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how much does a veterinarian charge these days for teeth cleaning. my cat is FIV positive, and has gingivitis right now, so before seeing the vet, what can i do to help relieve the gums.



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  1. depends on tarter and the amount of extractions, could be at cheap as $600.00 and the highest I’ve have for one of mine was near the $1800 mark but it was a fairly extensive and was a lot of extractions. As for in the meantime you should get an estimate from your vet.

  2. Rescues should make people aware they are selling stray cats for 120-200$ a pop, I fell for that scam. Many have issues and do no belong in a house, in a barn maybe but in a house no. Also I know people who brush their animals teeth with a toothbrush on the regular, not sure about toothpaste though. Even Dental treats help out too.

    • Bleu Fisher Bleu Fisher says:

      Paul Chénier such a scam give yr head a shake

    • Bleu Fisher Imagine if people took that attitude about adopting children. Like honestly why do people think animals are often in rescue for?

    • Bleu Fisher It is a scam. Where does the money go? Follow the trail of money. Some cats go for 80, while younger appearing cats go for 200 or more. They have no idea the actual age of the animals. As an example we adopted what appeared to be a young male cat, later on our vet said this cat was closer to 5-6 by their guess. No wonder this cat is un-trainable and has no idea how to use a litter box. Does the money go to pay volunteers? No. How about rent? Sure maybe, but these shelters often adopt upwards of a dozen cats a week, that more than pays for rent. The money could go for shots or sterilization but why does my cat need to go for more shots even though I paid 200$ to rescue? And there are vets that will do the necessary procedures for cheaper. They go from street to the city pound, to the shelters. And ppl pay for them.

    • Erin Banfield Yeah but to charge people so much for a wild animal is the scam part! And adopted children grow up and give you grandchildren, what do cats and dogs do for you! You people should stop comparing animals to humans, they are not the same.

    • And also think for a second, if the idea was to have as many cats rescued as possible, give them away FFS, or don’t try to make money off the cats that look better bred or are younger. These rescues are supposed to be charities but they are not doing a good job. The individual volunteers were nice people, but the whole process was not right.

    • Nicole LeBel Nicole LeBel says:

      WoW you have no clue about rescues do you!!!!
      The cost goes to vet care, do you know how much a month the vet Bills are??? Its not cheap to own a rescue. Yes some cats are cheaper because they come fixed so they save on that so they wont charge.
      Get a cat free pay to have it fixed, deformed, deflead and needles and tell me it’s cheaper then the cost to adopt.
      My cat cost 225 to get fixed, 120 for needles 75 to walk into the vet. Right there it’s more then adopting.
      Now the cost of feeding the animals, majority of the animals need serious medical treatment.
      Rescues DO NOT MAKE MONEY
      RESCUES also dont decide on the animals age, the vets do. So if the animals are suppose to go free who pays the cost of the rent, food, vet care and so on?
      Please do your research before making a comment, because you just look stupid.

  3. Go to martindale and see Dr. Suitor. He is amazing and won’t send you for anything unnecessary and after the animal his secondary concern is to save you as much money while getting you the best care possible. He may tell you you have multiple options and he will spend the time with you and make sure you understand all of your options. I love him. He’s an amazing amazing vet.

  4. alot of fiv cats get stomatitis gums get very red and very sore. They need the teeth pulled then.

  5. My cat was last quotes at 1400 bux for his teeth

  6. I brought my dog to Nickel City Animal Hospital. His mouth was horrible when we adopted him. She did a fantastic job!! Highly recommend

  7. Al Manion Al Manion says:

    Why does it seem all cars are FIV nowadays? Come on people, you say they’re family, take care of them like family.

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