Never rent an apartment from a used car salesman

This non stop smooth talking used car salesman boomer landlord of mine is such a fucking pain in the ass.

He shows up unannounced constantly, never gives me 24hrs notice before expecting to enter, and still won’t reply to my emails despite me being clear I prefer he didn’t call.

A used car salesman will always say what sounds good instead of whats true so please consider this next time you’re shopping for a new landlord.



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  1. I bought my first vehicle from my now landlords used car dealership best landlord I have ever had

  2. What about a new car sales person, can i rent from one of them?

  3. Smack him if he enters illegal then say he scared you and he should calm down for good

  4. Bryan Poulin Bryan Poulin says:

    Relax everyone this is just a matter of inconvenient timing.

  5. Dave Lacasse Dave Lacasse says:

    Pm me his name plz!!!

  6. Lynne Landry Lynne Landry says:

    Make a complaint at the Rental Tribunal. There are laws he’s breaking

  7. Luc Rioux Luc Rioux says:

    can not enter if you say no until you give notice of 24 hours on papers …….and must have a reason to enter for work in apt not just to come snoop around that illegal as to have a reason on paper to why the visit ……..

  8. Just because he’s a car salesman doesn’t mean anything

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