I need a few good friends

I have a hard time making friends. I don’t get out much and I’m really shy.

I’ve had friends but they always turn out to be crazy and stab you in the back. You try to confide in them and next thing you know, everyone you know knows. Or you try to do right, but your right is wrong and they blame you for everything. Or they just make up a bunch of lies about you and all of a sudden all your friends hate you.

I have trust problems with girls and I often don’t open up anymore when they are talking about person matter due to not wanting my personal matters being spilled to everyone.

I’m in my late 20s and don’t have time for this high school drama bull crap. I have 3 children. I’ve tried joining websites to make friends and it was worked but again, they all turned out to be high school drama queens. I’m pretty laid back, I’m not into going to bars, or drinking every weekend. I’m quiet until I get to know someone, that’s just me and I’m not being rude.

I’m just looking to make some new friends and if you have an SO even better, as I’m sure my fiance wouldn’t mind having a few other couples to hang out with.



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  1. You’re picking the wrong friends, that’s for sure. I don’t have this problem at all and I have plenty of friends!

  2. You can PM me if you’d like. I have two girls, and I’m also in my late 20’s. My husband is 30. I’m shy as well until I get to know someone… I don’t have a big circle but I don’t like the drama either. I do lots of stuff with my kids so maybe we can try and plan something some time!

  3. Jo Watson says:

    Time for a shout out park play day

  4. Got a beard? Come hangout with the Northern Ontario facial hair club we meet once a month for a few beers. A lot of us get together quite frequently. Check us out we have a meeting coming up soon

  5. You can send me a message if you’d like πŸ™‚ I’m also pretty shy myself, friends are hard to find

  6. I am definitely interested in making a new friend πŸ™‚ I’m 26, my boyfriend is 36, we have 2 kids. We don’t drink. Message me if you want to chat.

  7. 23 have a 2 and 3 year old and my SO is 34

  8. You sound like meee! Feel free to pm me too πŸ™‚

  9. Mandy Klaehn says:

    I can relate. It’s hard to make friends as I get older haha. Feel free to say hey

  10. Dennis Lopez says:

    Most people are cancer, but there’s gems out there. Keep looking πŸ™‚ there’s still good out there.

  11. I feel u on this, over time it’s very hard to make friends. I have a few I went to school with but don’t have much in common. Would love more mommy friends that wanna do things.

  12. I was going to write pretty much the same thing, lol.

  13. I’m always up for making friends! Message and/or add me if you want to talk (as can anyone who is looking for friendship here!) πŸ™‚

  14. Feel free to mssg me πŸ™‚

  15. Hey! If you enjoy fishing, or horses, or even camping, I’m your girl. I could use a few new people in my social group also!

  16. Pam M Burton says:

    Honestly, I know for myself and all of my friends we are so bombarded with family responsibilities that there’s no time just to hang out.
    I have awesome friends and miss them like crazy πŸ™
    The internet is my only socializing time and that’s very limited to a couple minutes here and there when I’m not stacked with paper work or dealing with my toddler or cleaning things buuuut you can always message me if you want an online friend πŸ˜€ summers here so we will be free for play dates soon yayyyyy lol

    If you are having a hard time trying to find friends get your kids in extra curricular activities most of those moms don’t have time for drama or bs lol.

    I love going to dance with my daughters I met some wonderful ladies!
    My son’s karate is where I met one of my best friends who I talk to on a daily basis but barely ever see cause we are both so busy!
    After school is a great way as well, I stay late to let the kids play sometimes and chat away with some moms or dads there too πŸ™‚

    • Bitch, please. You are on here 24/7

    • Pam M Burton says:

      Lmao yaaaa ok lol
      It may seem like I am but I’m really not.
      My house is spotless (most of the time, I do have a 3 year old lol) I do however hate clutter and dust so those are maintained carefully!!
      I have 3 kids, one stays at home, I have a job but I’m surfing fb while doing it which is kinda part of my job (yes I know it is awesome) my kids and in dancing and karate and I’m very attentive to my children. So attentive that when I switch rooms two of them follow me!! I need a break so go in my room or have a bath and they follow or I have a million knocks on the door lmao
      My husband is home for half an hour then out the door again comes back then half an hour girls are in bed and I spend time playing cards with my son sooo really I can not and don’t have time to be on here FYI the only way I can write this long sentence is when my daughter is occupied. I filled the sink to do dishes and now she’s playing in the water so I have time right now.
      Imma super awesome mom and I really don’t have to prove that to you buuut I do get how some may see me on here 24 7 lol

    • Pam M Burton you edited this and this is what you came up with? What do you have against punctuation? I hope to hell you are not home schooling that poor kid.

    • Pam M Burton says:

      My son is honour roll at school that means he has alllll a’s in school! I think I did a pretty awesome job teaching him lol and I edited a word auto correct did something funky :S I do not care about spelling punctuation or whether or not I make sense half the time hahahah
      Don’t like me or the way I write something then don’t look πŸ˜‰

    • Dean Farinha says:

      Spotted in Sudbury is a job?

    • Pam M Burton says:

      Dean Farinha I didn’t say spotted in. Sudbury anyway now you are both gonna sit there and do what you always do to everyone sooooo I’m done responding I know I’m an awesome person and I do responsibilities first then go on the net soooo I rreeallyyy don’t care what you guys think of me or not πŸ˜‰

  17. Julia Rachel says:

    I know the feeling.. Couldn’t agree with this OP more.

  18. Heather Bee says:

    Unfortunately thats life. You live and learn. If you block everyone out because of past experiences you will live a very lonely life. You have to take chances. Not everyone is a back stabber but you wont know that without taking chances.

  19. pierre says:

    seems its always the other that are the problem?? maybe your the problem

  20. How discouraging! I find that as you grow older, you (I) realize that you have people you can trust with your personal stuff (mostly your SO and family, and a close friend or two), and people to socialize with. Put your love and energy toward people who give it back to you.
    All the best πŸ™‚

  21. Tbh every braud Ive ever met who says they hate drama , are the MOST dramatic people around . Ginger May Im talking to you. Anywho. Try finding people who dislike the bar scene and do more with their lives than take selfies .

  22. Anita Marie says:

    Coffee? I have minimal friends also and one 4 year old.

  23. My husband and I r always up for meeting new people. Send me a message if u like .

  24. Steve Rowley says:

    Me and my gf are in similiar boatd hard to make friends in this city with how shady ppl really are

  25. Dean Farinha says:

    I try to meet new people but they all have three kids.

  26. I’m 21 , have a daughter and has minimal friends , when’s the coffee date? Pm me

  27. I totally hear ya, true friends r hard to find chin up girl the right ones will find a way in and never leave ❀️

  28. Pm me if you wanna talk. πŸ™‚ you sound a lot like me. Would love to have some new couples friends with kids.

  29. Mer Holland says:

    Not all women here are evil…

  30. Kari Fisher says:

    We’re always up for making new friends ☺

  31. Starr Larson says:

    Sounds like 3/4 if the women in Sudbury… I’m totally a home mom.. I don’t socialize here.. I wait to go to toronto to see my real friends.. women here are so into crushing others.

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