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Are there any haunted houses or apartments here in Sudbury?

I would love to investigate, as I am interested in ghosts, spirits and anything of the paranormal.



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  1. Its said that the old hospital is haunted.

  2. There are many people that would like to investigate old houses, etc. Unfortunately you just can’t go on private property like the General Hospital to investigate, it’s illegal.

  3. I believe my work is haunted!!! I should call HR and let them know to give me a vacation lol

  4. There is a sight google it sudburys haunted places lots of old bars downtown and the art museum as well

  5. My house lol
    hear alot on the basement or sometimes ya can feel a presence upstairs dont bother me though

  6. Pm me i know a place i lived in it me bf and new born son at the time and it happend aomething to do with us bring the baby in the place that thing atarted happen a d not goos thing

  7. Tyler Pilon Tyler Pilon says:

    The sicward… Just let them know and they’ll direct you to where you have to go…. Lol

  8. Manon Riddle Manon Riddle says:

    What about the old Algoma mental hospital is it on kirkwood ? Aren’t there abandoned buildings there??

  9. Jo Po Jo Po says:

    The Memorial Hospital site, still in use, I was told their was/is an underground tunnel that nuns & priests used to use back in the day, for many things that I don’t want to mention here…

    I used to work at the Memorial Hospital years ago and one day, when I had just started my job, I was lost in the basement and I was alone & felt this big energy behind my back, got goosebumps and that ‘sheer of terror’ feeling, turned around and the morgue door was right there…I basically quickly walked away & then ran!

  10. Lots of whackadoos that believe in ghosts, spirits and religion.

  11. The Old age home in copper cliff was the Miners hospital….

  12. And the old bell Matin which is the sudbury art museum

  13. St Joseph hospital is most haunted place in sudbury

  14. Ik the old hospital is haunted not sure of any homes or apt other then old st Charles collage building seems to be haunted

  15. If your actually serious you can send me a Pm. I know a group of ppl who lived in a building downtown that had a dentist office out front on Larch. I’m sure you could interview them for some really crazy stories around that building.

  16. Many weird places in Sudbury ,had the displeasure of living in a few

  17. There’s a haunted garbage dump out by moonlight.

  18. David Boyd David Boyd says:

    the abandoned hospital if you can manage to get in

  19. Ginette Wolfe you would know this

  20. Bob Daigle Bob Daigle says:

    Check out City Hall. There may be no ghosts but there’s a lot of skeletons in closets…

  21. Nat Viau Nat Viau says:

    CSCNO on Jogues st.

  22. Birkdale Village….I’ve lived there as a kid …years later got a place there as an adult..both time I’ve experienced some pretty fukt up shit!!! I forget what unit # …but I moved out within two mths alot if shit happend I’m sure its something evil !! I have pics of my kids in that appmt one with a huge orb bright n white size if a basketball in the background…..

  23. Theres a guy buried under Costco according to physics.. hes very annoying apparently..

  24. I know of one in new sudbury

  25. We have a an a bonding haunted hospital in the Sault here ..

  26. Downtown tim hortons. Bahaha

  27. Dude. Can you explain why all ghosts speak English?

  28. We ain’t afriad of no ghosts

  29. Ken Bregman Ken Bregman says:

    There’s a book called Haunted Sudbury that lists a bunch of places.
    St Joseph hospital on Paris, Bell Mansion, Sudbury Theatre Centre, a house near Alexander Public School (maybe 2).
    If you believe in that kind of thing.

  30. I have some paranormal stories about some of the houses in the city and some places as well. Message me, I love talking shop about these things 🙂

  31. Robin RobinKayla ur apartment !!! Hahhaa

  32. Joshua Moses Joshua Moses says:

    Josh Stewart just recieved a couch that I believe have alot of lost souls.

  33. Greater Sudbury Paranormal Group **GSPG**

  34. The first house on the left of Antwerp avenue is…

  35. Jusst Carrie Jusst Carrie says:

    It’s all your imagination.

  36. Jusst Carrie Jusst Carrie says:

    It’s all your imagination.

  37. There is an abandoned prison ppl like going to investigate by the radar base can’t remember the name of the prison atm

  38. There are many people that would like to investigate old houses, etc. Unfortunately you just can’t go on private property like the General Hospital to investigate, it’s illegal.

  39. Old hospital just don’t get caught

  40. Mazra Lepack Mazra Lepack says:

    Read the book spooky sudbury. I’ve read it and there are a lot of places in sudbury and outer towns that are haunted.

  41. Ben Rinaldo Ben Rinaldo says:

    Try City Hall. There may not be paranormal but, certainly abnormal situations happening there.

  42. Mike Veller Mike Veller says:

    I don’t know if sudbury has one but looks up TAPS Toronto area paranormal society i believe they’d definitely be able to guide you

  43. try the old Sudbury general hospital heard stories its haunted

  44. Lisa Dunbar Lisa Dunbar says:

    Hey, if anyone is interested in paranormal hunting or has ghosts…PM me…
    OP if there isn’t a group…let’s start one!

  45. Daniel Enous Daniel Enous says:

    Tom Davies Square, the CRA, and other government offices.

  46. Lisa Dunbar Lisa Dunbar says:

    Hey….how about a paranormal group??

  47. Liv Hayhurst BOY let’s go ghost huntin’

  48. There is a river behind the cemetery on Lasalle that apparently haunted it was showcased on a show about most haunted places in Canada I want to check it out myself

  49. Plenty…..Bell Mansion, old General Hospital, the old st. Joseph’s Hospital that’s now a retirement home to name a few

  50. Lisa Dunbar Lisa Dunbar says:

    I’d love to investigate with you!

  51. My house is haunted by something. Shit happens all the time. I like to believe it’s my grandmother

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