Needing Help For Christmas – 11 month old baby girl

Needing Help this Christmas. My daughter this year will be 11 months old Christmas time.

I want her very first Christmas this year to be very special and memorable. Any gift for her would be acceptable and our family would be so grateful.

Get back in touch with me, and we will discuss details. Thank you so much!



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  1. Lynda Whalen says:

    I see all the comments and can understand… yes the children dont remember at this young age.. but no need for harshness when a mother maybe wants memories of her beautiful child and happiness at Christmas.. it’s not about the gifts correct.. but we all would like our children a bit spoiled on a special day.

  2. Wrapping paper! Best gift lol

  3. Don Guay says:

    I use to drag my young ones around in an empty box and they played with it for days. Maybe help them build a doll house, or a real pet house.

  4. Keyrah Ray says:

    This seems to be a scam. Shouldn’t teach your kids that Christmas is all about gifts anyway. The baby is small start her off right.

  5. Emily Barton says:

    There are organizations in Sudbury that help low income family’s with Christmas time. They will give you a food hamper and a gift or two for your children. Maybe contact them

  6. I understand u would want a movie perfect xmas. Your little sweetie won’t remember presents. I think you could out up son sparkly lights and perhaps find some xmas music and sing and dance with her to the music. If its her opening the presents that u would like to see her reaction to, perhaps wrap up a few little things from the dollar store and i would even wrap up a banana or fruit special treats sge enjoys!?? Just throwing around a few ideas because i understand there is certainly alot if stress out on us “to keep up with the “Jones”. But take my word for it enjoy the memories if doing things with her because they grow up way too quick!

  7. I’d like to help.. I have toys and clothes that she may like if interested pm me and I’ll forward pictures..

  8. Be the best parent you can be…Teach her the true meaning of all the holidays. It’s not about about the gifts…It’s all about Family…spend time with them, make memories…a roof over their head, a good meal <3

  9. The better question is, why do you need help? I mean, I have no problem helping people in need, but only if they are truly in need. How do we know you really need it. A bit of a background story may help you better than just asking for others to buy your child Christmas gifts.

  10. If you need help try the Salvation Army or the Telethon, They supply children’s toys for the needy at Christmas. There are many organizations that would be able to help if contacted for things you may need. Why you need help and more details such as if the child is sick or something is wrong are needed? With the lack of info, it sounds like a scam. The baby looks quite healthy and happy in this picture. At 11 months old any small baby toy would be more than enough as she won’t remember xmas anyway. It is not about how many presents a child gets, it is about being together for Christmas that means the most.

  11. Decorate a tree and bake some cookies. She is too young to know about presents. Make some memories doing fun things.

  12. Go to the dollar store and get some toys. Dollarama has lots. You can spend like $20 and get quite a few. A baby needs very little.

  13. She really won’t remember if you got her a single thing. Give her love and attention and do fun free things like play in the snow !

  14. At her age she’ll Remeber the tree and all the lights more than thw gifts she gets and she doesn’t need lots at her age she won’t even Remeber it so these are the yrs u usually save money at Christmas cause u don’t have to get them allot

  15. She’s 11 months old she won’t even remember tomorrow . Spend quality time with her

  16. They just end up playing with the box and garbage. I wouldn’t worry about too many toys at that age if anything bring her to see Santa.

  17. There are many resources out there to help you, everyone gave you most of them, you can contact the lions club for gifts and Salvation Army does food baskets and many other things! Make memories with her because they will not remember it! And I really loved this…

  18. I read something a few days ago about people putting stuff like this on public site’s in early November in the hopes of taking advantage of people’s generosity and selling the gifts for cash. Not saying this is one but there are plenty of ways to help people during tho holidays. And tons of help for single low income mothers.

  19. She’s just greedy and selfish

  20. Are you asking for people to do your Christmas shopping are you for real that’s not making memories that’s greedy even if you only get her a few gifts that comes from the heart that’s what matters not the amount making the tree baking stories that’s memories not asking for tons of gifts from people that greedy get a life

  21. Yeah salvation army provides a xmas hamper. Registration starts this month. More then enough to make it good

  22. Leo Bigras says:

    Memorable? How much stuff do you remember from when you were 11 months old OP?

  23. Erin Leigh says:

    happy first Christmas, little one!!! Momma, buy a few sets of twinkly Christmas lights from Walmart ( for her to look at, play lots of fun child-friendly Christmas songs ( and sing and dance with her, wrap empty boxes (cereal boxes, etc) in bright Christmas paper from Dollarama and let her unwrap them, bake some Christmas cookies so she can smell them (and maybe even eat two or three 😉 ), and her Christmas will be perfect! Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive – it’s the experiences that create memories, not the presents!

  24. Lynn Feher says:

    Put up a cute little tree with lots of sparkley lights.. when they are this age is when u save money. Make memories instead..

  25. I have a 4 year old and a 1 month old. Even at 4 years old they’re just learning what Christmas is, and I can guarantee that he probably wont remember or care about this Christmas after 6 months. They’re getting what they need (ie. Clothes, and maybe a couple updated toys) but no need to go all out.

    The five gift rule is the best thing I’ve ever followed

  26. Troy Clark says:

    Salvation Army is taking names next week for gift baskets which include a turkey, a gift card to the grocery store and LOTS of toys for the little one. I highly recommend this as it will make yours and your pretty princesses Christmas! Here is their number to call and find out what day you can go. 705 525 2433. Merry Christmas!

  27. She wont remember a dame thing. Go to value village or even the dollar store.

  28. 11 month olds will not remember or even understands what Christmas is all about. Don’t worry about gifts until a later age.

  29. Clint Orton says:

    Am I missing something here?

  30. Britt Any says:

    Go to the dollar store. She will be happy with that.. We’ve all been through this .. She doesn’t need much.

  31. Rofl. That didn’t take long. The day after Halloween and the begging starts

  32. Kimmy Cor says:

    I am in no way criticizing you when I say you must be a very young mother. Your beautiful child is barely a toddler and certainly does not need but a handful of ‘toys’ , which she probably already has and are age appropriate. At this age, they want to be warm, fed, chew on a teether, and fall asleep while cuddling a stuffy in their stroller. That is more than enough, mom. Anything else is you trying to live up to the commercialized hype that parents ought to overspend on holidays to show how much they love their kids. Don’t buy into it. Buy what You can afford to give your child, and teach her to do the same when she is older. That is how you make your family’s Christmas memorable.

  33. Where are you located? I have a cute New Years Eve dress & probably some more Xmas related clothing if you are interested?

  34. Dalton Fox says:

    Just buy the gifts yourself no

  35. Memorable for who? I can certainly understand you wanting to have a lovely Christmas but your child won’t ever remember it. Family, laughter and love is all your child needs.

  36. I wouldn’t worry too much about having tons of gifts.

    The best memories you can give are lots of photos, and quality time.

    I can help out with the cost of a Santa picture at science north if the OP pms me.

  37. Call churches. They often do hampers. You’ll get stuff to make a Christmas dinner, presents for her and even you. Holy redeemer has delivered in the past years. What counts is you and her being together. Chin up. Things will get Better!

  38. Nicky Aigbe says:

    You can reach out to local churches. Many people have the misconception that you must be a member of the church to receive help. That’s not the case. Please do contact some churches. If you do not know of any, you can PM me, and I will happily connect you with some ppl.

  39. I am a single mother of two and I would like help as well!! I know I’m going to get a lot of hate for this but a baby will not remember christmas and the toys they get! What they will benefit from is having family around to love them! That being said there are a whole lot of places! Salvation army, dollar stores, Walmart sometimes has good prices on baby toys! My kids are 15 and 11 so they don’t use baby toys at all otherwise I’d help out for sure!!

  40. Allie Kat says:

    Salvation army helps and many of the church do as well. You have options, if you choice to look into it.

    Times for the s.a are
    9 to 1130 and 1230 to 330
    Last names starting with
    A to L are November 4th and the 6th
    M to z is November 5th and the 7th
    November 8th is a free day for anyone to stop in.
    On Lorne across from the Independent. ( it’s a church)

  41. The GoFundMe mentality…. Poor me please help…

  42. I know there are a lot of programs out there – hopefully some other people can let you know what they are because I don’t know personally… but I do want to mention that you shouldn’t stress too much, no matter what you do she wont remember Christmas at 11 months old 🙂

  43. Stop having kids you can’t afford. Condoms are FREE!

  44. Need more details.

  45. The best present you can give is your presence.

  46. PM me I’d like to help with a little somthing ❤

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