Needing Info on Vampire Clubs

I am looking for a vampire/goth club in the Sudbury area.

Do you know of any? we vampires love the night.



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  1. check your school when you get back on tuesday, maybe check after school daycares and at babysitters houses


  2. Lisa Mihajic needs to get in on this shit

  3. The five way carnival is coming long wknd May
    Be at the Ferris Wheel after hours….
    Bring as many bat wings as you can

  4. Unicorn Glitter and Goth don’t mix……Sudbury has gone Psy Trance : }

  5. Yes you do! I’ll msg you lol

  6. SusburyByNight is a small group of LARPers who meet regularly every 2nd sunday at the Clarion hotel between 4-8. Please feel free to PM me for more info and I’ll invite you into our group.

  7. Kendra Reid Kendra Reid says:

    Lol came here for the comments, y’all did not disappoint :p

  8. Marty Neas Marty Neas says:

    You’re looking for the bar called ‘The Asylum ‘ on regent at elm.. mostly goth and heavy metal

  9. Not that i know of. There is a goth scene in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.

  10. Matty Morris Matty Morris says:

    Yeah its called the patterson lounge

  11. Matt Frawley Matt Frawley says:

    Won’t be hard to find , their is this bar down some street , that’s where u go

  12. Megan Fanning Hancharyk had to share this with you haha

  13. Crystal Gour Crystal Gour says:

    Jenn. Should we let them in?

  14. Leslie Chow Leslie Chow says:

    Death Dealers are hard to find here. Go to downtown in the Timmies area and you can join the Lycans.

  15. Get the fuck out we’re full.

  16. I just like the vampire sewer music…lol

  17. Matt Boucher Matt Boucher says:


  18. Pretty sure there’s a vampire group down town….oh wait no that’s zombies. Nope your SOL

  19. Kayla Marie Kayla Marie says:

    Im guessing you watched an episode of NCIS lmfaoooo

  20. Matthew Shaw Matthew Shaw says:

    goto a metal night or something at the asylum and ask some people there.

  21. Hilary Ess Hilary Ess says:

    I could’ve helped you in like 1997

  22. What about witches and warlocks?

  23. Eric Punkkinen your vampire friends

  24. 1997 called, they want their subculture back.

  25. Someone grab a wooden stake and put an end to this bullshit.

  26. Honestly, I haven’t seen any goth people around. Do they still exist?

  27. Morgan Aubrey <<<< MESSAGE HER. SHE KNOWS.

  28. Morgan Aubrey Uhm no. You’re the one that goes to warehouses after bars.

  29. JP Perrier JP Perrier says:

    At churches every Sunday around 10am.

  30. Are you SURE you’re a vampire?

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