do. Put your thinking cap on. Only you know what your interests are.

  7. I knit and crochet … lots of tutorials on the internet … I’m currently writing my own patterns. Marley Bird videos are a good ones to watch.

    • Did you knit and crochet before Wanda? I wouldn’t mind learning how. Did you just watch videos?

    • Stacie Rowlands Whipple yes I learnt how to knit when I was very young and later I learnt how to crochet… but after my closed head injury I couldn’t remember how to crochet but retained the knitting.., weird I know… I tried 2 summers ago to crochet again with my neighbour teaching me but u couldn’t figure it out… then this last summer I tried again and it was so easy… Marley Bird has some great tutorials.. but there are many great tutorials on line.

    • Wanda Vuorela thanks! I tried once before, but my patience wasn’t the greatest. I think I’m going to try again.

    • Stacie Rowlands Whipple yes u need a clear schedule … my first crochet project was the LEGO blanket… it was a bit ambitious but go big or go home lol..

  8. Maks Bee Maks Bee says:

    If you’re not playing videogames I do not know what you’re doing with your life.

  9. Colouring adult relaxation books really helps with stress anxiety and relaxing

  10. Cortnii Love Cortnii Love says:

    Xbox one games, PS4 games, get a laptop? Theres a few games. Card games!! Go check out Canadian Hobbies& cards on lasalle beside A&w?? Go to the movies more often… What about T.v series?? Take a cooking class or painting class.. Theres some ideas lol buy a adult coloring book.. They have some for men to,

  11. Exercise,
    Learn a new language,
    Explore sudburys events (paint social, escape room, there’s a new place opening in the old Canadian tire in new Sudbury that seems interesting)
    Learn how to play an instrument

  12. Sam Harriman Sam Harriman says:

    Off roading trucks jeeps buggy…

    Never a dull moment

  13. MC Bouillon MC Bouillon says:

    A job and kids lol oh and a house and toys. It never ends. Never bored here.

  14. VOLUNTEER! Im going to be doing it myself and its a great idea ❤

  15. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    Rc car racing, super fun for the whole family

  16. Foster animals for local rescues

  17. Do you have time to hear about our saviour from boredom, World of Warcraft? Your spare time shall be easily consumed.

  18. Bob Bertrand Bob Bertrand says:

    Dirtbike, snowmobile, fish, hunt, cut firewood, repair dirtbikes snowmobiles and chainsaws, outdoor rink hockey. The possibilities are endless.

  19. Brady MacCoy Brady MacCoy says:

    Guitar guitar and more guitar

  20. Curling , ice fishing , skiing.

  21. Just drink like the rest of us

  22. Civic Justin Civic Justin says:

    Get a job instead of being bored plain and simple

  23. Farting in a jar then smelling it a month latter

  24. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    I am in to pulling interior houses apart and refinishing them floors cabinets showers kitchens nothing better then seeing a delapitated house rebuilt

  25. I bought a “toy” 4 wheeler or anything can do the trick to take the spare time off your hands and get your mind off everything around you

  26. Ants Mac Ants Mac says:

    RC cars, trucks, boats….. Anything

  27. Start exploring abandoned buildings

  28. Crochet
    Learn a new language
    Pick up an instrument and learn it
    Volunteer with the elderly or even kids or animals
    Coach a little league team

  29. Offer to shovel people’s driveways

  30. Rob Everlast Rob Everlast says:

    Troll people on Shoutout Sudbury…

  31. I go to the YMCA … that’s if u want to exercise ..

  32. some people resort to being a whore around town because they can’t make good friends or find hobbies they like..

  33. Britt Any Britt Any says:

    Usually its WORK, eat, sleep.. Other then that, i aint got time for nothing else

  34. Mark Bronson Mark Bronson says:

    Why not join Sexxxy Sudbury ?

  35. Lisa Dunbar Lisa Dunbar says:

    Come to Sudbury friend zone. 200 ppl with the same problems. Coffee, paint nites, hockey games, potlucks, bonfire, music, astronomy, walking pets….you name it! Check it out!

  36. David Lische David Lische says:

    The Yellow Vest movement needs more protesters.

  37. I find creating things fills that niche best. My wife paints, knits, sews,crafts and bakes, I cook, wood work and grow weed.

  38. Draw, learn how to play an instrument, paint, knit… if you’re into crafts do that…

  39. Smoke more weed!bordom is OK then !!

  40. Dave says:

    You should exercise. It helps in many ways.

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