narcissistic personality disorder

At first – he is going to add you to his social media

then he is going to like everything on your news feed and make funny comments lol

then he will start to messenger you

then you will exchange phone numbers and he will text you

then he will ask you out for a drink

and then dinner

then dinner and a movie perhaps

then he will ask your over and cook you a nice dinner

then you will ask him over to your place for a nice dinner too!

then he will proceed to tell you how all the woman he has been with have cheated on him

then you will feel so bad for him because you would never do that to anyone or maybe someone has done it to you – so you understand

then he will kiss you – soft and sensually

then he will kiss you with a little tongue just to entice you

all the while you are getting hot for each other

and then one day he will seduce you

then you will go further & deeper and into a relationship with him

then for months he will tell you how is not feeling well – how he didn’t sleep well – how he is sick and doesn’t know what is wrong with him

then he will tell you of his bouts of depression and you will be concerned and want to help

then you will be invested

then he will continue to lure you in – all the while you think you are in a relationship with him

meanwhile he is getting tired – he has concurred you

he will continue to try and control you even in his absence to keep you hanging on

then your gut will kick you with a pang – you will want to trust him but 2 + 2 does not equal 4 here

so you question?

and then one day there will be someone else who interests him – he will slowly move away from you

and continue this cycle with that someone else and leave you without a word of honesty

and he will leave you wandering what happened – where did it all go astray

This is what narcissistic people do – male and female – both are guilty

they want to take a hold of you and control you and when they are done with you

they disregard you

everything you thought you stood for with this person will be gone

and you be left bewildered!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    My oh my…all these Experts….listen dear lessons to be learned, wipe away your tears…call it cheap insurance…move on….it’s like a used car, you don’t know what your getting into..that doesn’t mean you stop driving..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Usually it is a narcissist who is projecting when calling someone a narcissist.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not even close this sounds more like they changed their mind maybe realizing personalities clashed. Narcissists lack normal human emotions, their brain doesn’t work properly, whether from drug abuse, genetics or trauma. They are self consumed & manipulative. You are only in their life if there is something you can do for them. They try to control you & money coming into the family making sure your whole pay is gone on payday. They tell you stories just so you feel sorry for them. It’s ALL about them. They try to impress with expensive gift but you will owe them.They are like vampires that latch on & suck you dry. I’ve had a few. One turned out to be a murderer. They are difficult to spot because they are charming & smarmy & do everything right until they don’t. Some are sociopaths while others are malignant psychopaths. Don’t walk away, run & never look back!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Fuck carol baskin

  5. Anonymous says:

    would you like to go out on a date with a real man?

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