Need Advice to catch a thief!

So my wallet was stolen from my purse at work. At first I thought a stranger came into my office and stole it. I recently had my wallet miraculously show back up at work. No money left but all other contents intact.

Thru process of elimination and the fact that a coworker has way too much knowledge about the contents of my wallet…and the circumstances around it going missing…not to mention they keep asking weird questions about it….I’m almost 100%- certain I know it’s this person.

I have filed a police report and will update it to include that I strongly suspect it isn’t a stranger…because a stranger would toss the wallet in the garbage…not hold on to it for 2 weeks and then plant it in a very open area for us to find.

This person has a conscience and feels guilty for taking my money obviously. This person even mentioned to me that I should feel glad I got my wallet back for my ID. I haven’t accused this person outright but comments made and figuring out who was around when the theft happened…all point to this person.

How can I get this person to confess? The police might come and interview this person and a few others who were around that day…but I don’t have 100% proof yet. I don’t want to cause friction in the workplace…or have a wrongful dismissal case against our company. It was a lot of money and I just can’t let it go.

The police are so backed up….it’s unlikely they will even show up to investigate. It’s low on the totem pole for them I’m sure.

A police report was filed…and the money is probably spent anyway…but I don’t want this person to get away with it or have anyone else at work be compromised in the future either. And the worst part is that this person is not a young person. It hurts so much that this could happen but I just can’t shake it.

If it was you….what would you do?



2 Responses

  1. brian fellows says:

    start a rumor there is video evidence and that management is aware and is looking at pressing charges, see who starts quivering or quits

  2. Anonymous says:

    Get a fanny pack and keep your wallet on you. Also chop the hand off the thief so everyone knows that person is a thief.