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I think my ex forged my signature to put through our divorce. How would I go about finding out if he did. I can’t afford a lawyer to deal with this.



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  1. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    Sign the paper. Let him go. Someone will come along and he won’t even be a thought.

  2. Do you really want to stay married to someone who wants out so bad they forged your signature. And if they did, how long have you been playing games or dragging your heels? You can’t force someone to stay by not signing and you can’t force someone to love you either. If they want out, let them go.

  3. David Boyd David Boyd says:

    Who cares, sign the fucken paper and let them move on with their life!

  4. Jo Richer Jo Richer says:

    Good riddance, move on

  5. Greg Bell Greg Bell says:

    You would have a Witness signature with that document as well !

  6. Kirsten Maki Kirsten Maki says:

    When one person files for a divorce they serve you if you didn’t file any papers they continue the divorce proceedings without you which means they don’t need your signature on anything

    • Kirsten Maki Kirsten Maki says:

      You file divorce have someone serve the other party if that party doesn’t answer then 31 days after that you file your second set of papers. Which then go to a judge he or she will grant your divorce or ask for extra info. I know as I filed in June.

  7. Maureen Monk Maureen Monk says:

    you didn’t have to pay woo hoo

  8. Amy Dee Amy Dee says:

    You think he might of forged your signature? You need to find out if he did?

    It’s pretty simple.

    Is your signature on the paper? If yes, the next question is, did you sign the paper? If you did not, than it’s clearly forged.

  9. Kim Parker Kim Parker says:

    You don’t.. just say Thank You. Means you didn’t pay a thing for the divorce. Be thankful

    • Missy McNeil Missy McNeil says:

      Kim Parker right my divorce cost me a couple grand and I did that crap on my own. He thankfully signed so I didn’t have to have him served but since he was in another country I still had to pay someone to verify that he signed them and I didn’t forge it

  10. And you are worried about this? You should be happy.

  11. John Brown John Brown says:

    Why do you care. Less your looking to stir the pot

  12. If he wants out that badly, is he worth hanging onto? Why would you want someone that despises you that much anyway?

  13. Missy McNeil Missy McNeil says:

    You don’t need to sign divorce papers like the above person mentioned. All he has to do is have someone else serve you sign an affidavit and then they wait for you to contest it. If you don’t contest it they just grant the divorce

  14. Just let it happen. Or are you a cling on who won’t let him divorce you? Must be a stage 10.

  15. Brenda Lynn Brenda Lynn says:

    So !? If he’s that low, why didn’t you sign ? Why prolong the b.s. !?

  16. well if you didnt sign them …and they are signed ..he did

  17. you wouldnt. move on with your life.

  18. Go to police station ask for fraud squad ..they will have you sign a paper five times ..the writing annalist will compare signature and bam ! If he forged your signature he will be busted .cost you nothing this way .

  19. If he did… do you really want to still be married to him? Sometimes asshole moves are blessings in disguise. Can’t miss someone you don’t respect, and I wouldn’t respect someone who forged mine for any reason..
    Call it a day, and be grateful you are no longer with him.

  20. Luc St.amour Luc St.amour says:

    You have to be served the papers by someone other than him. Wether you chose to sign it or not!!!! You I believe 30 days to contest it. If you haven’t contested. A judge will grant the divorce. The person that serves you the divorce order. Must then go to the courthouse and swear to an official the he served you the divorce papers and state where and when. So if you were given the divorce order by someone associated with your ex. That would be considered served. I know from experience.

  21. Maggie Bite Maggie Bite says:

    Go to court house and ask

  22. Now divorce doesn’t need both signatures so he might not did it since they don’t need it to proceed

  23. Renee Leduc Renee Leduc says:

    Go to the court and ask to see the documents. It’s your own file, they will pull it for you, at no charge.

  24. Is there a reason you didn’t sign the papers in the first place?

    Call legal aid regardless

  25. You think or know?..get your shit together!

  26. Dale Speirs Dale Speirs says:

    If he did he must wanted out bad, why didnt u sign? 3 sides to a story…

  27. You may qualify for legal aid if you can’t afford a lawyer.

  28. Elizabeth says:

    You should get a final copy, call the court clerk to see how to go about that. It’s difficult to prove something isn’t done by you, if he did forge it you would have to go in front of a jodge and deny you did it. Also, is there a reason he would do that? Were you maybe refusing to sign it? He can say he forged it with your permission as that is legal.

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