My Daughter Wants To Take Testosterone

I am looking for some help.

My daughter just started high school. She announced to me yesterday that she is trans and wants to be on testosterone.
I want to be loving and accepting but I also feel strongly that this is not be in her best interest. For one this announcement has come out of nowhere. Never before had she expressed any discomfort about being a girl, although she’s had some stereotypically “male” interests like sports, and was a bit more of a tomboy.
The testosterone worries me greatly because of the health side effects, the scariest being infertility but also the much higher risk of heart attack, bone density issues, etc. I have been reading up on this all day. I am worried is a major understatement. I think she is much too young to be making these life-altering decisions. She said she doesn’t need my consent to get the hormones, which is technically true based on what I read.

All I can really do is stand by and watch her it seems. I feel powerless. I want to protect her from making a decision she might regret but her mind seems set on this and her friends are encouraging her. Her teacher too apparently.

To me it seems like the transgender thing is just reinforcing gender stereotypes. I understand that a grown man/woman might feel better living as the opposite sex, and I am supportive of adults who want to make that decision, as they might understand the risks involved to a higher degree, but teenagers are just figuring themselves out.

It feels like kids are being taught that there is a specific way to be a girl/woman, one way to be a boy/man, and that if they are gender non-conforming then they might literally BE the other sex. I think it is tragic that they’ve truly been made to feel that they need to take drugs to be their authentic self. Adults should be protecting children from this kind of harm, and teaching them that they can be gender non-conforming without taking drugs that will end up really hurting them in the end.
I’d love any advice you can offer me. What would you do if you were me?



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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is what happens when you vote liberal. Everything woke turns to shit .

  2. Anonymous says:

    They should figure out why more and more poeple feel they are transgendered. The causes could be brain washing, genetics/hereditary or perhaps due to the environment. All questions worth exploring, that way there instead of treating the symptoms they can treat the cause. I explained this to a whacktivist that was dating my sibling and was immidiately called a nazi and accused of “scientific racism” lmao

  3. Anonymous says:

    I suggest They have support groups for parents in your situation.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Grinds my gears that I have been to the hospital & doctors complaining about heart issues for a while, only to be dismissed and laughed at, or blamed on weed (turns out I have congenital heart disease, i was born with a heart defect) and not diagnosed until 27 and still not being treated, meanwhike some kid just wakes up one day and wants to be a boy/girl/dolphin and doctors scramble to help these people out. All these wackjobs on fakebook jumping at the opportunity to be woke and getting to pick their preffered pronouns, fuck outta here with your pseudoscience hocus pocus mumbo jumbo, people are litteraly dying of stuff that is curable yet these woke health care policoes only care about mutilating people, even before their brain is developped enough to understand consequences.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If I can’t legally take un needed testosteron supliments and I am a man then your daughter/son/whatever shouldn’t be allowed to either. Not my fault I identify as a jacked bodybuilder, but hey our liberal nazi government made it illegal for you to question your daughter in her quest for facial hair and genital mutilation.