Need Info

I have a $2 bill in good shape.

How much will I get for it? Just wondering.


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  1. Robin Malley Robin Malley says:

    I have a 1969 $20, wonder what that would be worth?

  2. Yes, Your Old $2 Bills May Now Be Worth $20, 000

    Just googled this also.

  3. Your Old Canadian $1 Bills May Now Be Worth $7,000 I just googled this.

  4. I have several 1 and 2 dollar Bill’s. And they are worth 1 and 2 dollars.

  5. I read the article a few months ago. It’s bills printed around 1956, or near that date. The bills look like there is a devil in the queens hair or crown.

  6. Pawn shops sell em for around 5-10 depending unless its got a a cool serial number or a misprint keep it as a cool talkin piece

  7. Briana Pilon Briana Pilon says:

    Save it for a litre of gas ! We are almost there

  8. Cara Poitras Cara Poitras says:

    Jennifer Guenette for Emma?

  9. Dan Forsythe Dan Forsythe says:

    $2.01… but pennies aren’t being made so $2.05

  10. Aaron Allen Aaron Allen says:

    a days labour in any third world country, maybe two or three days

  11. Ginger May Ginger May says:

    I’ll buy it depending

  12. Wipe ur arse with it, thats all its worth

  13. Eric Caron Eric Caron says:

    Depends on year and condition and if it’s sought after bill for whatever reason but typically maybe double its face value

  14. I got like 10 of them

  15. Jay B Richer Jay B Richer says:

    $2. It’d be worth more in Karma if you gave it back to Paul Normand!.. ☝️Just sayin’…

  16. Anyone else wanna sell me a 2$ bill
    For 5$ lol

  17. Paul Normand Paul Normand says:

    It’s probably the bills I had stollen from my place some $ 1..2 and old 5 dollar bills ….

  18. Nickers says:

    Maybe $5 if it’s pristine. The trouble, then, is finding someone willing to pay that for it. 😐

  19. it will get you 1.1463 british pound

  20. Ken Ferguson Ken Ferguson says:

    They are not that old and there is millions out there its worth 2$.

  21. Just keep it. It’s 2 bucks ?? Nothing to write home about.

  22. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    Ask Terry Cameron at tnt pawn shop

  23. Brad Lemay Brad Lemay says:

    It ain’t worth much

  24. $2 just tossing that out there

  25. $8 in good shape at a currency traders

  26. Kim H Parker Kim H Parker says:

    Right now they are offering a bunch of options for the 2 dollar bill.
    8 quarters or 2 loonies or 4 quarters and a loonie or even a toonie or you can even get 20 dimes or even 40 nickels.. you can pick any of these options

  27. With inflation of say 1.99

  28. Pete Dunlop Pete Dunlop says:

    Id say 2 bucks ,lol. Don’t believe every thing you read on Facebook that 2 dollar bills are worth 5 your home work on Google to find the serial number of the rare ones .They are far and few in between that are worth big bucks .

  29. Josh Ua Josh Ua says:

    Honestly probably $2 unless it’s very special.

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