Never Shop at Lows

Hey guys, bought this TV at Lows, 65 inch. I brought it home, connected it and it doesn’t work! Lows refused to exchange it.

I now have to send it out to manufacture for repairs. This is bullshit! Brand new and they wont do anything about it. Think twice before you buy from them.



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  1. Tony Martin says:

    If you still have the receipt and the packaging, you should be able to return it for full refund, just don’t tell them it’s broken 😉

  2. OP doesn’t understand how retail warranties work. GG.

  3. Anne Schwunk says:

    Erin Maloney Shawn Messier Chantal Paul Robillard Cassandra Rose Kayla Snyder when did we start seling tvs?? Lmfao

  4. Lol, he bought the new TV because the old one didn’t turn on anymore lol

  5. you shop where the best prices are,sometimes its a hardware store to get a tv

  6. did you try plugging it in lmfao maybe you need too reset the breaker lol

  7. Erica Young says:

    Best buy has the same policy I got a TV from there well it broke not even a month later and they wouldn’t let me exchange had to bring it in to get it fixed at least there is a warranty on it.

  8. Larry Styles says:

    I wouldn’t by electronics from a hardware store sir.

  9. Probably because ‘Lows’ doesn’t exist…

  10. LOL haha I love this post

  11. I really miss Future Shop so where is the next best place to buy a TV. Costco it is all older models that is why they are cheap I think.

  12. Only buy from Costco, you can return it up to a year and buy extra warranty for not much money. Just my opinion!

  13. Maybe you means leons? Call the TV company or call the stores head office

  14. Benni Norris says:

    Since when does “Lowes” sell televisions? The fact that you didn’t buy it there is probably why they won’t exchange it you twit.

  15. Luc Rioux says:

    some of the model have a reset button in the back try pushing that button see if that work if dosent send to manufacture guess

  16. well at least he’ll have an excuse for an itchy vag.

  17. well at least he’ll have an excuse for an itchy vag.

  18. well at least he’ll have an excuse for an itchy vag.

  19. “Doesn’t work” is too vague. Does it turn on? Says no signal?

  20. Roger Blake says:

    Ya. He stuffed a batt of pink insulation in his shorts

  21. Al Manion says:

    That happens when you buy at knockoff stores like Lows. Next time, go to Lowe’s.

  22. I bought TV from the Superstore on Black Friday. LOL. Stupid I know, but $900 out the door for a 60″ Sony. Who’s gonna say no to that? We’ll see how much BS I go through if/when it breaks. LOL

  23. That’s how it works with electronics everywhere you buy them

  24. It must be difficult to return a TV at Lowe’s, considering they don’t fucking sell them.

  25. Well there’s your problem you went and bought a tv from lowes a place that has no business selling tvs

  26. Shawn Oliver says:

    Do they have bread too?

  27. I thought Lowe’s was a home building kind of place, like Home Depot. TVs, too? Really?

  28. Drake White says:

    You literally went to a home hardware store to buy a tv… I think that was your first problem considering best buy was 300 meters to the right 😛

  29. This big box stores dont give a rat ass cosco is the bedt

  30. Taylor Jones says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, maybe I’ll go shop at Lowe’s instead.

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