Need work.

Hi new to the DZ world. Does anyone know if any companies will hire a new DZ driver.

Everyone wants 2-3 years experience. How am I suppose to gain experience I no one hires new people.

I’ve done training at TTCC. I am Heavey I Equipment Gold Certified and DZ certified.

Hope anyone can help. Please refrain from negative comments. Thank you in advance.



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  1. No…I’m driving buses now. Hoping to get on with ontario or maybe city transit.

  2. You still drive the water truck Kerry?

  3. Good luck I tried lol

  4. I’d start with getting a job with a delivery company e.g. Purolator.

  5. Pete says:

    School buses need a B license, not a DZ.

  6. Ginger May says:

    It’s the same in my field lmao. Gotta start somewhere. Good luck!

  7. Joe Wilson says:

    Shoot me a message

  8. Paul Pilon says:

    What about a school bus driving job? Aren’t they always looking for drivers?

  9. Dave Sanders says:

    Boyuk Towing ,,,(more than a tow companey) may take a chance is all I can think of

  10. It’s tough !! you generally need to be over 25 and a clean abstract !! but try the towing companies !! The railway too !! throw your hat in at the city as well !! Good luck !!

  11. Al Manion says:

    Even if it says they want 2-3 years, apply anyways. The industry in general is in need of good drivers and there’s a major shortage.

  12. Chris Land says:

    go to TPS on Fielding road. They will find work for DZ drivers

  13. Erik Prevost says:

    Bug all the companies until one of them offers you a job they’ll see you want to work it worked for me. I’ve been in the same boat as you I got my AZ and Operator certification and everybody wanted experience so I just bugged them until one of them gave in and they like persistence also.

  14. Dan Andrewz says:

    Equipment rental places

  15. Northern Logistics

  16. Ryan Dezelak says:

    Your training credits you so much time in experience but I’m not sure how much

  17. Send your resume in to these places anyways. Some might be willing to give a newbie a chance. Also, try delivery and moving companies. Even if it’s just driving a 5 tonnes it gives you experience

  18. I have mine and doing anothe season of roofing. I’m upgrading to the AZ in the fall. If you had a decent G driving record some companies may give you an opportunity based in that.
    Is your licence restricted? Some guys only get trained on automatics, they can’t drive standards.

  19. Addison Bull says:

    Probably any towing company.